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70 cm Heavy Series Flail Mower for 2-wheel Tractor 10 HP

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70 cm Heavy Series Flail Mower for 2-wheel Tractor 10 HP
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70 cm Heavy Series Flail Mower for 2-wheel Tractor 10 HP

ATTENTION: the flail mower flanging for 2-wheel tractor is made to order. It can fit any 2-wheels tiller power take-off of any brand. When ordering, please indicate in the notes field the "brand" - "model" and "year" of your 2-wheel tractor. Average delivery time for this machine is 10-15 days from order.

GENERAL DEFINITION OF FLAIL MOWER WITH KNIVES ROTOR: It can shred HUGE QUANTITIES of any type of weed, of any diameter, height and size (even 1.5 m high!!), shredding it finely, thanks to its 28 Y-shaped knife blades. Further to grass, it can also shred brushwood and brambles (up to 3 cm) in any condition, even in fairly inaccessible places (even on slopes, as long as they are not too steep). Beside grass, it can crush underbrush and brambles (up to 3 cm) on any condition, even in broken ground and slight slopes. Most often it is purchased to cut weeds in orchards, vineyards, olive groves (especially by those who practice 'grassing'), or by nurserymen, institutions, or green operators who use it to clear uncultivated areas. Compared to a standard brush cutter, it is 10 times more productive AVOIDING ANY EFFORT to the Operator, and leaving ground much more clean and homogeneous as the grass is shredded much more finely.

Suitable for shredding shrubs, brushwood, grass, shoots, in fruit and vegetable cultivations, in vineyards, nurseries, in the maintenance of lawns, parks, gardens. This shredder is indestructible and reliable in all working conditions. The perfectly balanced rotor, and the largest and strongest Y-shaped knives in its category, allow it to be used in the toughest conditions, even with stones, stumps and other foreign objects on the ground (always using normal caution).

To be mounted in the front part of the machine

Double ground adjustment system on standard equipment:

- Pair of front swivelling wheels

- Pair of side skids

Undoubtedly the strongest on market, thanks to the following features:

- Tempered steel frame, absolutely the sturdiest and thickest

- The sturdiest and heaviest tool holding rotor - the largest and sturdiest Y-shaped knife blades

- The largest and strongest knives

- The largest knives supports

- Total weight: 75 Kg


Bevel gear main drive

Special drag free wheel fitted on standard equipment

Special sleeve located on the transmission that allows tilting ensuring perfect ground adaptation while working

Side transmission with two long-life toothed belts equipped with spring tensioner

Front bulkhead designed so that it can be raised according to the flow of product to be processed

In compliance with the CE rules on safety matter

Rotor balanced in compliance to rule GR - G16 ISO 1940/1973 (E)

Pivoting front support wheels that condition the cutting height, quickly adjustable in height

Wheels with retractable support frame

Ground adaptation of the equipment is ensured by special, sturdy and height-adjustable side skids

Standard tool: movable universal Y-shaped knives

The knives are made of forged steel, thus sturdier than the ones made of printed steel.

Tool on request: set of printed hammer flails: price difference € 50.00

Highly sturdy rotor made of tempered steel with 28 large Y-shaped knives.

They provide this machine with unrivalled effectiveness on any type of work (grass but also brushwood, brambles, prunings, up to 3 cm in diameter)

Minimum power requirement: 10 Hp rated.

ATTENTION: the flange of this equipment must be custom-made. It can be adapted to the PTO of all 2-wheel tractors on the market of any brand. When ordering, please indicate "brand" - "model" and "year" of your 2-wheel tractor in the notes field. The average delivery time for this is 10-15 days after ordering.
We would like to remind you that we always recommend that you choose a flail mower with the smallest possible working width in view of its high power absorption.

ATTENTION: in order to guarantee an eternal life to your 2-wheel tractor and its clutch system (if combined with a flail mower attachment) use these precautions

- Working height from the ground of at least 3-4 cm

- Purchase a not too wide flail mower

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