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Campagnola Elektra Electric Battery-powered Olive Harvester 185-270 cm - Telescopic Pole

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Campagnola Elektra Electric Battery-powered Olive Harvester 185-270 cm - Telescopic Pole
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Multi-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 mlMulti-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 ml
Cotton glovesCotton gloves
Protective gogglesProtective goggles
Noise-canceling earmuffsNoise-canceling earmuffs
AgriEuro BandanaAgriEuro Bandana
Head material
Vertical, double
Speed (bpm)
1250 bpm
Max. prongs opening
34 cm
Telescopic pole
Max. length
270 cm
Motor type
12 V
Nominal power (W)
325 W
Motor position
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor speed levels
Motor type
Battery type
Car type
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Elektra 185-270
Power supply:
Lead-acid battery 12 V
Head material:
12 V battery-powered
Operating mode:
12 V battery-powered
Motor position:
At the bottom of extension pole
Vertical, double
Speed (bpm):
1250 bpm
"Wave" prongs:
No. of prongs:
Prongs length:
23 cm
Prongs material:
High-resistance technopolymers
Max. prongs opening:
34 cm
Min. length:
185 cm
Max. length:
270 cm
Pole material:
Removable harvesting head for direct use:
Max. power even with low battery:
Energy Saving System:
Pole type:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor position:
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor type:
Motor type :
Battery type:
Car type
Motor speed levels:
Nominal power (W):
325 W
Power supply:
12 V battery-powered
12 V
Recommended battery:
70 Ah
Working autonomy:
10 h
Motor power:
12 V
Charging time:
9 h
Manufacturing country:
Extension pole :
185 / 270 cm
Telescopic pole:
Extension power cable:
15 m
Control unit with circuit board:
Yes - inside the motor
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
3.4 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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Campagnola Elektra Battery-powered Olive Harvester

This harvesting power tool is ideal for use with well-pruned trees with not too thick foliage.

The prongs "comb" the branches with an opposite motion which allows them to easily slide into the foliage.

The Campagnola Elektra olive harvester is available in two colours combinations, black-red or blue-black, depending on the stock supplied by the manufacturer. The two versions are exactly the same.

Made in Italy

Motor placed at the end of the pole

The motor located at the end of the pole gives this olive harvester exceptional balancing, which translates into less fatigue during use.

See the example diagram.

Focus on motor unit (located at the end of the pole)

Focus on the transmission on the head (motor-free), which is very lightweight and thin.

On the other hand, 99% of the harvesters on the market today still mount the motor in the head, next to the rakes, which is a simpler and more cost-effective solution (as it is more mechanically feasible), but that makes the tool extremely unbalanced, heavier and very tiring to use

It is important to remember that in most cases the harvester is operated at the bottom of a pole, and if the weight is all concentrated at the top, it becomes really heavy to handle and certainly impossible to use for a whole day.

That is why when choosing a harvester one should not only consider the total weight, as this alone is not an indication of comfort of use, especially for those harvesters that mount the motor on the head, where 80% of their weight is concentrated. The comfort of use stems not from the total weight but from balancing weights, achieved by mounting the motor at the bottom of the pole.


The prongs are made of sturdy thermoplastic RESIN. This results in an exceptional flexibility combined with an extraordinary durability.

Very long prongs mounted alternatively with shorter ones carry out the collection work.

The advantage of different prongs lengths is the exceptional ability to penetrate deeply into the foliage, thanks to the sparser front, and to the overall exceptional length of the prongs, are much longer than all comb harvesters on the market today.

The teeth are individually interchangeable in case of accidental breakage.

ADVANTAGES of the rake with long and short teeth:

  • Better ability to penetrate into the foliage.
  • Greater working width compared to the competitors, 26 cm!
  • Greater respect for the plant and significantly reduced twig and leaf breakage compared to all other harvesters with equally long prongs.
  • It can work on any type of olives, from large table olives to the smaller ones which are more resistant to detachment, thanks to the reduced distance between the short and the long prongs.

Extremely flexible prongs combined with extraordinary resistance.

The sturdy construction of the prongs makes it virtually indestructible.


  • a better penetration in the foliage;
  • greater respect of the plant and less broken twigs and leaves compared to all the other olive harvesters with rigid prongs


New telescopic pole (longer than previous models) extremely lightweight and completely built in CARBON, equipped with quick coupling.

Length of the telescopic pole: 185 - 270 cm

* with the head mounted, the Elektra is approximately 3 m long with the pole at full extension

WARNING: the configuration with such a long pole is always the ideal one for tools such as the harvester because it mounts the motor at the bottom and proves much more practical in use. Perfect for use with shorter olive trees, we recommend to grip the pole from the middle to maintain a weight balance of 50%-50% (just like shown in the upper diagram) making its operation even more comfortable.

Focus on the heavy-duty safety locking device on the telescopic pole

Technical features

Elektra main power switch with fuse compartment. Its function is to protect the equipment by eliminating the risk of electrical failures

Heavy-duty screw socket Support base with cable grommet. It offers total protection to the extension cable and to the motor connection socket both during the working phase, when the cable is pulled constantly, and when not in use, with the equipment stored and placed vertically to the ground.

Elektra requires only one maintenance operation: the lubrication of the overhead transmission through the dedicated plug

POWERFUL AND VERY FAST compared to electric models: up to over 1250 beats per minute

REALLY LIGHTWEIGHT compared to electric models: only 3.4 Kg
* this figure is in any case irrelevant, because, as explained above, the only weight that matters is the weight of the head which is 1.1 Kg (given the fact that the weight of other parts of the unit has no effect whatsoever on the actual fatigue perceived by the user)

- the most powerful motor on the market: 325 W

* other motors fitted on olive harvesters on the market deliver about 100 to 300 Watt

Despite the considerable size of the rakes, it can reach up to over 1250 beats per minute.

* The average rate among electric harvesters on the market is about 900/1000 beats per minute

Exceptionally long rake stroke: it gives this harvester an even higher power thanks to the large working width of the 2 rakes

Super-strong head transmission.

In fact, it boasts a very straightforward construction and is built with only a few gears made of very high-strength hardened steel.

No presence of cams, spider assemblies, connecting cross shaped rods or other mechanical components subject to a quick wear-and-tear process and that require constant maintenance.

The head unit is protected by a sturdy housing made of ABS which protects from dust, dirt and bumps all the mechanisms that transmit movement to the rakes.

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: ear protection muffs, goggles, headscarf, gloves + grease spray


Protective earmuffs to work with maximum comfort
The ear protection as to be the one recommended for all working conditions. Indeed, the earmuffs provided on the standard kit are specifically designed to protect the operator against the noise coming from the brush cutter.

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor mask.
Protective mask goggles in polycarbonate with CE certificate, equipped with antifog and anti-scratch panoramic screen. The ventilation is ensured thanks to the holes made on the frame to avoid obfuscation and to improve comfort of use.

AgriEuro Headscarf

Cotton gloves with rubber waves, for greater comfort and a secure and stable grip on the equipment

Multipurpose lithium grease spray, 400 ml, to lubricate the internal transmission gears of the olive harvester Universal lithium grease suitable for any type of lubrication both on kinematic devices and on rotating ones.

Free Items Included

The olive harvester is shipped in its original packaging.

  • 15 m professional cable
  • Motor unit
  • Telescopic rod
  • Instructions manual

ATTENTION: BATTERY NOT INCLUDED The harvester requires a car battery of at least 60/70 amperes to provide enough running time for an entire day of work

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