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Electrode Welders (MMA) ► Inverter & Transformer ► Amateur & Convenient | Heavy-duty 200A

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MMA electrode welders

MMA electrode welders

MMA electrode welders: why should you buy one?

MMA electrode welders are extremely practical products for hobbysts looking for the best do-it-yourself tools.
These welders are extremely light and compact, offering high manoeuvrability due to their light weight and small size, and at the same time, high performance.
An ideal machine for those who want to approach the welding world and are looking for an appliance that can work with household current (230 V).
Within the catalogue you can choose between transformer or inverter MMA welders.

Basics of MMA welding:

Electrode welding, known in the industry specifically as 'Manual Metal Arc Welding', refers to a welding method in which a filler rod in the electrode holder acts as the welding electrode.
What differentiates this method from the others is that the filler rod shortens as the welding process proceeds.

When to use MMA welding?

MMA electrode welding can be used in many conditions, making it a fairly widespread and practised method in the welding world.
It is generally performed outdoors, where good accessibility for welders is required, but it is also often used for power station pipelines, for welding various pipes, and even in underwater welding.

Electrode welders:

MMA welding operations require a power supply, a ground cable and a welding cable equipped with electrode holders.
The increasingly common use of small inverter power supplies then further increases the mobility and accessibility of this type of welding.
For example, the power source can be connected to a generator with long cables, allowing the Operator to take the welder to the most convenient position possible.

What are its advantages?

As explained before, this welding method is the most popular and widely used process due to its versatility and convenience.
Here are some of the advantages that make it increasingly popular among Operators in this field:

  • LOW WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of inverter technology, which help the Operator during the welding operations, simplifying its good results;
  • COST-EFFECTIVE, both for professional and hobby use, the first costs involved to start this type of welding are very low;
  • NO NEED FOR GAS PROTECTION FOR USE, since during electrode melting, the coating burns without oxygen, preventing the metal from oxidising on contact with air.

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