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AgriEuro Cibus Inox 800 Wood-fired Oven for Outdoor with 80 Ø chamber, cooking capacity: 5 pizzas

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AgriEuro Cibus Inox 800 Wood-fired Oven for Outdoor with 80 Ø chamber, cooking capacity: 5 pizzas
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Pizza shovel for wood-fired ovenPizza shovel for wood-fired oven
Pair of oven gloves for free!Pair of oven gloves for free!
Cooking chamber depth
80 cm
Cooking chamber width
80 cm
Cooking chamber height
46 cm
Round cooking chamber
Cooking surface
6400 cm²
No. of pizzas per time
5 pizzas
Stainless steel
Refractory floor
Refractory Dome
with bricks
No. of diners
17 People
310 Kg
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Cibus INOX Ø80
Cooking chamber height:
46 cm
Round cooking chamber:
No. of pizzas per time:
5 pizzas
Bread kg:
General dimensions:
Stainless steel
Cooking surface:
6400 cm²
Cooking chamber depth:
80 cm
Cooking chamber width:
80 cm
No. of diners:
17 People
Manufacturing country:
On wheeled frame (with wheels and handles):
Lower cart with wheels and handles:
External covering:
Stainless steel
Refractory floor:
Refractory Dome:
with bricks
Door material:
Enameled steel
Stainless steel chimney:
Smoke regulation valve:
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Lower shelf:
Stainless steel chimney:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
95x121x196 cm
Net weight:
310 Kg
Chimney diameter:
13 cm
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
330 Kg
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AgriEuro Cibus INOX Ø 80 cm Wood fired Oven

Cibus wood-fired oven is the best you can find on the market for wood-fired cooking quality and convenience. Perfect to prepare pizza and bread, but also roasts, pies and much more.

Cibus Inox 800 features a round cooking chamber, such as traditional built-in ovens.
80 cm chamber diameter.
Cooking capacity: 4/5 pizzas.
The cooking chamber is made of food-grade refractory material.

STAINLESS STEEL roof and convenient cart with sturdy double wheels for transport.

Wood-fired oven with direct heat. Ideal for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. The inside of the cooking chamber is made of refractory material so as to provide the same type of cooking as a traditional masonry oven.

EASIER to use than a barbecue: it heats up in no time (it reaches 400 °C in 15/20 minutes) with small-cut wood and it is immediately ready to use thanks to its stainless steel vault. The insulation in natural stone wool and the refractory cooking floor allow to effectively retain the temperature produced and limit the wood consumption. It can cook up to 75 pizzas per hour. At the end of the cooking operations, if you let it cool for a few minutes, you can bake up to 8 kg of bread.

Easy to TRANSPORT thanks to its cart.

The structure is SUPER RESISTANT to stresses and high temperatures. The oven structure in thick stainless steel, the dome made of refractory cement and the combustion chamber allow this product to work many years without inconveniences and ensure a 2-YEAR WARRANTY.

DIMENSIONS: compact and suitable for any place of the house and garden, it still is aesthetically pleasing and wide enough to cook every dish suitable for a wood-fire oven.

Capacity of the cooking chamber and features

80 cm round cooking chamber.

Chamber with single circular refractory floor Ø 80 cm

The highest point of the chamber is 46 cm (the cooking chamber is made of refractory concrete, in the shape of a hemisphere on a circular base)


  • 5 pizzas at a time
  • 8 kg bread at a time

The cooking floor is made of high-quality, food-grade refractory chamotte.

The inside of the cooking chamber is made internally of refractory material to feature the same cooking quality as a traditional masonry oven.

Ideal for baking pizza, but also bread, pies, meat and vegetables.

The cooking chamber made of food-grade refractory material allows optimal cooking.

Inner structure made of food-grade refractory material

The vaulted internal structure of the chamber is made of refractory concrete on a circular basis.

The inside of the cooking chamber is made internally of refractory material to feature the same cooking quality as a traditional masonry oven.

Please note the blunt shape of the vault, which ensures optimum distribution of the heat inside the cooking chamber, therefore a greater heating efficiency.

This way, the cooking chamber has a practically endless life.

Door - Chimney - Insulation

Focus on the closing door, entirely made of stainless steel with a handle, ensuring a safe and comfortable grip.

The door is a very good temperature regulator. You can decide whether to use it or not, depending on the type of cooking.

If you close the door, the flame is weaker and cooking takes place mainly by contact and convection.

Chimney and chimney cap are also entirely made of stainless steel (13 cm diameter).

The chimney is fitted with a valve to regulate the smoke outlet: once the desired temperature is reached, reducing the smoke outlet means keeping the heat generated inside and thus a more stable temperature and less wood consumption.

Focus on the closed valve inside the chimney.

Excellent insulation with 8 cm of stone wool between the roof and the cooking chamber. Double insulation layer with 2.5 cm skamotec and 3 cm of stone wool underneath the refractory floor.

This allows to retain the temperature more effectively and avoid the overheating of the external structure.

Focus on the thermometer.

External structure made of stainless steel

The external structure is made of stainless steel. This model also features a STAINLESS STEEL ROOF (which makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as high-quality).
This ensures the oven resistance to the elements and a very long service life.

The external covering is made of stainless steel for maximum resistance to the heat, the elements and rust.

Stainless steel cart - accessories and dimensions

Equipped with convenient cart in painted steel.

Focus on the wheels and the two pull-out handles which allow, despite the weight, easy transport and perfect weight distribution.

Focus on the double wheels, ideal for transport.

The cart features a sturdy lower compartment, also made of steel.

Stainless steel shelf placed in front of the cooking chamber.


  • Weight: 310 kg
  • Depth: 121 cm
  • Width: 95 cm
  • Height: 149 cm (from the ground to the roof)
  • Height: 196 cm (from the ground to the chimney cap)
Free items & Standard equipment

Free Items Included

The oven is shipped on a pallet

  • Removable stainless steel door

Complimentary oven mittens + pizza peel

This offer is unique for the quality, value and usefulness of the products included with it.

Pair of oven mittens: the only model of oven mittens for wood-fired oven that guarantee maximum protection .
These gloves can protect up to three-quarters of your arm.
It is a unique, functional and effective model

Pizza peel for wood-fired oven: aluminium
peel, practical and easy to handle thanks to its convenient wooden handle. The handle can be held for its entire length, it is the perfect fit for a wood-fired oven.
Dimensions: 12 "x 14".
Sturdy and efficient model.

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