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100 mt spraying hose reel – 40 bar – with handgun for tall trees

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Spraying hose kit with handgun and reel

This spraying kit  is ideal for the spraying uses applied to an orchard sprayer.

It contains all necessary for an immediate start of working.

Reel is suitable to be set on a sprayer on in different equipments. The handgun is of professional kind with 100 mt of high pressure hose. On kit a brass joint for the lance and 4 clamps.


Steel reel, suitable to be mounted on the sprayer frame or in different applications. 

• Professional high pressure 40 bar 100 mt BLUE wire reinforced hose

Handgun lance of super-professional kind, for tall trees, ceramic 1,5 mm nozzle high atomizing ability, suitable for the tall trees treatments thanks to its very powerful jet. It reaches very high pioins and long distances. It offers high performances adjusting the pump pressure up to 30/40 bar.

 • Brass joint for lance with + nr. 4 clamps

Sprayer mounting examples

On the photo gallery, many sprayer application examples.

The Reel is supplied already assembled. The only operation requested is the hose wrapping (this operation need very short time).


We don’t supply the black iron bars for the sprayer mounting of the reel, (they are visible in the picture aside of the reel mounted on the sprayer)

They only are supplied with our orchard sprayer standard kit

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Pressure hose:
100 m