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2 YEARS warranty on the full product range (1 year if purchasing as company with VAT reg. no. as per current regulations).

A sales INVOICE will be issued and sent to your email address for each purchase. Please open it and print, then keep it. It will be necessary in case you request assistance under warranty. You can also download the invoice from our website any time by accessing your Account. 


Our warranty modes as per below described are in compliance with the CONSUMER CODE (Legislative Decree n. 206/2005 - Articles 128 and following)


Services provided for our Customers & assistance request and warranty

By entering your account, the customer always sees all the orders made, also the oldest ones. By entering the page of each single purchase order, the customer can find all the services we provide:


1.     Opening an assistance ticket

2.     Interactive exploded drawing to order spare parts

3.     Full and detailed list of authorized local assistance centres

These last ones (if present in the customer’s area) represent an excellent alternative to our direct assistance service, so enabling the customer to rely on contact persons in his area also for the future for a possible maintenance of the product purchased or for the need of spare parts.

For any technical assistance requirement, the user can submit a request by following the proper procedure in the “Ask for Assistance” section (as specified in point 1). Some problems may be solved by phone (please see page “Contacts” and “Technical Assistance”).


The main problems, the less difficult ones, are often solved thanks to an easy support on the phone carried out by our trained specialized technicians who explain and solve the most common mistakes linked to the assembly or the functioning of the product.

Assistance service procedure and warranty

For the most difficult problems, depending on the typo of product and the nature of the problem, we will provide the easiest, fastest and most efficient solution to the customer among the following options:


  • We will select an assistance centre authorized by the producer in the area where the customer lives;
  • Inspection of the cause of the malfunction at a distance and shipping of the spare part needed;
  • Product has to be packed again (rigorously in its original packaging, that is the carton box, wood box, pallet, etc.) and we will send a courier to pick up the parcel and bring it back to our internal workshop (or in some cases to the producer or another authorized assistance centre).

The current regulations in force to protect the customer that regulate warranty establish that in case the product is affected by manufacturing defect, the product will be replaced with a new one or in alternative, it will be repaired in a workmanlike manner if the replacement proves out to be too burdensome for the seller.


Replacement procedure of the product covered by warranty

Replacement is made in case the product is new and has never been used before (therefore when malfunction is proved when goods were delivered). The procedure is as follows:


  • First checks are made through opening the assistance ticket or by phone as above mentioned;
  • In case of negative response, the courier sent by us collects the product at our charge;
  • Once received, product is checked and problem is detected in order to verify that it wasn’t caused by a wrong assembly or a wrong set-up and starting of the product;
  • Shipping of the replacing product. Transport fees are covered by us.

Everything is carried out in the fasted possible way. Please be informed that the replacing product is shipped always after the collection of the damaged product, without exceptions.


Reparation of the product covered by warranty

We repair in a workmanlike manner in case the product has been previously used (also rarely used). It is carried out in compliance with the principle of excessive burden of the replacement operation envisaged by the Consumer Code (since the re-selling as used product of the replaced one, would cause a relevant loss of the product’s value with the reduction of even half of the sales price). Exceptions are possible if the product can’t be repaired or defects are too serious (so that replacement is less burdensome with respect to the reparation).


  • We will send a courier at our expenses to collect the product;
  • Once received, we will check the product, the problem noticed and the causes (defective materials, problems related to the assembly on the manufacturer, etc.. Or connected to the use or other external causes). Replacement of the parts is made or the reparation in a workmanlike manner;
  • Re-shipping of the product are always made at our expenses

Everything is made in the fastest possible way. In case of reparations not covered by warranty, transport fees, replacing parts and reparation are charged to the customer.



Warranty procedure in case of PAYPAL payment

In the case the customer has paid through PayPal, within a period of 6 months, the warranty request procedure will be unfortunately slightly more complicated. In order to request warranty, the Customer has to open a “Controversy” in his own PayPal account where he has to thoroughly specify the problems connected to the product (attaching pictures or other materials required by the problem itself) and has to specify the request of warranty intervention to the seller. In this case, we suggest to contact us in advance describing the problem so obtaining the necessary support in addition to the useful indications to open the procedure.

We apologize that this procedure of requesting warranty assistance is more complicated for a PayPal customer, but it does not depend on our policy or organization, but it is established by the regulations about PayPal payments that customer has used.

We will then proceed with the collection of the product in order to provide the warranty service, the reparation or replacement of the product following the abovementioned modes.

Instead, 6 months after payment (and within the 2-year period of the law), the warranty delivery methods will return to the normal ones explained in the previous chapters.


Premises & Recommendations

In conclusion, our steady effort is aiming at providing the fastest assistance in the best way so as to satisfy the customer’s needs, in the total respect and within the limits established by law in protection of the customer in the matter of warranty and assistance.

We would like to remember that we are one of the very few companies on Internet providing a real after-sales assistance with expert operators and 3 trained specialized mechanics. The majority of online-selling companies are just selling products.


JUST A FINAL RECCOMENDATION: We always suggest you to carefully read the instructions manual that comes with the product before using it. In fact, a lot of inconveniences among the ones we receive are caused by a lack of incompetence of the use of the product due to the non-respect of the prescriptions described in the instruction’s manual (this specific circumstance is not covered by warranty).