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Diesse Minitriss - EN HONDA GX200 Petrol Two Wheel Tractor with adjustable tine 56 cm, 65 cm

Standard milling cutter width
65 cm
Recommended working surface
700 m²
Motor type
4 stroke
Motor brand
Engine Model
Cubic Capacity
196 cm³
Rated output
5.8 HP
Transmission type
gear transmission in oil bath
Power take off quickfit
Conversion mode with other accessories
Manufacturing Country
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
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ID: K500134


MINITRISS EN Honda GX200 Two Wheel Tractor

We are focusing on a semi-professional Two Wheel Tractor consisting of a Honda petrol engine. It is suitable for tilling works on not particularly large plots that have been already turned over before.

Generally speaking, the DIESSE two wheel tractors are all Italian manufactured products: this important feature highlights their high-quality materials and it represents a reliability guarantee.

The MINITRISS EN Honda GX200 two wheel tractor is a reversible and multi-purposed machine showing among its main features a heavy-duty and sturdy gear transmission in oil bath.

The gearbox consists of 3 speed gears (2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear), which allow the possibility to attach a number of extra accessories to the machine both in the forward part and in its rear section thanks to a quickfit.

The two wheel tractor gears are selected by a specific gear lever, while the handlebar is both height and side adjustable.

Conical clutch in oil bath.

Weight: 80 kg

The machine will be sent to you almost fully assembled. Indeed, you just need to complete the last assembly procedure, concerning the assembly of the two wheel tractor tine together with few components.

The mounting procedure is extremely easy and fast. Moreover, it is all well explained in the instructions manual.

Warning: these machines have been already actionated and tried for the first time in the manufacturing industries before being purchased. Therefore, they all come oil furnished. However, it is a good habit to check the engine oil level before getting it started. The two wheel tractor also includes gearbox oil as it is sent to you.

Extra price accessories for MINITRISS EN Honda GX200 Two Wheel Tractor

The machine we are focusing on is a reversible and multi-purposed two wheel tractor, which figures out many different functions.

Some of the optional attachments that can be attached to the machine are mentioned below.

  • Rear tine furrower;
  • Sickle bar.

HONDA GX 200 Engine

The Honda GX 200 is a
professional engine, which particularly known to be a HEAVY-DUTY model belonging to the latest generation technology with overhead valve OHV.


Engine type
Single-cylinder 4-stroke OHV
Cylinder type
Cubic capacity
196 cm³
Compression ratio
8.5 : 1
Max revolutions
3600 rpm
Torque value
12.4 Nm / 1.26 kgfm / 2500 rpm
Tank capacity
3.1 L
1.7 lt/h at 3600 rpm
Dry weight
16.1 kg

The Honda "GX" is a highly professional series, which is specifically designed for hard works in the construction and agriculture fields as well as their specificity for generators, soldering machines and agricultural machinery, always figuring out high standards of reliability and durability over time.

Detail of the steel cover plate, which is placed in the engine lower section in order to protect it from possible impacts.



Warning: these machines are always checked and deeply inspected by the manufacturing industry before being purchased.Therefore, they already provide oil. However, it represents a good habit to check the oil level before getting the engine started.
Please, carefully read the instructions manual before using it.

Gross Power: 5.8 HP

* It is also known as "power rating". We refer to this term as the standard power definition system, which has been formally used by all the best-known engine manufacturers until few years ago. This element still represents the most advertised and spread data among all the main market shops.

Net Power: 4.4 HP

* It represents the real power shown during the engine working activities and it is that information considered as official by the instructions manual and the technical data of the engine manufacturing company.

Gear transmission in oil bath

The MINITRISS EN Honda GX200 Two Wheel Tractor shows one of the best-quality and sturdiest transmission available on market, a gear transmission in oil bath.

Indeed, this transmission is suitable for difficult works requiring an intense use of the machine among all those users who are accostumed to tilling works and who are looking for the highest standard of sturdiness and reliability of their machines.

More in detail, it is well-known how the transmission type is relevant since it is among the machine components which are more exposed to usury and damages. For this reason, considering the fact that we are focusing on a two wheel tractor with a gear transmission fully realized in oil bath and stressing the attention on its internal structure, it is certainly possible to refer to this machine as one of the sturdiest and most reliable products available today on market.

2+1 Gears

3 speed gears: 2 forward gears + 1 reverse gear.

Our two wheel tractor consists of a maximum of 3 speed gears: 2 forward gears with the tine actionated (it means with the tine attached to the machine or in case of other extra attachments as plough and furrower accessories).

1 Forward gear + 2 reverse gears whenever the machine is working on the opposite side for the accessories that will be attached to the machine frontal section like sickle bar, lawn mower and snow plough accessories.

Detail of the gear lever.

Detail of the conical clutch in oil bath, which consists of a control of the handles which is managed automatically.

Warning: the machine gearbox already provides oil.


The machine handlebars are 180° reversible through the quickfit.

Height adjustable handlebars: they can be height adjusted in different positions thanks to the specific lever.

Detail of the regulating device.

Side adjustable device: the handles are side adjustable in three different positions thanks to the specific fastening lever. This main feature gives the possibility to the user to move the machine easily without major physical efforts.

Handle grips covered by soft foam rubber.

The reversible handles allow the possibility to provide the machine with many additional attachments (sickle bar, lawn mower and other accessories).


The MINITRISS EN Honda GX200 shows a number of controls and levers, which allow the possibility to use the machine for many additional functions making it a multi-purposed two wheel tractor.

  • Red lever: clutch lever;
  • Black lever: power take-off coupling-uncoupling.

The gear lever is placed on the right of the user.

Detail of the wheel blocking-unblocking lever on left.

Throttle lever and on/off push button

Tine with quickfit / Extra accessories

The machine tine provides a quickfit, which allows an easy removal of the tine in order to attach an extra accessory to the two wheel tractor or in order to make easier the machine laying up.

Tine: 56 cm, 65 cm adjustable tine through a quickfit.

Detail of the tine transport wheel included in the two wheel tractor price, which allows moving the machine easily and its easy laying up.

Detail of the power take off, which consists of a single speed gear with a quickfit for the accessories to be attached.

Safety Device:

- Tine coupling impossibility when it has been selected the reverse gear and the user is working on the machine side, too close to the tine;

- As the user leaves the handles, the machine immediately stops according to the machine regulation 2006/42/EC.

Wheels and additional features

This two wheel tractor consists of heavy-duty tread wheels which allow moving the machine safely always ensuring a regular movement.

Large-sized tread wheels: 3.5 - 8 size.

Detail of the wheel blocking-unblocking lever.

Each two wheel tractor belonging to this category is always checked and deeply inspected by the manufacturing industry before being purchased. This important procedure allows the possibility to send the product ready to be used.

Indeed, both the engine and the gearbox already provide oil. Moreover, the machine comes almost fully assembled: you just have to complete the last procedure by assembling the tine and other few components which are easy to put together.

However, it is a great habit to check the oil level before getting the machine started.

Product Features
gear transmission in oil bath
Conversion mode with other accessories:
spark ignition
Recommended working surface:
700 m²
Differential lock:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Engine Model:
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
196 cm³
Number of cylinders:
single cylinder
Rated output:
5.8 HP
Real power:
4.4 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Pressure reducing system:
Tank capacity:
3.1 L
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
gear transmission in oil bath
Number of forward speeds:
Number of reverse speeds:
Actioning :
Gear lever
Cutting data
Standard milling cutter width:
65 cm
Short milling cutter width :
56 cm
Auger screw diameter:
26 cm
Number of blades supports:
N° of blades:
Blade engagement:
lever on the handle
Blade cutting deck:
Tiller/Cultivator accessory:
Scythe - sickle bar accessory:
Ridger accessory:
Front brush accessory:
Snow plough accessory + snow chains:
Wheel barrow accessory:
Snow blower accessory:
Blower-vacuum accessory:
CE compliant safety features:
Safety lever moving backward:
Adjustable stake:
conical in oil bath
Power take off:
Power take off quickfit:
Electric key start:
Recoil Starter (cord):
Rear wheels size:
3.50 - 8
Height adjustable handle:
Side adjustable handle:
Reversible handles:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Foldable/collapsible handlebar/s:
Free gifts/extra features
Free engine oil bottles :
Maintenance tool kit:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
66 x 125 x 110 cm
Net weight:
80 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
60 x 110 x 74 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
90 Kg
Assembly time:
15 minutes

Free gifts / Extra features

The machine is sent to you on its original packaging on a pallet.

2 Tine sizes: 56 cm, 65 cm

Tine transport wheel

Maintenance tools

Instructions manual on CD

Engine instructions manual

2 Oil bottles specific for 4-stroke engines