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Heavy-duty Electric Garden Shredders - single-phase and three-phase - maxi steel hopper

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Heavy-duty Electric Garden Shredders

Heavy-duty electric garden shredders have 5 distinctive features:

  • all-steel structure;
  • heavy-duty asynchronous induction electric motor (brushless);
  • large steel hopper;
  • internal grinding rotor with steel blades + high quality steel hammers;
  • entirely Made in Italy.

Thanks to these elements, heavy-duty electric garden shredders guarantee higher hourly production, but most importantly better results, thanks to a finer shredding, more regular in size. In addition, durability and reliability are guaranteed for all main components, motor, shredding rotor and structure.

Maintenance is low, thanks to the larger blades made of special steel, which stay sharp and efficient over time. These are mounted on a large steel disc, which pre-shreds branches, especially hard and large ones. Many models are also equipped with high-speed rotating jointed hammers for finer shredding before the shredded product is ejected from the final deflector.

Moreover, all machines are equipped with a large hopper where to put both the wood and green material, for easier entering of the material. Heavy-duty electric garden shredders are suitable for intensive use or for those seeking high-quality and sturdiness, less common features on machines for domestic use.

Heavy-duty electric garden shredders can be divided in four categories, depending on the operating mechanism and type of electric motor:

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