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Einhell AQUINNA Self-priming Battery-powered Pump - 3Ah 2X18 V

Power supply
Absorbed power
108 W
Head lift
26 mt
Maximum suction depth
8 m
Battery type
18 V
3 Ah
Hourly Flow Rate max
3000 L/h
Battery and battery charger included
Battery and battery charger included
€ 295,59
VAT Included
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Einhell AQUINNA Battery-powered Electric Garden Pump

The Einhell AQUINNA battery-powered electric pump is part of Power X-Change series. It is powered by two 18 V batteries, which are INCLUDED in the packaging together with the battery charger.

It is an extremely powerful and safe device designed to transport clear water to the surface for irrigation or domestic purposes from tanks, wells or sumps as required and saving energy.

It is able to bring up to 3000 L of water per hour to the surface from a maximum depth of 8 m. It reaches a delivery pressure of 2.6 bar and a head lift of 26 m.

It also features a double mode thanks to the practical ECO switch. This allows the amateur to choose the best mode according to the intended use.

The pump also features a large water inlet opening for easy filling, while draining the water is effortless - just use the drain screw located at the bottom of the machine.

The brass suction and pressure connection, as well as the plastic pump body, are all made of materials that guarantee the highest quality and durability. The useful and practical handle allows you to comfortably carry the pump wherever you want. The pump can be placed in any position.

All the rechargeable batteries that are used for the products by Einhell Power X-Change series can be shared with other machineries of this series, such as gardening and building tools.



these pumps are suitable for transferring water (from a tank to another, for example) or for small-scale flood irrigation in gardens. We do not guarantee the suitability for the combined use with different types of sprinklers or irrigation systems, (as they require the contribution of a qualified technician and a number of calculations in terms of flow rate, head lift, pressure, hose diameter, valves, nozzles, and so on), which may require types of pumps specific for water systems.

Lithium Battery Advantages

LONGER LIFE: up to 3 times higher than the nickel–cadmium batteries, reducing the need to recharge during long periods of use.
Ideal for medium-large gardens.

FULL CHARGE FOR THE ENTIRE BATTERY LIFE: the charge of the lithium-ion batteries does not fade. Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, which power gradually decreases, the cells of lithium-ion batteries maintain constant power throughout the entire cycle. The same charge for the entire cycle without reducing the motor speed. The battery runs at full power until its complete exhaustion.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: lithium-ion batteries have 3-4 times the number of recharges compared to conventional nickel-cadmium batteries, while offering longer storage times and
less loss of charge. Lithium batteries can be recharged up to 2000 times!

LIGHTWEIGHT: Lithium-ion batteries have the best power-to-weight ratio. On average, they weigh on average 1/3 of nickel-cadmium batteries.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Lithium-ion battery-powered tools are recyclable and are produced without heavy metals.

NO MEMORY EFFECT: Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged at any time without negative memory effect. Indeed, they provide maximum power even after hundreds of charge cycles. Few minutes of charge are enough to complete the work.

LOW DISCHARGE RATE: low discharge rate (up to 5 times lower than nickel-cadmium batteries) so your machine will be ready to use even after months of storage.

BATTERY CHARGER: battery chargers for lithium-ion batteries allow reducing the energy consumption by an average of 35%. Heavy-duty long-lasting air filter

Li-ion Battery + Battery Charger


Battery provided with quick release: the battery can be easily detached and pulled out from the machine by pressing the quick release button.

Voltage: 18 V
Amperage: 3Ah

The practical battery can be recharged at any time, no memory effect (it does not have a tend to run out after many charges), always providing great power.

Handy battery charger included (it connects to the home mains as the charger of a mobile phone).

The battery is applied to the battery charger through the quick coupling, in the same way as it is connected to the brush cutter

You can also purchase additional batteries in order to ensure prolonged running time.

Therefore, you will just need a single battery and a battery charger in order to operate the full range of equipment offered by Einhell.

Technical Features

With the Einhell AQUINNA battery-powered garden pump, you can use rainwater, water from wells and cisterns, saving money and protecting the environment.

The fittings are entirely covered in brass:

  • Pressure fitting: 33.3 mm R1
  • Suction fitting: 42 mm R1¼ external thread

Other technical features:

  • Maximum flow rate: 3000 L/h
  • Maximum head lift: 36 m
  • Operating pressure: 2.6 bar
  • Maximum suction depth: 8 m
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Max operating temperature: 35°C

Double mode switch

Handle for easy transport

Support base

Product Features
Power supply:
Absorbed power:
108 W
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor type:
Battery type:
18 V
3 Ah
Working autonomy:
40 min
Charging time:
45 min
Noise level:
96 dB(A)/7m
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Max flow Rate:
3000 L/min
Hourly Flow Rate max:
3000 L/h
Head lift:
26 mt
Maximum suction depth:
8 m
Operating pressure:
Connection diameter:
32 mm
Lithium battery:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
44x22x22 cm
Net weight:
3.3 Kg
Double packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
48x28x28 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
5 Kg

Free Items Included

The product is shipped in its original packaging with instructions manual and two 18 V batteries with battery charger.