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Compressors for olive harvesting and pruning with 50 l compressor tank

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Air Compressors for Olive Harvesting

Air Compressors for Olive Harvesting

Engine-driven air compressors ensure shortening olive harvesting times, which is why it became indispensable for professional users.
This machine is also capable of powering more than a single harvester, for increased working efficiency.

Air compressors and Accessories for olive harvesting: which one is the best?  

This category features a wide range of engine-driven air compressors and air compressors for olive harvesting, ranging from petrol models to PTO driven models.

The main difference between these two types is the intended use.
They are divided into: Petrol Engine-driven Air Compressors, PTO Driven Air Compressors and Electric Air Compressors.

What is the difference between engine-driven air compressors and PTO driven air compressors?

The difference between the two types of air compressors is that the former do not need to be attached to a tractor, while the latter do, and this makes them therefore more powerful.

Petrol Engine-driven Air Compressors:

Petrol engine-driven air compressors are suitable for olive harvesting, but also for works in vineyards or orchards.
They are also particularly requested in the construction industry or for craft use.
Since they are equipped with a petrol engine, they can be operated where there are no sockets available. Some models in this range are also self-propelled, thus able to work even on the steepest terrain.
Versatility is its great advantage, as it can be used also for lighter harvesting operations. 

PTO Driven Air Compressors:

PTO driven air compressors are mainly recommended for work in the agricultural sector, as they must always be operated in close contact with a tractor.
Regarding these models, a distinction is made between two categories:

  1. Models equipped with a standard tank 
  2. Models equipped with a maxi tank

The main difference regarding the tank size lies in the quantity of compressed air that they can produce and store for use.

Accessories for Engine-driven Air Compressors:

In this category you can buy all sorts of accessories to improve the use of the engine-driven air compressor or air compressor during olive harvesting operations.

Purchase guide: Useful filters

Here is a handy guide to the filters within the category, to help you choose the most suitable model for you:

  • Manufacturers: the category includes brands such as AgriEuro Premium Line, AgriEuro Top Line, Airmec or Campagnola.
  • Different engines available: You can choose among efficient and powerful engines for flawless performance.
  • Air suction: this indicates the amount of air the compressor can draw in in one minute; more air suction means more power from the machine. Models in our catalogue range from a min. of 350L/min to over 750L/min.
  • Pump type: Single-stage or Two-stage.
    The main difference between them is that two-stage pumps use two pistons to compress air, while single-stage pumps use only one. Two-stage air compressors are able to develop much greater power, and are in fact used in a professional environment, while single-stage air compressors, due to their more limited performance, are recommended for hobby use.
  • Finally, the tank capacity: The tank capacity can vary from model to model. In our catalogue they can range from 2 L to 1000 L

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