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Worx Landroid WR130E model S300 Robot Lawn Mower with Perimeter Wire

Recommended working surface
300 m²
Surface recommended
300 m²
Maximum inclination
35 %
Wi-Fi remote control
Managing using App
Motor type
20 V
2 Ah
Battery type
Li-Ion +
Worx WG157E.9 battery-powered edge trimmer
Worx WG157E.9 battery-powered edge trimmer
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Landroid S WR130E Robot Lawn Mower

The Landroid S WR130E robot lawn mower is equipped with the fastest and most powerful mulching system, thanks to its sturdy 18 cm steel blades. The large wheels guarantee an excellent grip on every lawn. Comfortable, handy and powerful!

This new model of the Worx brand is the most compact and light among its category and it is set to become a best selling on the market.

  • Side Charge. Almost invisible, the sleek charging station of the new Landroid sits on a grid that allows grass to grow through it, letting the robot to mow it every time it returns to the charging station.
  • AIA The patented AIA technology allows to significantly reduce working times and enables the cutting tool to pass through narrow passages difficult to reach. Each time Landroid reaches the edge of the lawn, it turns to the right direction (unlike other robot models which stop and turn blindly).
  • PowerShare. The Landroid battery is shared and it can be used with other Worx cordless tools.

The Worx Landroid S WR130E robot lawn mower is fully automatic. The robot is already pre-set in order to obtain the best result, but it is also possible to edit the schedule according to the needs by means the Wifi, managing it with the Worx App or trhough the handy simplified display. The operator can easily and autonomously delimit the scope of the working area: THE PERIMETER WIRE AND PEGS ARE SUPPLIED
. By connecting Landroid to a WiFi, it creates the ideal mowing program by itself. By means the cloud computing, the robot adjust the working cycle according to the growing speed of the grass. No configuration, no programming. Landroid determines the best treatment for your lawn considering: grass type, sun irradiation, water supply, temperature, etc.

This cutting tool features a 180 mm cutting width and the uncut area will be no more than 10 cm large if there is no step at the edge of the lawn. It is also equipped with the inverse blade rotation and the

MULTIPLE ZONES: It can handle several independent areas of the garden connected by a driveway or a strip of lawn and come back after completing each area. It is also equipped with the rain sensor,which makes the robot come back to the charging station in case of rain. This lawn mower can work even up to 35% slopes.

It is also suitable for surfaces up to 300 m².


Exceptional Optional Accessories

  • ACS:
    With the anti-collision system ACS, unlike other robot lawn mowers, Landroid can avoid obstacles. The ACS system enables the robot lawn mower to smoothly curve and disentangle in gardens with many obstacles.

    If you don’t use a smartphone or you dont’ have a Wi-fi, now you can program and operate your Landroid with your voice.

    Safe, traceable and connected. If you fear someone is stealing your robot, you can block it remotely and trace it wherever it is with the Find My Landroid system. No WIFi needed thanks to the SIM card included.

    With Off Limits you can keep the robot out of the areas it can't enter without modifying the perimeter wire. Ideal for seasonal equipment and for permanent or temporary changes to your lawn.

Power Share: the Battery can be Fitted to the other Worx Products!


The more battery-powered Worx products you buy, the more you save! You can expand your cordless system without paying for unnecessary batteries and chargers.

The WORX 20V MAX lithium platform offers a wide range of products to meet every gardening need.

The versatility of Worx technology is unchallenged on the market.

The 20V Power Share battery is compatible with other Worx products:

Robot lawn mower

Electric screwdriver

Hedge trimmer

Pressure washer



Edge trimmer

Enter into the Worx world and discover all its advantages!

Main Features

Obedient: it works whenever you want and does not run away from home. Easily programmable for working hours and days thanks to an extremely intuitive interface. It also never comes out of the defined working perimeter.

Thrifty and environmentally friendly. It does not pollute thanks to the electric charging system and the lithium-ion battery. The charging costs are very little: about 5€ per year for a lawn of about 500 m².

Eco-friendly: it helps soil nourishment and reduces the need for water. Thanks to the mulching cutting system, the cut grass will be shredded into tiny parts that will be barely noticeable. Moreover, grass clippings will break down into nutrients and water fertilizing the soil.

Safe: It stops when lifted. Landroid S, if lifted, stops the blades for mulching for a safe use.

Polite: quiet and respectful of flowers and flower beds. He can safely work at night given the low noise emitted. Landroid is so smart that, once delimited the scope of the working area, it won't tread on flowers and flower beds.

Independent: it works without any help and recharges by itself. Landroid is so smart that, when the battery is about to run out, it will return to its charging station. It is equipped with rain sensors and, in case of rain, it returns to the charging station by itself.

Powerful and Long-lasting: it can work on slopes and in adverse weather conditions. Landroid can work even on slopes up to 35%. Designed and built to withstand the weather.

Landroid Intelligence and Strengths

Super smart and agile. Whenever Landroid reaches the edge of the lawn, it turns to the right direction. The other lawn mowers, instead, stop, move back and stop again, turning blindly.

The best choice for your lawn. The daily mowing of Landroid increases the density of the grass and prevents the propagation of weeds, making your lawn the most beautiful you've ever had.

Invisible side charging station. The base is a grid where grass can grow and then can be regularly cut by Landroid for a perfect result.

Landroid knows what is best for your lawn. Landroid creates the ideal working program by itself. By means the cloud computing, the robot adjust the working cycle according to the growing speed of the grass. No configuration, no programming. It establishes the best treatment for your lawn considering: grass type, sun irradiation, water supply, temperature, etc.

Programmable via Wifi thanks to the Worx App. Furthermore, the robot can be programmed by means the simplified digital display placed on the top of the robot (in absence of WiFi).

The Worx App allows you to chose which is the ideal robot model for your garden before purchase! Thanks to the free app each user can measure his lawn.

Technical Specifications

  • 205 mm Large wheels which don't ruin the lawn
  • Max. inclination on slopes 35% (20 °)
  • Housing for the 20V 2.0 Ah Worx lithium-ion battery.
  • Digital control panel
  • Rain sensor: it delays the start in case of rain.
  • Focus on the Front pivoting wheel
  • 20V 2.0 Ah Lithium-ion
    battery. The most modern technology available on the market!
  • Stop Switch
  • USB Power Outlet
  • Focus on the charging station
  • Weight: 5,8 Kg

Mowing Options

3 mulching blades to leave the grass clippings directly on the ground.

The mulching system allows distributing grass clippings evenly for a fertilized, healthy lawn.

Adjustable cutting height from 20mm to 50mm.

Cutting width: 18 cm

The LANDROID S robot lawn mower is equipped with a new cutting system with 3 pivoting blades. This special mobility of the blades guarantees an exceptional durability and more generally a greater protection of the entire machine, as they manage to better absorb any shocks with foreign bodies.

Many robot lawn mowers on the market have a one-size blade with fixed knives.


As soon as the product is delivered, you can start it by yourself: even the less expert user, who has never had experience with cutting device, will be immediately able to start the unit, and let the Landroid lawn mower running according to the detailed instructions described in the manual included or watching the video tutorial online directly on the smartphone or tablet.

Once assembled the charging station and delimited the scope of the working area (by just burying the standard-supplied perimeter wire), the robot is ready to work.

This robot lawn mower is ideal for every user. From now on:

  • You will be aware of the product you have in your home, getting to know its functionality, whereas the sale of the robot is usually based on the user's lack of knowledge of the system.
  • You will be able to use your robot lawn mower independently, without the constant support from technical staff, avoiding high maintenance costs year by year.
  • You will therefore save money, compared to other traditional robots, also and above all thanks to the minimum assembly and maintenance costs.

LANDROID AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. More than a remote control, the new app is an integral part of the Landroid ecosystem. In addition to providing you with the information you need, it has plenty of features that enhance the Landroid’s performances. Thanks to the free app, you can try Landroid before purchasing it.


How does this product only cost half compared to other automatic lawn mowers that even have lower quality levels?

The purchase price of classic robot lawn mowers includes the product price (the robot and other materials such as the wire, the pegs, the charging station and so on) and extra costs deriving from installation and setting up, maintenance and other services provided by the selling/installing company.

Finally, by purchasing the LANDROID robot lawn mower all you pay for is the product itself.

There will be no extra charges for setting it up and maintenance.

Thus, for the first time ever, you'll save up to half of the normal price and receive a much higher quality robot lawn mower! This cutting tool guarantees above-average performances!

You'll be able to manage and programme this robot lawn mower by yourself anytime and you won't have to ask for help or contact technical support or pay for their time and labour.

Product Features
Body material:
Mulching system:
Recommended working surface:
300 m²
Surface recommended:
300 m²
After-sales service:
Maximum inclination:
35 %
Rain sensor:
Number of programmable areas:
Managing using App:
Wi-Fi remote control:
GSM module:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
No. of motors:
Motor type:
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
Li-Ion +
20 V
2 Ah
Running time:
60 min
Recharge time:
90 min
Noise level:
63 dB(A)/7m
Motor/blade transmission:
Cutting data
Housing material:
N° of blades:
Blade movement:
Blade type:
Cutting adjustment :
Maximum cutting height:
60 mm
Minimum cutting height:
20 mm
Nr. of Cutting positions:
Cutting width:
18 cm
Robot mowing mode:
With boundary
Lithium battery:
Wheels type:
All-terrain pattern
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
54 x 35 x 20 cm
Net weight:
5,8 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
64 x 50 x 36 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
12 Kg
Assembly time:

COMPLIMENTARY: WORX WG157E.9 Battery-powered Edge Strimmer

The Worx battery-powered electric edge strimmer is a useful tool for finishing paths and lawn edges.

It is a practical and efficient tool which provides the whole power of the 20V technology using high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries.

It ensures approx. 30 minutes running time.

Retractable protection for flowers and decorations.

The electric edge strimmer is equipped with a 180° tilting line head and the trimmer becomes in a second a handy edge strimmer ideal for lawn finishing jobs.

It features a sturdy detachable aluminium transmission shaft and simple and intuitive speed control.

The brush cutter features a 250mm cutting width.Extremely light and easy to handle.


Free Items Included

Included in the packaging:

  • Charging station with electric cable and transformer
  • 130 pegs
  • 100 m Perimeter Wire Reel
  • 8 Nails for assembly
  • Manual of instructions