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BlackStone SG 420 B&S ES PRO Stump Grinder - B&S XR2100 Engine 420cc - Cutting Disc with 8 Hammers in Tungsten Carbide

BlackStone SG 420 B&S ES PRO Stump Grinder - B&S XR2100 Engine 420cc - Cutting Disc with 8 Hammers in Tungsten Carbide
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Body material
Electric start
Motor brand
Engine Model
Motor type
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity
420 cm³
Rated output
13.5 HP
Transmission type
Gift: 2 bottles of 1 L oil each
Gift: 2 bottles of 1 L oil each
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ID: K602592

EAN: 8054141540705

MPN: XZ0300 B&S

Blackstone SG 420 B&S ES PRO Stump Grinder

This stump grinder is the perfect product for professional gardeners or for DIY enthusiasts. Its cutting action, thanks to the disc with 8 tungsten blades, makes it easy to cut stubs and tree roots.

It is easy to use and features a powerful cutting capacity.

Blackstone SG 420 B&S ES PRO is a lightweight and easy-to-handle device capable of cutting tree stumps and roots of 406 mm (16") underground, and of 508 mm (20") above the surface.

The roots and the base of the trunks are the hardest parts to cut: the stump grinder with B&S 4-stroke engine with a 420CC displacement and a rated power of 13.5 HP, is perfectly suitable for this kind of work.

The friction drive system designed for heavy-duty tasks makes machine starting safer and more comfortable.

Equipped with electric start.

Safety lever and cutting disc placed in the front part, to guarantee maximum safety during working operations.

Thanks to the compact design the machine can also be used in small spaces.

The adjustable handlebar ensures easy use and facilitates transport.

Tree root removal with a classic excavator causes countless damage, with the Blackstone stump grinder, instead, tree stumps are cut off cleanly, without causing damage to the property.

Indispensable machine to be used whenever after cutting a plant you want to remove the remaining stump, thus being able to quickly restore the affected area.

Briggs&Stratton Engine 420 cc with electric start

The stump grinder mounts a powerful Briggs & Stratton XR2100 4-stroke air-cooled 420 cc engine, with overhead valves and aluminium cylinder.


Engine type
Single-cylinder 4-stroke - OHV
Cylinder type:
Engine cool-down
Air cooled
Cubic Capacity:
420 cm³
Recoil starter
Tank capacity:
6.6 L

The engine is also equipped with recoil start. This machine is equipped with battery.

Detail of the ignition key

Detail of the throttle lever

Detail of the air adjustment lever and the tank

Detail of the air filter

Detail of the spark plug

Nominal Power: 13.5 HP
The correct term would be "Commercial” Power, meaning the classic definition standard of power officially used until a few years ago by all leading engine manufacturers.

* This figure is even more widespread and advertised in the leading commercial channels, although it is a matter that it is higher than the actual power.

Effective power: 10.3 Hp
It corresponds to the real power expressed by the motor shaft. This is the power indicated as official in the manual or in the technical data of the motor manufacturer.

* This technical data may vary for the same engine model depending on the rotational speed supplied by the engine applied to the equipment.

Read the instruction manual carefully before starting it.

The engine is started electrically by key.

WARNING: using the machine at maximum rpm, in addition to not obtaining an efficient grinding of the branches and not being able to grind larger diameters, it may involve a whole series of anomalies:
- lowering speed or stopping the motor during its use;
- rapid deterioration of the transmission belts between the motor and the rotor;
- damage to the centrifugal clutch which, if the motor is not at full speed, you do not get the full expansion of the same by determining the consumption of up to burn and need to be replaced;

Belt drive

The stump grinder is equipped with 9J type v-belt transmission

This feature gives high sturdiness to the unit, protecting both the engine and all the shredding system from every possible internal shock or kickback.

Higher durability over time compared to the standard system of all the manufacturers of petrol-powered machineries where the petrol engine is directly connected to the shredding cutting system.

Rotor type

Compared to the previous models, which only had simple blades, the Blackstone stump grinder mounts real hammers on the rotor, which ensure greater durability.

The new rotor disc, consists of 4 sets of tungsten carbide hammers, for a total of 8 hammers, which can be rotated up to 3 times, to ensure the machine a longer lifespan.

The milling capacity of these hammers is larger than normal blades in terms of performance as well, thanks to the hammers being sturdier than a simple curved blade.

When one of the three parts of the hammer is worn out, simply unscrew the hammer from the rotor, and mount it turned to the second position, this way you will have a completely new hammer ready to use.

  • Position 1
  • Position 2
  • Position 3

Cutting unit

Its cutting action, thanks to the head with 8 hammers with tungsten carbide beating pinion, makes it easy to cut the stubs and destroy the roots.

SG 420 B&S ES PRO stump grinder features a cutting depth of 406 mm (16") underground, and of 508mm (20") above the surface, which makes it a great product!

With a compact, narrow design, it can also be used in confined spaces.

The reversible teeth holders extend the machine lifespan 3 times more.

The stump grinder sets no limits on maximum cutting diameter.

Detail of the rotor lubrication system

Controls on the handle

The main controls of the stump grinder are simple and intuitive.

Equipped with a height adjusting handle, you can choose up to four handle heights, according to your preferences:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Operation handle

Safety lever: The safety lever must be held against the handle during operation. If you release the lever, the engine will stop.

Engine switch: If the engine switch button is pressed down, the operation handle can not stop the machine and the engine will keep running. If the engine switch button is pulled up, the operation handle can stop the engine; when the handle is released, the engine stops.

Brake lever:

  • 1 Pull the brake lever upwards to block machine advancement
  • 2

Machine equipped with throttle lever, to adjust the rotor speed

Maximum towing speed 72 km/h.

Main Features

Adjustable handle in 4 different heights.

Tow bar: The maximum towing speed is 72 km/h

Pneumatic wheels size 4,80-8, perfect for all types of terrain and with excellent maneuverability.

Wheel brake of easy access for safe operation.

Detail of the cutting disc

Detail of the hammers

5.26 mm thick steel

Product Features
Body material:
Spark ignition
Hand push
Electric start:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Engine Model:
Motor type:
4 stroke
Cubic Capacity:
420 cm³
Number of pistons:
Rated output:
13.5 HP
Real power:
10.3 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve
Engine lubrication type:
Oil bath
Tank capacity:
6.6 L
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Housing material:
Tungsten carbide
No. of teeth:
Underground Cutting Depth :
406 mm
Cutting Above Surface:
508 mm
Electric start battery:
Safety brake:
Electric key start:
Recoil Starter (cord):
Rear wheels size:
Free gifts/extra features
Free engine oil bottles :
Wooden pallet (Safe shipment):
Oil bottle:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Net weight:
150 Kg
Original wooden box
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
171 Kg
Hydraulic tail lift delivery:
Assembly time:
15 minutes

Free Items Included

For Free

2 bottles of 10W40 oil, specific for 4-stroke engines

Free items included

The machine is shipped in its original packaging, in a wooden box.

Instruction manual included