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Zanon TIGER ZT40 electric pruning shears with 2.9 AH 50.4 V battery - with harness

Recommended for orchards
Recommended for vineyard
Gradual Cut
50.4 V
Battery rating
2.9 A
Electronic unit separated from the shears
Separated from the shears
Battery type
Blade openings
Pruner configuration
Manual shears
Max branch cutting diameter
40 mm
Assembly time
Manufacturing Country
€ 1.320,00
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ID: K600140
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Zanon TIGER ZT 40 Electric Pruning Shears with 2.9 Ah Li-Ion battery

The ZANON Tiger ZT-40 electric pruning shears is designed and manufactured by Zanon Group in Italy and perfectly embodies the product of excellent "Made in Italy".

Its main feature is the ability to work in a fast and efficient way by easying the pruning operation.

The Zanon pruning shears distinguish for their power, cutting precision and high quality of the internal components, carefully selected and tested by the company to provide a unique product on market.

The Tiger ZT-40 is suitable for the pruning in vineyards and orchards.

The powerful and precise blade features a 40 mm cutting opening able at working with neat cuts that facilitate the branch scarving.

It is powered by a Li-Ion battery that can be easy transported within a backpack for a high working autonomy without any interruption.

Besides these innovations, here below the strengths of this model of electric pruning shears:

  • Li-Ion backpack battery with harness
  • Progressive cut
  • 2 cutting modes
  • Light and ergonomic;
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 40-20 mm
  • Average battery running time: 8 hours
  • Electronic control board with microprocessor and graphic display.



Electric pruning shear with progressive cut equipped with harness, electronic control unit, reinforced cable, battery charger for the LI-ION model, suitcase, stone for sharpening and protection case.

With 2.9 Ah battery, you can use the pruning shears for one working day with no need of other power sources.

Battery charging time: 3 hours
Noise level: lower than 60 dB(A)
Vibration level: 2.5 m/s2

Thanks to the 2 cutting modes you can cut both big and small twigs (with subsequent energy saving).

All equipment is included in a handy suitcase, grease, oil and harness included.

1. Blade of big quality: 38 mm maximum opening
2. Ergonomic handlegrip: light and sturdy, excellent maneuvrability and use comfort

Handgrip and backpack

Very compact tool: the lithium battery is contained in a backpack, which is provided on standard kit. It ensures this machine high levels of manageability and ease of use.

Focus on the large leather holster, highly resistant to the cutting.

Soft-touch ergonomic hand grip with anti-slip rubber covering, featuring a perfectly balanced weight distribution for an extremely comfortable use.

Focus on the trigger with a wide trigger guard to suit any hand size also wearing specific protective gloves.

The battery backpack, which fits any body size. The padded straps and the ergonomic shape make it really comfortable to use.

The shears holster can be secured to the belt. The particular backpack disposition allows to accidentally cut the cable.

Focus on the cable-shears connection.

Lithium Ion battery 2.9 Ah

Rechargeable Lithium Ion 50.4 V Battery, known to be among the best technologies.

  • Overall weight: 1.8 Kg
  • Battery: rechageable Lithium battery 50.4V
  • Max autonomy: 1 working day

Light and performing, it needs short time to be charged.

It guarantees appoximately 8 working hours with a charge time of about 3 hours.

Batteries are no memory. This means they can be recharged even if non completely dicharged always keeping their maximum efficiency.

They are not affected by overheating problems and guarantee the maximum safe and the longest lifetime compared to the lithium batteries.

The on the display, which is placed on the belt in order to ensure an easy of use and to easily read all the information while working.

Product Features
Recommended for orchards:
Recommended for olive grove:
Recommended for vineyard:
Pruner configuration:
Manual shears
Secateurs weight:
860 gr
Battery weight:
900 gr
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery powered
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
50.4 V
Battery rating:
2.9 A
Running time:
8 h
Recharge time:
180 min
Manufacturing Country:
Cutting data
Max branch cutting diameter:
40 mm
Cutting speed:
0,26 s
Nr. of Cutting positions:
Attachable to poles:
Blade openings:
Gradual Cut:
Ergonomic backpack:
Shears holder holster:
Lace for the cable fixing to the arm:
Lithium battery:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Electronic unit separated from the shears:
Separated from the shears
Free gifts/extra features
Lubricant spray for blades:
Replacement blade:
Sharpening Stone:
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
40x32x11 cm (suitcase)
Net weight:
4.2 Kg
Small suitcase
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
40x32x11 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
4.6 Kg
Assembly time:
FOR FREE: use and maintenance kit for pruning shears

Use and maintenance kit for pruning shears. It comes complete with:

  • no. 1 Professional universale Lithium Grease Spray 400 ml, for the lubrication of kinematic systems and rotating units.
  • no. 1 Sharpener for pruning shears ideal to sharpen garden shears, knives and brush cutters.
  • no. 1 pair of Deltaplus Thermal Gloves for an extreme protection against cold (max. -30°) during winter
  • no. 1 pair of Cofra Airplume Gloves, very tight and elastic, for maximum comfort and easy movements
Gifts provided on standard kit

The electric pruning shears will be shipped in its original packaging.

It is equipped with handy and sturdy suitcase.

The electric tool comes together with a number of accessories provided on standard kit:

  • Ergonomic backpack for the battery
  • Battery charger
  • Blade sharpener and maintenance tools
  • Istructions manual
  • Power cable
  • Leather holster, highly-resistant to the cutting