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AgriEuro Minimus 50 Mini EXT steel wood fired oven for outdoor - red roof

Cooking chamber depth
50 cm
Cooking chamber width
45 cm
Cooking height level
On trolley (wheels and handles)
Manufacturing Country
€ 930,50
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Minimus 50 Mini EXT wood fired oven for outdoor - red roof

AgriEuro wood fired ovens main characteristic is the wood fired cooking joined to its practicality, not usual characteristics for the traditional wood fired ovens. They are functional, efficient, wear-resistant and well-finished products! Their main advantages are:

  • The wood consumption: more than 5 times less than common ovens;
  • Practicality and hygiene deriving from fact of having two different chambers for cooking and heating;
  • Food is not in contact with ash, embers or wood (often dirty or polluted) and their smoke that can even make cooking carcinogenic;
  • Ease of cooking and heating management just because the two chambers are separated and independent;
  • Cooking times are cut short due to a minor temperature reaching time.

All this joins to the high value of wood fired cooking, unequalled on taste and fragrance, but natural and poor of fat. Dimensions and features:

  • No. 2 cooking height levels;
  • Cooking chamber useful depth: 50 cm;
  • Cooking chamber useful width: 45 cm;
  • Cooking chamber useful height: 30 cm.

It is a small size oven with a cooking capacity up to 10 covers.

The cooking chamber

Cooking chamber, made of stainless steel, has a traditional vault shape. Technically more expensive than the most common square shaped chambers, it has the undeniable value of a more homogeneous heat distribution if compared to the the others. A wood fired oven shouldn’t be apart from the traditional vault shape.

  • No. 2 cooking height levels;
  • Useful depth: 50 cm;
  • Useful width: 45 cm.

Double refractory floor: floor made of refractory floor, where it possible to directly lay food.

Below the floor there is a second layer of refractory bricks. You can remove them for a more homogeneous heat distribution.

At the deep end of the cooking chamber there is an inner lighting and an air hole to expell cooking condensation.

Other features

Combustion chamber completely wraps the cooking chamber: while burning, flame grows up towards the two lateral ways and wraps the full cooking chamber, to obtain an excellent heat homogeneity.while burning, flame grows up towards the two lateral ways and wraps the full cooking chamber, to obtain an excellent heat homogeneity. Large part of Manufactures on market produces ovens with a fully closed combustion chamber.

Exhaust pipe made of stainless steel provided with valve for the smoke exit regulation. Stainless steel is fundamental for the exhaust pipe, to avoid it is attacked from rust as it is highly exposed. The regulation valve allows to control the smoke exit and to maintain heating for 2/3 cooking hours!

Ash drawer mounted on sliding guides: all ash and combustion residuals are routed inside it.

The point most subject to paint-wear has stainless steel protections.

Upper door made of enamel painted steel, with wide glass and sturdy ceramic fibre gasket in order to close the door almost hermetically.

It is is equipped with gaps to be fit with beams for lifting.

Pull out handles: for an easy transportation.

Dish compartment below the oven.

Big castors for transport.


Focus on the thermometer to control cooking temperature.

Rubber handle.

Product Features
Minimus 50 Mini EXT - 2 cooking height levels
Typology :
for outdoor
Hourly consumption:
1 Kg
Cooking chamber depth:
50 cm
Cooking chamber width:
45 cm
Cooking chamber's height:
30 cm
Circular cooking chamber:
Cooking height level:
General size classification:
No of covers:
Manufacturing Country:
On trolley (wheels and handles):
Inferior truck with wheels and handles:
External covering:
Enamel painted panels
Stainless steel coating:
Refractory on basement floor:
Refractory firebricks on all sides:
Extractable panels for cleaning:
Flaps materials:
enameled steel
Stainless steel exhaust pipe:
Vapor outlet:
Smoke regulation valve:
Current transformer 12 volts:
Inner Lighting:
Free gifts/extra features
Chrome grills:
Stainless steel exhaust pipe:
Fire grid:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
59x61x137 cm
Net weight:
135 Kg
Exhaust pipe diameter:
10 cm
On pallet
Assembly time:
15 minutes

Extra features

What's on kit:

  • No. 1 grill;
  • Exhaust pipe.