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Airmec Agritech 1000 tractor mounted air compressor with 3 point hitch

Max. operating pressure
11 bar
Compressor tank
25 l
Air displacement
1020 L/min
Pump type
Two stage
Pump unit revolutions per minute
1400 RPM
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Airmec Agritech 1000 tractor mounted air compressor, 3 point hitch

This is one of the most performing air compressors on on the market, definitely of high professional rank.


Big air displacement capacity,
among the highest on the market 1020 litres/min

High resistant steel frame.
High thickness crushproof main frame.

K50 model CHINOOK twin cylinder head unit

Highly quality professional CHINOOK head unit, for heavy-duty continuous work.

These head units considered the best one on the market for their long life Attention: only the best air compressors Manufacturers assemble CHINOOK head units.

The long life of this machine derives by:

  • The material it is built of cast iron twin cylinders: Highly resistance and long life material.

  • Double stage head unit.

  • Three cooling down collectors. No other air compressor on trade has the same cooling down capacity

Twin cylnder head unit with cast iron cylinders (long life guarantee). Big air displacement: 1020 L/min with only 1200 rpm approximately of you tractor engine guarantees the correct functioning of 5 olive harvesters, 9 secateurs, 2 chainsaws.

The two stage head unit is equipped with two series connected cylinders, where the air is gradually compressed till the ending pressure.

The air is cooled down between the stages For this reason efficiency gets better, allowing higher pressures than the ones that may be reached by a single stage air compressor.

One of the best pump units actually on the market.

Three cooling down collectors

The CHINOOK head unit is the only one having three cooling down collectors of the same category. Two of them on a side and one in the other side, aside the air filter.

No other air compressor on trade has the same cooling down capacity.

This cooling down system is able to improve the efficiency of compressor itself.

The air enters in the air receiver at very high temperature.
As much as the air will cool down as much the condense will be separated and will deposit at the air receiver's bottom. At the end of the working day, it must be drained by opening the proper drain faucets.

The already cooled down air reduces condense development.

The absence or the low quantity of humidity in the incoming air which supplies tools (olive harvesters, secateurs, saws) will decrease the freezing risk inside the machine ad inside tools and will assure a longer life to them.


1200 rpm of your tractor engine are enough for obtaining the highest air displacement; 1020 L/min

Focus on the power take off pulley and molten steel cooling fan.

25 L air receiver

25 litri air receiver.

Off-running system and maximum pressure control by means of professional unloading valve.

Air displacement system

Aluminium condense separation filter with lubricant of professional kind.
- MADE IN ITALY - Professional aluminium lubricator
First outlet provided with female quick joint, suitable for all the non-agricultural uses, that do not need the oil sprayed into the air displaced by means of the lubricator. This feature is not common in the air compressor on the market.
Air closing faucet for maintenance operations (as the lubricator oil recharge).
Focus on the glycerine bath pressure gauge showing the inner pressure level inside the air receiver.
It includes: 6 outlet quick connectors

General features:

Hose reel support provided with the standard equipment.
Set up for an additional hose reel

3 points hitch to tractor

The air compressor is shipped already assembled and ready for use
WARNING: Pneumatic tools are not supplied with the machine
Cardan shaft is not supplied with the machine

Product Features
Agritech 1000
tractor PTO
Max. operating pressure:
11 bar
Number of tanks:
Tank capacity:
25 l
Compressor tank:
25 l
Olive harvester accessory:
Up to 5
Pruners accessory:
Up to 9
Pneumatic chain saw:
Up to 2
Power absorption :
28 HP
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
K 30
Air displacement:
1020 L/min
Pump type:
Two stage
Number of heads:
Number of cylinders:
Cooling down side collector:
Yes (3 collectors)
Cylinders' material:
Cast iron
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Belt protection shield:
Metal grid
Pump unit revolutions per minute:
1400 RPM
Pulley material:
cast iron
Number of exits:
Hose reel Support/s:
Pressure regulator with condensate steam filter:
Oil container:
Disjunctor valve:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
106 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
68 x 67 x 85 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
126 Kg
Hydraulic tail lift delivery:
Assembly time: