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AgriEuro Maximus 80 Deluxe INC Inox Built-in Wood-fired Oven - Copper Enameling

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AgriEuro Maximus 80 Deluxe INC Inox Built-in Wood-fired Oven - Copper Enameling
Pizza shovel for wood-fired ovenPizza shovel for wood-fired oven
Pair of oven gloves for free!Pair of oven gloves for free!
Cooking surfaces:
Cooking chamber depth
80 cm
Cooking chamber width
70 cm
Cooking chamber height
45 cm
Cooking surface
16800 cm²
Stainless steel
Refractory floor
Refractory Dome
with bricks
Removable panels for cleaning
No. of diners
62 People
515 Kg
Vapour vent
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Maximus 80 INC
Hourly consumption:
1 Kg
Cooking chamber height:
45 cm
General dimensions:
Max. servings:
Stainless steel
Cooking surface:
16800 cm²
Cooking surfaces::
Cooking chamber depth:
80 cm
Cooking chamber width:
70 cm
No. of diners:
62 People
Manufacturing country:
External covering:
Stainless steel panels
Standard ventilation:
Refractory floor:
Refractory sides:
Refractory Dome:
with bricks
Removable panels for cleaning:
Door material:
Stainless steel
Transparent lower cooking chamber door:
Stainless steel chimney:
Vapour vent:
Smoke regulation valve:
12 V current transformer:
Interior light:
Free gifts/extra features
Chrome-plated racks:
Long baking tray:
1 (75x60 cm)
Medium baking tray:
2 (37x60 cm)
Front shelf:
Side shelf:
Stainless steel chimney:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
97x101x113 cm
Net weight:
515 Kg
Chimney diameter:
13 cm
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New Maximus 80 Deluxe INC Built-in Oven

This wood-fired oven can be considered heavy-duty thanks to the width of the cooking chamber of 70 cm, which makes it the widest on the market, suitable for professional activities, both private and public.

The quality of AgriEuro wood-fired ovens provides you with a great cooking experience and ease of use (which is not guaranteed by all wood-fired ovens) Our wood-fired ovens are functional, effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing! Main features:

  • The wood consumption: only 4 kg of wood will be enough for several cookings!
  • The convenience and hygiene given by the separation of the cooking and combustion chamber.
  • Food does not directly touch the ash and embers, nor wood (often dirty or polluted) or smoke that can make it even carcinogenic
  • Easy cooking and oven heating thanks to the separation and autonomy of the two chambers
  • The cooking time, as it takes less time to reach the cooking temperature

These important features are complemented by the great advantages of wood-fired cooking: unparalleled in flavours and fragrance, natural and extremely low in fat. Size and features of this model:

  • 3 cooking floors
  • cooking chamber depth: 80 cm
  • cooking chamber width: 70 cm
  • cooking chamber height: 45 cm
  • Weight: 515 kg

This model belongs to the category of large-sized ovens.
Cooking capacity: 80/90 servings

External structure and materials

The external structure is made of steel with top-quality coppered paint finish, which guarantees beautiful aesthetics and unparalleled durability.

The side panels, on the other hand, are made of STAINLESS STEEL, a material that guarantees infinite durability against rust, even if the oven is left outside and thus constantly exposed to the elements.

The oven and combustion chamber doors are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing a long service life despite direct exposure to the high temperatures reached by the oven.

The entire structure of this wood-fired oven is very sturdy thanks to the thickness and quality of the various types of steel used. This feature provides it with one of the highest weight in its category: 515 kg

New inner design and cooking methods

The new AgriEuro ovens have abandoned the traditional system (still very popular among all manufacturers) which consists of the combustion chamber being directly connected to the cooking chamber through a gap spacing. The fire was directly in contact with the steel sheet of the cooking chamber. This had two disadvantages:

  • the side walls of the cooking chamber would get too hot, causing foods to cook more and burn in the points that were closest to the wall
  • the steel sheets of the cooking chamber would have a shorter life due to direct contact with fire

New structure: the cooking chamber is separated from the combustion chamber by a space gap. This gap, despite being quite small, avoids direct contact between the two chambers, so that the cooking chambers is not directly touched by the fire and the heat will be lower, thus avoiding the two problems mentioned before.
There is also another space gap into the cooking chamber for our innovative ventilation system, called TOTAL VENTILATION.

Total ventilation system and refractory covering

This new ventilation system is one of the most innovative you can find on the market.

We called it TOTAL VENTILATION because it distributes the air evenly in every part of the cooking chamber.
This is possible thanks to the space gap around the cooking chamber.

Most wood-fired ovens on the market are equipped with a fan motor on the bottom of the cooking chamber and the air is expelled through the rear part of the chamber.
Moreover, this old system affects the depth of the oven since the fan motor is placed into the cooking chamber. For example, ovens with a depth of 80 cm have an actual depth of 75 cm.

Thanks to our system, the air is channeled underneath the refractory floor, in the 2 side passages that distribute the air into the two side space gaps and between the refractory bricks that make up the second lower layer, improving and making heat distribution more even and allowing the air to exit even from the outlet placed next to the door of the cooking chamber. This not only distributes heat in the front part of the oven, but also performs a second function: it creates a barrier to avoid heat dispersion and the consequent drop in temperature when the door is opened.

Focus on the refractory floor at the base of the oven used for direct cooking of pizza, bread, pies, etc...

The refractory bricks are also used for the side and upper part of the cooking chamber: they ensure authentic slow-cooking, for which traditional wood-fired brick ovens are famous, thus improving the quality and flavour of food. They also allow a longer temperature retention. They are fully protected by the stainless steel panels, to prevent them from getting dirty.

This large model features 2 fan motors.

New square cooking chamber - removable panels - double lighting

Of course, the larger size of the cooking chamber is a great highlight of this machine.
This made it possible to increase the space between cooking floors: in fact, in ovens with a vaulted cooking chamber, the distance between cooking floors is reduced to a minimum (generally around 10 cm) in order to be able to fit the third floor. Instead, this model features a larger space between cooking floors. This allows you to cook more food using all three floors, make the most of the ventilation system, preventing flavours from mixing while baking different types of food.

Our wood-fired oven, as already mentioned, is one of the few that is sold with REAL and RELIABLE cooking chamber dimensions.

You can remove the stainless steel panels for cleaning operations, that is the 2 side panels, the upper panel and the one that is placed on the bottom of the cooking chamber, before the fan motor. This really easy operation does not require tools. Many ovens on the market do not feature removable panels (therefore cleaning is really difficult) or they only feature removable side panels (you need to enter the oven if you want to clean the bottom!).

Main difference between AgriEuro removable panels and other ovens on the market

Double internal light to evenly illuminate all the floors (many ovens only feature a single light on the upper part). In addition to that, the lights are placed on the front part facing the bottom, so they do not disturb the user while checking the food (all ovens on the market feature them at the bottom)

The first totally bolted oven on market - removable components

The first wood-fired oven made almost completely without welding for assembly: thanks to excellent engineering work, the components were made so that they could be assembled together. The various parts that make up the oven are bolted together or interlocked. Therefore, manufactured according to the most modern procedures, like any household appliance, car, equipment or electronic device.


  • completely demountable
  • interchangeable components
  • The assembly is really user-friendly, so you can easily replace the components (including electrical parts such as lights and lamp holders or fan motor)


  • aesthetically unpleasant finishes
  • stainless steel that tends to rust and deteriorate
  • the various components cannot be flexible at very high temperatures (since metals at high temperatures increase in volume and move slightly) causing steel deformation in the long term
  • the various components cannot be replaced (because the oven structure consists of a single block), so it cannot be repaired in any way

Stainless steel doors, finishing, equipment

Cast iron doors of exceptional strength, ensuring great sturdiness to this oven (all the ovens on the market are generally equipped with light sheet metal doors).
The upper door is equipped with large, high-visibility glass and a sturdy ceramic fibre gasket to achieve an almost airtight door closure.

The door of the combustion chamber is also equipped with a glass that allows you to constantly check the combustion and with a ceramic fibre gasket.

Steel handles with knob, covered with white ceramic

Stainless steel hinged door of the cooking chamber

Protective stainless steel bar between the two doors (it is the first point where the paint normally deteriorates!)

Vapour extraction hood: very useful when opening the combustion chamber door, as it prevent the steam jet at high temperature to hit your face and prevents the deterioration of the paint at the top of the door.

Equipment, combustion chamber and chimney

Focus on the thermometer to control the cooking temperature.
Focus on the timer, useful to set cooking times.

The upper part of the combustion chamber is fitted with a sturdy, thick, hardened steel sheet with special ribbing to withstand even very high temperatures.
The wood rack is also made with a sturdy sheet (almost 1 cm) and equipped with a lower ash tray.

Maximus Deluxe models feature refractory bricks also near the combustion chamber.

The chimney is equipped with a flue gas control valve which allows to control the draught. The real advantage is that, after heating the oven, you can wait for the combustion to end before closing the valve, this way you can retain the heat for a good 2/3 hours of cooking.

Vapor vent: this is where the hot air is expelled allowing a drier and crispier cooking, avoiding mixing flavours.

Other features

Rear current transformer (transforms 220 V current into 12 V current for the ventilation system and internal light)

The oven is equipped with gaps to insert joists to lift it.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free Items Included

Equipped with:

  • 3 grids (one for each floor)
  • 2 small baking trays 37 x 60
  • 1 large baking tray 75 x 60
  • 1 stainless steel front shelf
  • 1 steel hood
  • Instructions manual

Complimentary oven mittens and pizza peel

This offer is unique for the quality, value and usefulness of the products included with it.

Pair of oven mittens: the only model of oven mittens for wood-fired oven that guarantee maximum protection .
These gloves can protect up to three-quarters of your arm.
It is a unique, functional and effective model

Pizza peel for wood-fired oven: aluminium
peel, practical and easy to handle thanks to its convenient wooden handle. The handle can be held for its entire length, it is the perfect fit for a wood-fired oven.
Dimensions: 12 "x 14".
Sturdy and efficient model.

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