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Wire Welding Machines - Gas and No Gas (MIG-MAG AND MOG)

Wire Welding Machines

The term wire welding, also known as continuous wire welding, refers to a welding method that does not involve replacing the electrode every time it is needed, unlike electrode welding.
This is made possible by the wire being used during operations, making possible logistical interruptions very rare.
A traditional wire welding machine is characterised by the following components:

  • Torch: the device used to pull the wire and deliver the gas
  • Electric generator: used to power the welder
  • Welding wire reel: a useful accessory for storing the wire
  • Gas cylinder: provides the cover gas, which is essential for clean and precise welding

What is it used for?

The continuous wire welding machine is used to make small or large welds, in any possible field; from car bodies to fixtures and metal structures.
However, it is best suited for work in covered areas, as the action of the wind could affect the quality of the end result.

How does it work?

Generally, continuous wire welders have a fairly easy operation: a small electric arc is generated between the point to be welded and the wire from which the weld pool will be obtained.
To further increase safety during operations, the torch emits a gas that protects the parts involved during welding, so that the weld pool, once in contact with the air, does not oxidise too quickly, affecting the final result.
Depending on the different characteristics of the gas used, we can distinguish between 2 different types of welding: MIG and MAG.
For the first case, an inert gas is used, and is used for welding light alloys, stainless steel and copper.
In the second case, only carbon dioxide escapes from the torch, which plays an active role in the welding process.
If, on the other hand, no gas is used for welding, the process is called MOG.

The best wire welding machines, suitable for every need

This category includes a selection of the best continuous wire welding machines, from which it will mainly be possible to choose a model without gas (MOG) or with gas/without gas (MIG/MAG).
The catalogue also includes multiprocess MIG/MAG welders.

How to choose a wire welding machine?

Here is a summary of the main features to take into consideration for choosing a wire welding machine:

  • Intended use: it is important to know which materials have to be welded and their thickness
  • The quality of the weld: assess the result you want to achieve to determine the welding parameters;
  • Power: an average power for a welding machine is between 40 and 130 Ah, higher powers are generally recommended for specific companies
  • The frequence of use: the frequency with which the welding machine will be used must be evaluated, as the price can also vary depending on this.

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