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AgriEuro 500 SCE LUX band saw - single-phase electric motor and tractor PTO combo

Body material
Enamelled steel
Flywheels diameter
500 mm
Single-phase+tractor PTO
Transmission type
Motor type
Rated output
3 HP
Rated output (W)
2200 w
Blade length
419 cm
Three-point linkage to tractor
Assembly time
Manufacturing Country
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ID: m-100784

EAN: 9993089410277

MPN: 100784

AgriEuro 500 SCE LUX band saw

The 500 SCE LUX combo band saw was mainly designed for professional woodworkers. You can power it through a cardan shaft and connect it to a tractor by means of the PTO, or you can engage the 3 HP electric motor to power it. 

This AgriEuro 500 SC band saw is made entirely from steel and it is equipped with two 500 mm heavy-duty and highly resistant flywheels. The wearproof rubber coating on the flywheels contributes to the overall machine durability and integrity, even while performing intensive tasks.

This powerful and sturdy bandsaw will allow you to cut knotty logs of wood of variable sizes very easily.

This professional band saw is safe and easy to use. You can work with it in full safety thanks to its operator protection devices. Equipped with a double safety system that prevents the machine from engaging when the flywheel cover is open and shuts the band saw down in case of emergency. 

Made entirely in Italy


Band saw flywheels

This AgriEuro band saw is equipped with 500 mm heavy-duty cast-iron flywheels. The flywheels have a wearproof rubber coating which ensures the blade is always correctly positioned and makes the band saw very durable.

The flywheel rotation speed depends on the power supply you choose.
When engaging the bandsaw through the electric motor, the flywheels turn at 720 rpm.
When engaging the bandsaw through the tractor drive shaft, the flywheels turn at 350 rpm.

Saw blade length: 4190 mm
Saw blade width: 25 mm

Focus on the blade shape

You can access the flywheels by opening the wheel cover. Focus on a flywheel cover hinge.

The operator can inspect the flywheel compartment in full safety. The machine is equipped with an electric sensor which prevents the band saw from engaging when the cover is open.

Cutting table

This band saw is fitted with a 680 x 950 mm cutting table. The cutting table is mounted on a 600x 380 mm carrier.

The carrier has a 400 mm net cutting stroke.

The carrier is equipped with a wood locking device and a grip for great user comfort.

Both the cutting table and the carrier are made of steel.

Focus on the end of stroke locking knob for cutting length settings.

Move the knob across the guide to set the distance from the blade for perfect cutting results. Afterwards, you can mark and lock the chosen length.

The table carrier clamp prevents the carrier from moving while cutting.

Steel bandsaw body

The AgriEuro band saw body is made entirely of steel so it is extremely sturdy.

This band saw is equipped with a three point linkage for tractors and a drawbar for vehicles.

Moreover, the machine is very well balanced and the rubber coated wheels allow transporting the band saw manually.

It is also equipped with a hook so you can move it around with a forklift or a lift-truck.

Double power supply: electric motor

Electric power supply: 230V 
This band saw is fitted with a 3 HP single-phase electric motor.
Motor power: 2200 W

This electric motor transfers motion to a pulley which is connected to the band saw flywheels by means of a belt. 

Focus on the ON switch and the emergency stop button that you can press to shut the machine down at all times. 

Double power supply: PTO drive shaft tractor-powered band saw

Connect the band saw to your tractor by means of a cardan shaft.

The band saw draws power from a revolution multiplier  that works thanks to a cardan shaft. The cardan shaft or drive shaft transfers motion to a pulley which is connected to the band saw flywheels by means of a belt.  

The bandsaw-tractor connection is possible thanks to the three-point linkage on the sturdy band saw body.

Focus on the oil-bath gear multiplier. The multiplier is made from hardened steel and coated with cast aluminium. 


Controls and settings

Cutting is made extremely simple and safe by this professional band saw. The AgriEuro 500 SCE LUX band saw safety devices protect the operator during use. The double safety system prevents the machine from working with the flywheel doors open and it allows stopping the band saw in case of emergency.

A: Wooden blade guides. Adjust the blade guides based on the blade thickness.

B: The adjustable thrust wheel prevents the blade from coming off the flywheels.

C: You can set and lock the end of stroke position for the cutting table carrier.

D: Table carrier blocking clamp

E: Cutting length marking device

F: Blade tension wheel

G: Blade guide height adjustment wheel. The knob above the wheel locks it securely.

Focus on the  flywheel angle adjustment wheel. The flywheel angle must be adjusted by qualified staff only.

Product Features
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Single-phase+tractor PTO
Flywheels diameter:
500 mm
Flywheels material:
Cast iron
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor/Engine brand:
Motor type:
Rated output:
3 HP
Rated output (W):
2200 w
Power supply:
220V power supply
Noise level:
80.5 dB(A)/7m
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Manufacturing Country:
Cutting data
Blade length:
419 cm
Flail/blade type:
band saw blade
Blade security brake:
Cutting height adjustment :
Cutting height:
420 mm
Working table size:
950 x 680 mm
Cutting width:
49 cm
Three-point linkage to tractor:
CE compliant safety switch:
closing wicket-door device :
Rear wheels size:
210 mm
Flywheels rubber covering rings:
Bracket cut adjustment:
Band tensioning hand wheel adjuster:
Cutting height adjustment wheel:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
160x70x200 cm
Net weight:
210 Kg
Shrink wrap packaging
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
210 Kg
Hydraulic tail lift delivery:
Assembly time:

Gifts and extra features

The AgriEuro band saw will be packed safely before shipping.

Use and maintenance instructions manual included