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TIG Deca welding equipment ideal for private and professional operators

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AgriEuro offers a range of TIG welding machines. The TIG welders provided on our catalogue are Deca-branded model that means Made in Italy, reliable and high performance items. You'll be able to select your ideal welding equipment among Deca products depending on the product level you're looking for: hobby or professional.

The filters available on the AgriEuro website allow you to freely select considering:

  • Max Amp
  • Duty cycle

The SILTIG 415 inverter welder is a tig portable welding unit that allows the standard welding and to use the TIG LIFT process for highly precise welding and it avoids the possibility of the tungsten electrode sticking on the supporting material. The welder is provided with: HOT START: it allows increasing the welding current value compared to the value chosen during arc starting. It facilitates the electrode striking avoiding metallurgical defects in the welding joint during the start and it avoids electrode sticking. System that represents an additional power boost (booster). It allows an easier arc engagement in case of electrodes that are difficult to engage. The ANTI-SICKING device checks and reduces the welding current, lowering the values and preventing electrode sticking to the welded piece. Thus, when the welding arc is kept short, the ARC FORCE system allows to increase the Ampere. The MASTROTIG 218 DC tig welding equipment is a professional unit at direct current AC, which is able to carry out a high-performance TIG function thanks to the control panel with adjustable parameters. Moreover, our offer also includes the MASTROTIG 216 AC/DC TIG welder, which may work with both direct and alternating electric current. It is a heavy-duty welding machine, which allows to weld with all metal types up to 5 mm Max thickness. The MASTROTIG 216 AC/DC is a tig welding machine designed for aluminium welding as it allows to welding with aluminium and magnesium in alternating current AC.

All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over 3 TIG Welding Machines at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2020 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 328,32 € up to 1.284,95 €
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