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AgriEuro Magnus 80 Deluxe INC INOX built in wood fired oven - copper enameled painting

Cooking chamber depth
80 cm
Cooking chamber width
50 cm
Cooking height level
Stainless steel coating
Refractory firebricks on all sides
Extractable panels for cleaning
Manufacturing Country
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New Magnus 80 INC built in wood fired ovens

AgriEuro wood fired ovens main characteristic is the wood fired cooking joined to its practicality, not usual characteristics for the traditional wood fired ovens. They are functional, efficient, wear-resistant and well-finished products! Their main advantages are:

  • The wood consumption: more than 5 times less than common ovens;
  • Practicality and hygiene deriving from fact of having two different chambers for cooking and heating;
  • Food is not in contact with ash, embers or wood (often dirty or polluted) and their smoke that can even make cooking carcinogenic;
  • Ease of cooking and heating management just because the two chambers are separated and independent;
  • Cooking times are cut short due to a minor temperature reaching time.

All this joins to the high value of wood fired cooking, unequalled on taste and fragrance, but natural and poor of fat. Dimensions and features:

  • No. 3 cooking height levels;
  • Cooking chamber useful depth: 80 cm;
  • Cooking chamber useful width: 50 cm;
  • Cooking chamber useful height: 50 cm;
  • Weight: 340 kg.

It is a big size oven with a cooking capacity up to 50/60 covers.

External structure and building materials

The external structure is made of steel with high-quality copper colour painting, which gives to the wood fired oven a touch of elegance and durability.

External covering are made of stainless steel, which guarantees protection against rust even when the oven is stored outside exposing it to the atmospheric agents.

Both the chambers for the cooking and the combustion are equipped with doors made of heavy cast iron (in fact they are totally black) in order to extend its useful life even if it is subject to hot heating.

The thickness and the quality of the different steel used make the whole structure very sturdy. Therefore, it has the heaviest weight than other models of the same category: 340 kg.

New inner design and cooking methods

AgriEuro new wood fired ovens don’t adopt the standard cooking method (the most commonly used by manufactures) where the flame in the combustion chamber grows up towards the lateral ways and wraps directly the cooking chamber. Because of the flame directly touches the steel sheet of the cooking chamber, this old system has two main disadvantages:

  • The lateral panels of the cooking chamber heat oven too much resulting in overcooked or burned food;
  • As the steel sheet of the cooking chamber is directly exposed to flame, it is less wear-resistant.

New design: as for standard wood fired ovens, the flame grows up towards the lateral ways in the combustion chamber that completely wraps the cooking chamber but, in this case, the chambers for cooking and heating are separated by a layer that forms an arch. Even if this layer is small, the flame doesn’t directly reach the cooking chamber. This is an easy way to solve the two above mentioned problems because, while burning, the flame doesn’t grow up and the side panels are not overheated.
Moreover, inside the layer there is another canal way which is the main characteristic of this latest ventilation system, also known as "TOTAL VENITLATION SYSTEM".

Total ventilation system and refractory floor

This oven adopts one of the most innovative ventilation system compared with other models on market.

We recalled it as "TOTAL VENTILATION SYSTEM" because the airflow is homogenous and reaches even the farthest points inside the cooking chamber by means of a layer that entirely wraps the cooking chamber.

The most common wood fired ovens on market are provided with a fan motor at the deep end of the chamber that just expels the air directly through the rear side of the chamber.
Moreover, the depth of standard models is reduced. For example, the depth of a 80 cm wood fired oven is reduced due to the fan motor and, therefore, its useful depth is 75 cm instead of 80 cm.

This new ventilation system provides air both through the sides and under the refractory floor (through the two lateral ways, which provide air towards the two lateral layers and between the refractory bricks that create a second lower layer). This system improves and makes heating distribution more homogenous and exits the air also through the holes next to the door of the cooking chamber. This not only allows a more homogenous heat diffusion, but also prevents the heating could come out when opening the door because it holds the heat inside the chamber resulting in the lowest heating dispersion.

Focus on the floor made of refractory brick, where it is possible to directly lay pizza, bread, cakes, etc.

Refractory bricks on the side and on the upper part of the cooking chamber: for a typical cook over low heat, which is very common for standard wood fired ovens, to make the quality and the taste of food perfect. Moreover, the refractory bricks avoid heat dispersion and are placed behind the stainless steel panels in order to avoid they can get dirty.

Square shaped cooking chamber, removable side walls, double lighting

Indeed the biggest advantage of a square shaped cooking chamber is the bigger cooking chamber than arch-shaped traditional ovens. In this way, the height between the cooking levels is increased. In wood fired ovens with arch-shaped cooking chamber the height between the cooking levels is generally around 10 cm (a very small space) in order to create three useful cooking levels. Now the cooking height levels of this new model are higher. In this way, you can cook voluminous food using all the three cooking height levels in the same time and the air of the ventilation system is improved avoiding flavour mixing while cooking different types of food.

As above mentioned we remind our customers that, unlike other ovens on market, we provide the USEFUL and EFFECTIVE dimensions of the cooking chamber.

The stainless steel side panels can be completely disassembled and removed in order to attempt cleaning operations (the 2 side panels, the upper panel and the one at the deep end of the cooking chamber placed in front of the fan motor). It is very easy and is not necessary using any maintenace tool. Many other ovens on market are not equipped with removable side panels to attempt cleaning (which makes your oven very hard to clean) or are just provided with two removable parts (is necessary to enter inside the oven for cleaning the upper part and the deep end of your oven!).

Double inner lighting for the cooking height levels lighting (many other ovens on market have just one internal lighting). Moreover, they are placed on the front and, therefore, they light the inside of the chamber towards the deep end in order to light the food inside (other ovens on market have this system placed on the deep end of the chamber).

The first totally bolted oven on market - removable components

This is the first wood fired oven almost not completely made by fusion melting: this oven adopts a latest engineering technology intended to assemble the components together. Its component parts are bolted or snap-fit joints. It has been manufactured according to the latest technology in the field of household electrical appliances, autovehicles, tools or electronic devices.


  • Removable components;
  • Assemblable parts;
  • Easy and intuitive replaceable components (including electric parts and lamp-holder or fan motor).


  • Unsightly weldings;
  • Stainless steel can be attacked by rust resulting in less oxidation and wear resistance;
  • The components subject to high temperatures generally increase their volume and move slightly. Welded components can’t move resulting in deformations of the steel;
  • The components can’t be replaced because the oven is a single block. This means that is not possible to attempt any repair to its structure.

Cast iron doors, finishing, equipment

The very sturdy doors made of cast iron guarantee the extra sturdiness of this oven (the other ovens on market generally consists of doors made of light metal sheet).

Upper door with wide glass and sturdy ceramic fibre gasket in order to close the door almost hermetically.

Also the combustion chamber is equipped with a door glass (to control the chamber inside) and with a ceramic fibre gasket.

Elegant aluminum hinges (rust-resistant) on the doors.

Steel handle covered with refined white coloured stone.

Stainless steel inner door of the cooking chamber.

Stainless steel protection bar collocated between the doors (the point most subject to paint-wear!).

Exhaust pipe: it is very useful when opening the door in order to do not direct the vapour flow towards your face. Moreover, it avoids the paint on the upper side of the door can receive constant wear.


Equipment, combustion chamber and exhaust pipe

Focus on the thermometer to control cooking temperature.
Focus on the timer to set cooking times.

The combustion chamber is equipped with a sturdy hardened steel sheet on its upper side. This sheet is very thick and is ribbed in order to withstand very high temperatures. Also the grill for the wood holding is made of sturdy sheet and is ribbed in order to prevent any deformation. Moreover, it is equipped with ash drawer on the bottom.

Air hole: cooking condensation is expelled through the hole, this produce a more dried and crunchy cooking, avoiding the flavour mixing.

Exhaust pipe provided with valve for the smoke exit regulation. The regulation valve allows maintaining heating for 2/3 cooking hours and its advantage is that you can close the valve when the combustion is completed.

Other features

Focus on the front shelf made of stainless steel (removable).

Power transformer (for power transforming from 230 V to 12 volts, for internal light and ventilation) applied on the back side.

Product Features
Magnus 80 Inc Q
Typology :
built in
Hourly consumption:
1 Kg
Cooking chamber depth:
80 cm
Cooking chamber width:
50 cm
Cooking chamber's height:
50 cm
Circular cooking chamber:
Cooking height level:
General size classification:
Manufacturing Country:
External covering:
Stainless steel panels
Stainless steel coating:
Standard ventilation:
Side ventilation:
Refractory on basement floor:
Refractory sides:
Refractory firebricks on all sides:
Extractable panels for cleaning:
Flaps materials:
Cast iron
Glass also in the lower burning chamber's door:
Vapor outlet:
Smoke regulation valve:
Current transformer 12 volts:
Inner Lighting:
Free gifts/extra features
Chrome grills:
Long tray:
1 (45x73 cm)
Medium tray:
2 (45x37 cm)
Front support shelf:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
96x81x103 cm
Net weight:
340 Kg
Exhaust pipe diameter:
13 cm
On pallet

Extra features

Extra features included on standard equipment:

  • No. 3 grilles (one for each cooking level);
  • No. 2 square shaped trays: 45x36 cm;
  • No. 1 rectangular long tray: 45x73 cm;
  • No. 1 front shelf made of stainless steel;
  • Instructions manual.