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Accessory: MS Snow Blower - Single-stage, 70 cm auger width for two wheel tractor from 10 HP

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ID: 101030

EAN: 9993089412974

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Accessory: MS Snow Blower - Single-stage, 70 cm auger width for two wheel tractor from 10 HP
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MS Snow Blower accessory for two wheel tractor - Single-stage snow blower

WARNING: the flange of this snow blower for the two wheel tractor linkage has to be specifically designed.

It is suitable for the PTO linkage of all brands of two wheel tractors available on the market.

Please, during the purchase of this accessory write "brand", "model" and "year of production" of your two wheel tractor on the note section.

The delivery times are within approximately 10-15 working days from the order.

The MS single-stage snow blower is best suited to easy clear snow from paths, courtyards, sideways, private roads, etc on level or hill grounds.

Technical specifications:

This snow blower is suitable for each type if two wheel tractor or scythe mower.

The milling drum provided collects the snow and throws it at distance of 6-10 mt as regards the snow consistency. It is fixed by means of steel screws in order to prevent it from too much effort.  

The reduced weight and sturdy design of this single-stage snow blower make it very easy to use and a reversible machine. 

The snow chimney can be adjusted my means of crank handle fixed on the steering position, while the small feet adjust the height from the ground.

Weight: 57 Kg

Overall dimensions (W x H): 70 x 60 cm

Two wheel tractor required power: 10 - 14 HP

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