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Celme PRO 275 - Professional slicer with 275 mm blade

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ID: K607591

EAN: 8011844240011

MPN: 90950103

Celme PRO 275 - Professional slicer with 275 mm blade
Slicer coverSlicer cover
Stainless steel ham pliersStainless steel ham pliers
750 ml sanitizing cleaner for meat slicers750 ml sanitizing cleaner for meat slicers
Oiler for slicersOiler for slicers
CE professional
Cutting blade diameter
275 mm
Cutting blade material
Hardened steel
Removable blade guard via knob
Blade guard material
Gauge plate material
Anodized aluminium
Carriage material
Yes - not removable
Operating mode
Electric 230 V
Nominal power (W)
180 W
Transmission type
Base material
Painted aluminium
Recommended for:
Soft cold cuts
Recommended for:
Cured meats
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Cassette bread
Recommended for:
Semi-cured cheeses
Recommended for:
Manufacturing country
Product Features
PRO 275
Gravity meat slicer:
CE professional
Cutting blade material:
Hardened steel
Cutting blade diameter:
275 mm
Recommended for::
Soft cold cuts
Recommended for::
Cured meats
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Cassette bread
Recommended for::
Semi-cured cheeses
Recommended for::
Gauge plate material:
Anodized aluminium
Blade guard material:
Base material:
Painted aluminium
Operating mode:
Electric 230 V
230 V Electric:
Anti-fouling design:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Electric single-phase
Nominal power (W):
180 W
Power supply:
220 V electric
Motor/blade drive:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Removable blade guard via knob:
Cutting height:
170 mm
Cutting width:
215 mm
Maximum cutting thickness:
16 mm
Carriage dimensions:
220 x 220 mm
Carriage material:
Removable carriage:
Carriage stroke:
250 mm
Carriage plate material:
Yes - not removable
Professional switch with reset:
Free gifts/extra features
Oil bottle:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
53x41x41 cm
Net weight:
14.2 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
57x49x40 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
16.3 Kg
Assembly time:
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Estimated delivery: 28/05/2024 - 30/05/2024
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CELME PRO 275 Slicer

The Celme PRO 275 slicer is a professional Made in Italy machine, ideal for commercial environments such as restaurants, butcher shops and delicatessen.

This slicer is characterised by a solid and durable construction, made of painted die-cast aluminium. Its surface boasts a MAT treatment in line with MOCA regulations for materials in contact with food, ensuring not only greater scratch resistance, but also simplified cleaning, which translates into a reduced need for maintenance.

As far as safety is concerned, the Celme PRO 275 slicer has the professional CE mark. It is therefore equipped with all the necessary measures, including a two-button start-stop switch with reset and a thermal protection for the 180W electric engine, powered at 230V. The engine, in addition to being silent, is also ventilated, ensuring a long life of the appliance.

Its main features it stands:

  • A 275mm tempered and chrome-plated steel blade, designed with non-stick drains for clean, clean cuts, with durable sharpening, corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance required
  • Aluminium blade cover disc, secured with a rear screw
  • The fixed double-ground sharpener, to keep the blade sharp and ready for use. The removable tray makes it easy to clean the grinders
  • An anodised aluminium Storage tray that slides on Teflon bearings, guaranteeing smooth and stable movements
  • A trolley removable by means of a knob, which includes a sail locking device, in compliance with safety regulations
  • Presser with removable plastic tips, for complete and easy cleaning
  • A knob for adjusting the cutting thickness, variable from 0 to 16 mm.
  • Efficient belt drive system.

With dimensions of 53x41x41 cm and a weight of 14.2 kg, the CELME PRO 275 is ideal for professional use, as it combines efficiency, precision, safety and durability.

Ideal for slicing cold cuts, meat, vegetables and cheese.

CE Professional Slicer

CE professional meat slicers are designed to meet the needs of professional operators.

Our CE professional -branded meat slicers are all:

  • Made of aluminium, which ensures the best cutting quality.
  • Easy to clean and safe to work with.
  • guaranteed by international patents and manufactured according to current CE standards.

All of our meat slicers with CE professional certification are recommended for restaurants, grocery shops with meat department, butcher shops, pubs and hotels.

The slicers with CE professional certification offer, compared to a home slicer with CE marking for domestic use, a more precise setting, a greater safety in removing the blade and the rail and a superior handling.

Cutting System

The hard chromium tempered steel blade used for cutting has grooves designed to prevent the suction effect commonly found when cutting cured meats. This technological solution guarantees excellent non-stick properties, being particularly effective in the treatment of soft and moist sausages.

Details and technical features:

  • Blade diameter: 275 mm
  • Useful cut: 215x21x170 mm
  • Blade holder with double ball bearing
  • Fixed blade protection ring

The graduated knob allows millimetre cuts from 0 to 16mm

The blade guard is removable thanks to a rear screw, ensuring easy cleaning of the blade and inside the slicer.

The product to be sliced rests on an aluminium trolley, which guarantees a hygienically clean product with no danger of corrosion.

The dimensions of the goods plate are 220x220 mm, which runs on a trolley with a metal guide.

The machine is equipped with a sliding presser arm with spikes to prevent the food to be sliced from slipping. It is possible to disassemble the toothed part of the foodstuff retainer for easy cleaning.

The fixed sharpener with double emery allows the blade to be sharpened and deburred with ease, The grinder protection tray also prevents food residues from compromising its efficiency.

Fixed Sharpener

The meat slicer is equipped with fixed sharpener.

This accessory is a crucial element to guarantee always flawless slices. The presence of this component eliminates the worry of blade edge dulling over time, ensuring optimal machine performance over the long term.

The advantage of the fixed sharpener compared to a removable version is remarkable. In addition to the convenience of always having it available, it allows a fast, simple and safe sharpening of the blade.

Focus on the sharpening procedure:

  • Unscrew the knob and remove the grinder cover
  • Rotate the sharpener, reinsert in the sharpening position
  • Screw back the knob to secure the sharpener
  • Proceed safely to sharpen the blade by pressing the two buttons for a few seconds


Please read the instructions manual carefully before sharpening.

Engine and Transmission

The meat slicer is equipped with a professional ventilated and silenced electric engine, to prevent overheating.

The transmission is belt-driven

Rotation speed: 1400 rpm

The engine has a power of 180W, and it is powered by a 230V current.

It allows cutting cured meats without great difficulty.

Further Details

With a footprint of 53x41xH41 cm and a weight of 14.2 Kg, the CELME PRO 275 is a small and robust slicer, suitable for domestic use.

  • Detail of the two-button run-stop switch with reset
  • Rubber feet that prevent slipping.
  • Cutting height adjustment knob: 0-16 mm
  • Fixed sharpener with double emery
  • Transparent hand protection
  • Flap for lubricating the shopping trolley
  • Schuko cable
Free items & Standard equipment

MAXI OFFER: Cover + Degreaser + Oiler + Pincers included!

Together with this slicer there is a fantastic complimentary kit which includes:

  • Meat slicer cover: cotton, embroidered. Ideal for protecting your meat slicer.
  • Cleaner Degreaser (750 ml). Pleasant scent, suitable for everyday use. It removes greasy dirt and grime from any washable surface (steel, laminates and plastic). Ideal for cleaning slicers and kitchen equipment, refrigerated counters, butcher shops and supermarkets. Easy to rinse.
  • Ready to use oiler, lubricates and protects the mechanical parts (125 ml).
  • Pincers for cured meats: INOX stainless steel pincers for cured meats. Convenient and ergonomic.

Free Items Included

The meat slicer is shipped in its original packaging

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