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Comet APS 41 Wheelbarrow Spray Pump powered by Loncin G 160 F engine, 120 lt tank, tow hook

Flow rate
40 l/min
Max. operating pressure
40 bar
Tank capacity
120 l
Motor brand
Engine Model
G 160 F
Cubic Capacity
160 cm³
Manufacturing Country
Motor type
4 stroke
Pressure Regulator
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
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ID: K500394

EAN: 8080546014251

MPN: 7300119800

Comet APS 41 G160 F Wheelbarrow Spray Pump with 120 lt tank and tow hook

The Comet wheelbarrow sprayer pump with tank is a quality complete working tool. Comet pumps are high performance and reliability ensurance. They consist of a cart with tank that has been specifically designed for easy manoeuvring and it is equipped with all tools to make work fast and easy.

The spray pump comes together with:

  • 120 lt tank cart;
  • Professional brass lever lance;
  • Comet APS 41 pump with Loncin G 160 F engine;
  • Hoses and filters kit;
  • Tow hook kit: it allows the sprayer pump towing by means of small-sized ride on mowers.

This kit is ideal for the spraying and weed killing treatments in medium and large-sized crops, parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, greenhouses and for cleansers and colours distribution in water solution spraying.

Pump is directly flanged to the spark ignition engine with a gear reducer, complete with control unit (for the pressure adjustment).

EXTRA PRICE ACCESSORY: high quality hose reel with hose (optional).

Accessories provided on standard kit

Tank cart.

Cart equipped with 2 large-sized tyre wheels. It consists of 120 lt tank made of polyethylene with air suction outer filter.

Lever lance.

Professional stainless steel and brass lever lance of 600 mm length with ceramic nozzle

Hoses kit.

  • Helicoidal suction hose;
  • Helicoidal overflow hose;
  • 10 mt additional hose.

Comet pump.

COMET pump with spark ignition engine: Comet is the biggest and most prestigious diaghragm pump manufacturer in the world and it is a 100% Made in Italy brand.

Tow hook Kit

(it allows the sprayer pump towing by means of small ride on mowers).

APS41 Comet Pump

Pump is directly flanged to the spark ignition engine with a gear reducer, complete with control unit for the pressure adjustment).


  • Bar: 40 (adjustable);
  • Flow rate: 38 lt/min.

Medium-sized model for professional and semi-professional use. It can assure a no stop working for many hours.

It is equipped with MANOMETER, which is provided on standard kit.

By-pass lever: by-pass system for the low to high pressure switching by-pass system it allows the low to high pressure switch (from mixing to spraying function).

Knob: for pressure adjustment (up to 40 bar).

2 Outputs with faucet.

Loncin G160 F four-stroke petrol engine

Original LONCIN 4-stroke petrol engine 163 cc G 160 series with OHV (overhead valve) technology belonging to the latest generation of products.

Great advantages compared to the traditional 2 stroke fuel-oil mix engines (very common among sprayer pumps powered by spark ignition engines):

  • Higher reliability
  • More starting ease, expecially after long inactivity periods
  • Higher durability
  • Lower problems in terms of fuel freshness and preparation
  • Lower fuel consumptions
  • Less noisy

Professional gear multiplier in oil bath between the engine and the pump.

Cart with tank


  • High resistance polyethylene tank obtained by rotational molding technique;
  • Functional tyre wheels for transport;
  • Very innovative design compared to the other models on market;
  • More compact size as opposite to competitors;
  • Very low barycentre for a high stability in any condition (with hose reel, different pumps types, on irregular surfaces, etc…);
  • Sloping lower part to make the emptying easier even if not in perfectly flat surfaces;
  • Very ergonomic shape for the tools fitting in a compact outfit;
  • Outer suction filter;
  • Tubular frame detachable handles;
  • Emptying cap;
  • Upper cap with filter.

Hose reel (optional)

Professional hose reel for spray carts with two wheels, 120 lt tank and pumps powered by spark ignition engines.

Complete with 40 mt high pressure specific hose.

Provided with brackets and screws for the hose linkage to the cart.

Cart is supplied with holed frame for the hose reel fixing.

The 40 mt high pressure 40 bar hose is compatible with any high pressure spark ignition engine pump that can be applied to this cart and all its applicable devices (lever spray lances as the one on standard equipment with cart, handgun spray lances, high pressure spray lances, etc.).


Cart and tank are shipped already assembled. The few operations remaining are:

  • Screw 4 pump bolts to the base.
  • Suction hose, overflow hose and the connection hose between spray lance and pump linkage.
  • Assembly of the cart handles.

This is very easy and quick operation that will not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Product Features
APS 41 - G160 F
Wheeled with tank and tow hook
Motor type:
Flow rate:
40 l/min
Max. operating pressure:
40 bar
Tank capacity:
120 l
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Engine Model:
G 160 F
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
160 cm³
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Tank capacity:
2 L
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
APS 41
Pump type:
3 membranes
Flow Rate:
38 lt/min.
Operating pressure:
0 - 40 bar
Pressure Regulator:
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Gear transmission in oil bath
Free gifts/extra features
Brass lever lance:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
120x70x70 cm
Net weight:
55 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
15 minutes

Free gifts

No. 2 oil bottles for 4-stroke engines