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Aima Twist Furia-Evolution Battery-powered Olive Harvester - 210/300 cm Aluminium Pole + Extension Pole

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Aima Twist Furia-Evolution Battery-powered Olive Harvester - 210/300 cm Aluminium Pole + Extension Pole
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70 Ah (70 Amperes) battery70 Ah (70 Amperes) battery
Awelco Automatic20 Battery ChargerAwelco Automatic20 Battery Charger
Head material
Horizontal, double
Speed (bpm)
1250 bpm
Max. prongs opening
40 cm
Max. length
300 cm
Motor type
24 V
Nominal power (W)
340 W
Motor speed levels
Motor type
Battery type
Car type
Carbon prongs
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Twist Furia-Evolution
For olive harvester only
Power supply:
Lead-acid battery 12 V
Head material:
12 V battery-powered
Operating mode:
12 V battery-powered
Motor position:
Up - on the head
Horizontal, double
Secondary grip:
Pull-out handle
Speed (bpm):
1250 bpm
No. of prongs:
Prongs length:
28 cm
Prongs material:
Carbon prongs:
Max. prongs opening:
40 cm
Min. length:
210 cm
Max. length:
300 cm
Pole material:
Pole type:
Fixed + extension
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor position:
On the head
Motor type:
Motor type :
Battery type:
Car type
Motor speed levels:
Nominal power (W):
340 W
Power supply:
12 V battery-powered
24 V
Recommended battery:
70 Ah
Working autonomy:
10 h
Motor power:
24 V
Charging time:
9 h
Manufacturing country:
Extension pole :
140 - 240 cm
Extension power cable:
15 m
Control unit with circuit board:
Yes - inside the cable
Free gifts/extra features
Additional extension pole:
100 cm
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
2.5 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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Estimated delivery: 22/07/2024 - 24/07/2024
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Twist Furia-Evolution olive harvester

Twist Furia-Evolution is the first electric olive harvester on the market with opposite motion (new swinging and opposite system with beating prongs made of heavy-duty carbon) of its 2 combs. This patented system reduces vibrations while working and improves the performances as it can even harvest the hardest olives which will fall down inside the perimeter of the tree. Compared to the smaller model, the Twist Standard, the Twist Furia-Evolution harvester has been enhanced with:

  • 340 watt motor (instead of 170 watt)
  • Control unit with electronic card on the cable that controls the 24V motor
  • Two larger combs (280 mm wide) with 7+7 pure carbon prongs, offering truly exceptional harvesting performance.
  • Control unit equipped with a warning light (LED) indicating the battery charge level.

The olive harvester is equipped with a 2 m pole that can be extended of up to 3 m by connecting the extension pole provided on standard kit at the bottom of the fixed pole.

Twist Furia-Evolution is intended for any type of olive and tree, even for olive trees ready for mechanical harvesting. For this reason, it is suitable both for well pruned and thick trees placed on level grounds or hills. It has been designed in order to suit any working condition. It guarantees high performances and it does not damage the olive nor the branches and it respects the tree. Concerning this feature, it is a state-of-the-art product.

Sideways opposite motion

Each carbon prong moves by swinging sideways and by crossing each other’s. In this way, the performances are improved and you can harvest even the hardest olives (they will fall down next to the tree) by means of the vibration from the flexible prongs to the branches respecting the olives and the tree. It has distinctive features compared to most olive harvesters on market with carbon prongs. Follow its advantages:

  • Each prong can harvest many olives.
  • Higher harvesting capacity.
  • Less vibrations (thanks to the two opposite counterweight motions).

This model differs from all other olive harvesters on market as it is suitable for many different uses: you can use it as a “comb” on pruned and not too thick trees or, if you prefer, you can repeatedly move the tool towards and forwards the branches. This option is intended for the branches for which is impossible to use the machine as a “comb”.


This model stands out for its penetration capacity through the branches. It is possible by means of the long prongs (even 28 cm). This means that they can get very depth into the branches. These features make this olive harvester best suited to work on very thick and/or not pruned trees. It respects the olives and do not damage or break branches. It will be very easy and fast to replace the prongs in case of damages by means of the prongs fixing system with conical hitch and nut.

Width per comb: 28 cm

No. of prongs: 7 + 7

Prongs material: carbon fiber.


High-power head-mounted motor: 340 watt
The motor unit is equipped with a device that keeps the number of revolutions of the parallel rakes constant. In this way the harvesting performances are very high.

It is equipped with a stop system that automatically shuts down the motor, in case of it exceeds its high speed, and restarts the motor few seconds later.

The harvesting head’s power unit is mounted on sealed ball-bearings, which do not require daily maintenance. The sealed ball-bearings with reduced friction guarantee high reliability and energy saving.

The sturdy protection shield is made of ABS and protects the transmission against dust, debris and any stress.

Motor control unit

The supplied extension cable is equipped with a control unit with an electronic card that controls the 24V motor. The control unit is placed on the power cable (battery side) and is fixed on an aluminium lamellar profile for optimal heat dissipation.

There is also a fuse to protect the electrical components of the machine in the event that the Operator accidentally inverts the polarity of the battery during connection.

Control unit equipped with a warning light (LED) indicating the battery charge level.

Extension pole and handle

Lightweight extension pole made of aluminium supplied with ergonomic grip.

The ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the pole allows the Operator, once switched on the machine, to handle it effortlessly as needed. This means that is not necessary to hold an hand on the handle to keep the trigger pushed.

Overall pole length:

  • Pole only: 140 cm
  • 1 m additional aluminium extension pole provided on standard kit
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: Awelco Automatic20 Battery Charger

The Deca SM Automatic20 battery charger maintainer is an automatic charger with a charge maintenance program (Pulse charging). This type of charger is compact, efficient and easy to use. Suitable for motorcycles, cars, vans, campers and small displacement tractors.

Characterized by a special automatic charging cycle that allows you to never damage the battery, it is also possible to leave it connected to the battery because it has the MAINTENANCE function (maintenance function "Pulse Maintenance"). This way, the battery is always ready to use.

It is highly safe: it does not damage the electronics of the vehicle, it does not create sparks, it is equipped with protection against polarity reversals and short-circuits.

This product is innovative, versatile and low weight (only 0.60 kg).

This small car battery charger is suitable for outdoor use thanks to the IP65 protection level and its retractable hook.

5 ways of use:

  • Charging
  • Impulses
  • Maintenance
  • Sulphate batteries reconditioning
  • Operation testing

Technical features:

  • Power supply: 230V single-phase
  • Power: 65W
  • Nominal battery voltage 12V / 24V
  • Average charging current: 3A - 6A
  • Charging programs: 4 + TEST
  • Battery type: Pb, Gel, Pb/Ca, Agm
  • Battery capacity: 2 - 120 Ah min / max
  • Battery capacity in charge maintenance: 120Ah max
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Charging process LED display, maintenance and testing
  • Equipped with cable pliers and cable with eyelets
  • With one 10-stage multi-stage charging process

FOR FREE: 70 Ah battery

This large battery guarantees more than 8 hours of working autonomy. It is suitable for all the olive harvesters listed on our website.

It therefore allows you to work for the entire day without any problems.

Equipped with a pull-out handle for easy movement.

CAPACITY: 70 Amperes.

12V - 610 A (EN1)

SIZE: 278x175x190 mm.

This is a professional lead-acid battery (it is a standard 70Ah car battery).

For fully charging it in just a few hours overnight, we recommend a battery charger with a charging capacity of at least 12-14 Ah/h

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