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BullMach ZEUS 120 LE - Professional Petrol Garden Shredder - 15 HP Petrol Engine with electric ignition

BullMach ZEUS 120 LE - Professional Petrol Garden Shredder - 15 HP Petrol Engine with electric ignition
Safe shipment: box secured to wooden pallet
Motor type
4 stroke
Motor brand
Engine Model
Cubic Capacity
420 cm³
Rated output
15 HP
Blade quantity
Max branch cutting diameter
80 mm
Wood Chip size
3 - 4 cm
N° of hoppers
Upper discharge system
Electric start
Transmission type
Discharge chute rotation
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Free items: 2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
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BullMach Zeus 120 LE Petrol Garden Shredder

The BullMach ZEUS 120 LE petrol wood chipper / shredder allows to reduce the weeds and twigs to an easy to handle and suitable size for composting. The tiny wood chips crushing also reduces the time required for the decomposition of the latter.

The machine is able to even process very bulky branches and leaves, without a pre-shredding. Thus, it also has a large capacity that allows entering large volumes of material at a time.

Cutting diameter: 80mm

This shredder is equipped with three switches or "safety sensors" that stop the machine or do not allow to turn it on if at least one of the three buttons is not pressed properly by the appropriate blocks. The three buttons are arranged one at the end of the hopper, one at the attachment of the fireplace exhaust and the last is placed on the stocking that covers the central rotor.

Thanks to the wheels and handles placed at the ends of the hopper, the displacement of the machine is simple and able to reduce the strain during the manual movement of the machine.

This petrol shredder is built following the logic of the large wood chipper, thus obtaining the best results in terms of cut, speed and reliability; it complies with CE regulations on safety at work.

It mounts a 420cc Loncin (15 HP)motor, which is a powerful and reliable engine at the same time.

The chipper equipped with a safety system next to the battery, easily accessible by using a foot.

Warning: Like all wood chippers and chipper, it is not suited for the shredding of grass, leaves, pine needles, etc.… (It is made to shred branches, but it can grind the leaves, needles and certain other vegetation may be attached to them)

Main user requirements for all the shredders on the market:
- The shredder must grind recently cut branches from the tree, not dried (they would limit the shredding capacity and lead to a rapid deterioration of the blade);
- The branches must be preferably long-limbed, smooth and not lumpy (otherwise the cutting diameter is reduced);
- The diameter of said cut is the maximum, so it is advised not to try and shred larger branches. In that case it would be preferable to evaluate the purchase of a shredder with a larger cutting diameter;
- The cutting diameter can vary according to the amounts of the wood (e.g: oak, olive, plum and peach are hardwoods and can reduce the cutting ability of the wood chipper)

Loncin G420FD 15 HP Engine


  • Model and brand of the engine: Loncin G 420 FD
  • Single-cylinder engine type : 4-Stroke- OHV
  • Cylinder type: Aluminum
  • Displacement: 420 cm³
  • Power: 15 HP
  • Type of ignition: Electric with key

Thanks to the convenient electric start with key, starting the shredder has never been easier.

Focus on the battery compartment

Focus on the recoil starter .

Rated Power: 15 HP
The correct term would be "Commercial” Power, meaning the classic standard of definition of power officially used until a few years ago by all leading engine manufacturers.

* This figure is even more widespread and advertised in the leading commercial channels, although it is a matter that it is higher than the actual power.

Effective power: 12.2 Hp
It corresponds to the real power expressed motor shaft. This is the power indicated as official in the manual or in the technical data of the motor’s manufacturer.

* This technical data may vary for the same engine model depending on the rotational speed supplied by the engine applied to the equipment.

Before starting, please read the instruction manual.

Belt transmission

The only one of the category with intermediate double belt drive transmission.

This feature gives high sturdiness to the unit, protecting both the engine and all the shredding system from every possible internal hit or kickback.

Higher durability over time compared to the standard system of all the manufacturers of petrol-powered machineries, the transmission is directly connected to the shredding cutting system.

In the event of a locked rotor caused for example by a big branch, stones, etc ... it is not likely that the the transmission shaft will break and that you will have to throw away the engine, but you will have a slip or at least breakage of the intermediate strap.

Unified hopper

UNIFIED: considerably simplifies and speeds up the work in contrast to the dual hopper shredder models

OVERALL SIZE: (Width x Height) 53.5 x 36 cm * This value refers to the advised input sizefor the hopper

SAFETY SYSTEM: Hopper opening sensor , fireplace opening sensor , rotor body opening sensor. The machine will not work if at least one of these is open.

SAFETY SYSTEM: emergency button In case of danger in fact it is possible to stop the machine in an instant both for reasons of personal safety, both in case of clogging.

Focus on the rubber bulkheads at the entrance of the hopper.

Central Rotor and Shredding Chamber

The cutting system consists of:

  • 3 large cutting blades, which are mounted on a swiveling steel plate located at the end of the hopper.

The blades carry out a sectioning of the material present in the hopper into shredded fragments of approx. 3-4 cm.

Provided with large and sturdy shredding chamber. It features a rounded shape that ensures great productivity and long durability of the cutting system.

Cutting width: 80mm

Rotating Discharge Chute

Provided with 180° rotating discharge chute.

Simply grab the two handles present at the sides of the fireplace and turn it in the position you prefer.

Being 1.63 cm tall, this fireplace allows you to download the chips straight into a tractor trailer or truck.

The inclination of the discharge chute is also adjustable in order to control the distance of the discharged shredded material.

Main features

Adjustable discharge mouth high stakes at 1.6 m from the ground, equipped with deflector with adjustable tilt.

It allows you to download the vegetable waste in a crate.

In addition to the inclination of the deflector the discharge mouth is orientable: It is rotating, and with the simple use of the lever, it can be oriented either to the right or to the left with various angles.

Focus on the tow hook

Focus on thesupport wheels .

The wood chipper also has large tractor wheel that allow easy transport.

Free Items and Standard Equipment

The shredder is supplied on a pallet, to preserve the integrity of the product.

The Instruction manual is included in the package.

Instruction manual and for the engine maintenance are included in the packaging.

Key for replacement candle included in the packaging.

Product Features
Spark ignition
Automatic roller:
Discharge chute:
N° of hoppers :
Hopper opening dimensions (height):
36 cm
Hopper opening dimensions (width):
53.5 cm
Interchangeable sieves:
Electric start:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Engine Model:
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
420 cm³
Number of pistons:
Rated output:
15 HP
Real power:
12 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Pressure reducing system:
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Housing material:
Enamelled steel
Max branch cutting diameter:
80 mm
Cutting Rotor Type:
Blade quantity:
Blade movement:
Wood Chip size:
3 - 4 cm
Discharge chute rotation:
Electric key start:
Recoil Starter (cord):
Front Handle:
Rear wheels size:
16 x 6.50 - 8
Pushing Accessory:
Start safety sensor:
Free gifts/extra features
Free engine oil bottles :
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
211x87x163 cm
Net weight:
135 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
112x70.5x109 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
211 Kg
Hydraulic tail lift delivery:
Assembly time:
60 minutes

FORE FREE: 2 Oil Bottles

TWO oil bottles for 4-stroke engines