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Blackstone B-Disc 800 - Inter-row disc - 80 cm Disc Diameter - Light series

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ID: 110578

EAN: 8054141547025

MPN: B-Disc 800

Blackstone B-Disc 800 - Inter-row disc - 80 cm Disc Diameter - Light series
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Tractor power
From 40 to 45 HP
Body material
185 Kg
Cutting width
78 cm
Product Features
B-disc 800
Disco interfilare
Body material:
Tractor power:
From 40 to 45 HP
Manual shift:
Manual shift:
Fixed 3-point hitch:
3-point hitch category:
Cardan shaft rotation:
Without cardan shaft
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Cutting width:
78 cm
No. of blade holders:
No. of blades:
Blade movement:
Blade type:
Cutting width:
78 cm
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Cardan included:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
234x170x72 cm
Net weight:
185 Kg
Original packaging on pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
145x60x86 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
215 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
30 minutes
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€ 1.843,51
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Blackstone B-Disc 800 - Inter-Row Disc

The Blackstone B-Disc 800 inter-row disc is precisely designed to perform accurate cutting of grass and shrubs along rows of vines or fruit trees, but is equally efficient in keeping roads free of weeds, thanks to its ability to reach the most hostile and difficult spots.

Thanks to the integrated floating system, the 2 blades are able to automatically keep a constant distance from the ground without operator intervention. Should the disc come into contact with an obstacle, a sophisticated spring system allows the disc to retract to prevent potential damage.

The machine body consists of a transverse frame, resting on 2 support feet that guarantee optimum stability, an integrated 3-point hitch, an oscillating beam with 4 adjustment positions in relation to the centre of the tractor and an 800 mm diameter inter-row header.

Hydraulic motor oil flow requirement: minimum 30 to maximum 40 L/min

The Blackstone B-Disc 800 inter-row disc is equipped with a rotating disc with two sharp blades that cut the material as required. It allows grass or weeds to be mown between crop rows, reducing inter-crop conflict and improving crop health and yield.

The inter-row header provides a number of advantages:

  • The purpose of grass cutting is to maintain a manageable height of the grass with minimum soil disruption.
  • The adjustable processing height allows certain species to develop favourably against others.
  • By using the inter-row disc, "mulching" is possible, i.e. leaving the cut organic material on the surface. This makes it possible to repress the development of various weeds, exploit the shading effect of organic material and, thanks to the decomposition of residues in the soil, enrich the soil with useful nutrients.

TECHNICAL DATA (brief view):

  • Inter-row header diameter: 800 mm
  • Effective overall width: 234 cm
  • Weight: 185 kg
  • 4-position working adjustment on the swing beam
  • 1° Category 3-point hitch
  • Transversal frame
  • Maximum hydraulic pump pressure: 18 Mpa

Inter-row header

The Blackstone B-Disc 800 inter-row disc header is a versatile component useful for cleaning areas around tree trunks, fence posts and spaces between rows; its main purpose is to reduce weed or grass interference, promoting the growth and health of main crops.

Thanks to a return spring, when it comes into contact with the trunk of the plant, it retracts without causing damage to the crop.

The header is installed on a system of parallels that makes it mobile, allowing it to adapt to any unevenness in the ground, with the possibility of adjusting the working height by means of a special screw.

The attachment to the flail mower comprises two parallel moving axles and the base of the disc is levelling. Furthermore, the support wheel equipped with shims to adjust the height of the disc allows it to adapt to any unevenness in the ground.

Hydraulic pump and 66 cm hydraulic hose pair with standard quick couplings, third 83 cm pipe for the return.

Total disc diameter: 800 mm

Cutting diameter: 78 cm

Need 25/40 litres of oil to run the pump.

2 horizontal blades with cutting edges on both sides which guarantee the cutting diameter.

Adjustable movement on swing beam and 3-point linkage

The Blackstone B-Disc 800 inter-row disc features a three-point linkage on a transverse frame.

The swinging beam (170 cm long), which connects the main frame to the inter-row header, can be adjusted to 4 different positions, which allows an optimal positioning according to working requirements.

Universal joints suitable for all tractors on the market.

Focus on the sturdy 1° category 3-point hitch.

Wheelbase size 62 cm.

The height of the 3-point hitch can be adjusted to 3 different positions depending on the location of the two support feet.

Universal standard PTO (1 3/8” Z6).

Universal-type hitches that can be adapted to all tractors on the market.

Detail of the sturdy type 1 three-point-hitch.

Stabilisation accessories and details

Focus on the inter-row header support wheel.

Focus on one of the two support feet adjustable to 3 different heights.

Focus o the transversal frame.

Adjustment of the inter-row disc header support wheel by means of 2 shims.

Focus on the support wheel placed on the oscillating beam.

System of parallels with support system for the inter-row header.

Focus on the hydraulic hoses connection

Focus on the fixing pin for the swing beam.

Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The inter-row disc is shipped on a pallet together with an instruction manual.

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