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Warranty Duration: 2 Years

For new goods, the duration of the legal warranty is Two Years, is completely Free of Charge, and starts from the delivery of the good. It applies only to defects existing at the time of delivery, i.e., faults in the design or manufacturing that become apparent within 24 months after delivery, while any subsequent defects due to owner actions (e.g., lack of or poor maintenance, etc.) are excluded.
In the case of a new product for Personal Use you have up to 26 months from the commencement date of the Legal Warranty to raise a claim (the statute of limitations requires you to report the defect within 2 months of its discovery);

In the case of a new product but for Professional Use you have up to 12 months.

Product transportability:

Product easily transportable (light and space-saving):

  • You can arrange with AGRIEURO for the defective product to be picked up and returned to your home, transportation costs will be free of charge (the same transportation method and courier provided at the time of the first delivery of the product will be used);
  • You can personally deliver it to the nearest AgriEuro Service Center (this choice is the most time efficient);
  • You can take it yourself, alternatively, to the Manufacturer’s Service Center (thus activating the Manufacturer’s Warranty and not the Seller’s Legal Warranty);

Product NOT easily transportable (cumbersome or heavy);

  • You can arrange with AGRIEURO for the defective product to be picked up and returned to your home, transportation costs will be free of charge (the same transportation method and courier specified in the contract, which have been already provided and accepted at the first delivery of the product, will be used or, in some cases, home pickup by an AgriEuro Local Service Center appointed by AgriEuro);

* In both cases (products that are easy or difficult to move), since they are complex machines that require specific tools and machinery both for their repair and for the safety of the operators, it is always necessary to repair them at a specialized workshop suited for the purpose, except in special cases or simple problems that can also be solved on-site without the aid of external tools.

Direct customer phone support via one of our qualified experts.

Unique service in the online marketplace, which we now provide for Free in addition to the Legal Warranty, generally in case of defects detected on new products after delivery.
The expert identifies and resolves common errors in the customer-implemented assembly or in the product commissioning procedure. This often avoids the need to move the product to a specialized workshop as outlined in the previous chapter (when not necessary), improving service, saving time, and maximizing efficiency.

Specialized Workshops and how to return the product:

AgriEuro headquarters:

  • Customer: places the item back in its original boxing (box, wooden crate, pallet, etc…);
  • AgriEuro: sends a courier to your home and at their own expense to bring it back to their in-house workshop;

AgriEuro Service Centers:

  • Customer: even without boxing, brings the product directly to the service center in their area. At the Customer’s request, AgriEuro can also forewarn the Service Center.
    Check the list of AgriEuro service centers, Here;

Manufacturer’s Service Centers:

  • Customer: brings the product directly to the manufacturer’s service center in their area;

How to submit a request for Legal Warranty to AgriEuro

By logging into the customer’s account, they will find their order history.
Within each order, you will be able to activate the following services for each individual product purchased:

  1. Service request (To be used to claim Legal Warranty or assistance in general)
  2. Schematic diagram for ordering spare parts
  3. List of AgriEuro Service Centers
  4. List of Manufacturer’s Service Centers

If the Legal Warranty is being enforced, the user can open a “Service Request” to obtain immediate assistance in dealing with the problem.

Product replacement

It is generally performed in cases of never-used product, i.e., when the defect appears after delivery on the new product:

  1. Verification through support request and possibly of our service “Direct customer phone support via one of our qualified experts” (to rule out issues related to assembly or improper commissioning that would thus find immediate resolution of the problem);
  2. Product pickup by courier at AgriEuro’s expense;
  3. General and quick inspection of the returned product at AgriEuro warehouses;
  4. Timely shipment of the replacement product by courier at AgriEuro’s expense.

Thanks to a dedicated after-sales department, the overall lead time is usually short. The replacement product is always shipped after the defective one is received, without exception, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code.

Product repair

AgriEuro performs “restoration of conformity” through the primary right to Repair, applying the principle expressed by the Consumer Code of the case of excessive onerousness of the primary right to Replacement (a product with signs of wear and tear could be resold only in the status of “used” with substantial depreciation in the online selling price).

  1. Product pickup by courier at AgriEuro’s expense;
    Alternatively, the customer brings the product to an AgriEuro service center in their area;
    Alternatively, the customer brings the product to a manufacturer’s service center;
  2. General inspection of product and reported defects; repair or fixing;
  3. Timely shipment of the restored product by courier at AgriEuro’s expense;
    Otherwise, direct customer pickup at AgriEuro Service Center or of the manufacturer.

With a dedicated after-sales department, overall lead times are usually short.

In the event of particularly serious defects being detected, it will be evaluated afterwards whether to proceed with the Replacement of the product, given that in this scenario the repair would be excessively expensive.

Warranty claim procedure in case of payment via PAYPAL

In cases of PayPal payment, the conditions on the Legal Guarantee expressed thus far should be incorporated with the Terms of Use and Contract agreed upon by the Customer in the use of PayPal (e.g., in the event that the customer proceeds to open a dispute, PayPal may order, according to its terms, the return of the item with shipping costs borne by the customer.) We refer the customer for this purpose to review PayPal’s Terms of Use.

Warranty exclusions

  • Product commissioning operations at the retail store or on-site;
  • Problems arising from assembly or commissioning not in accordance with the user manual;
  • Product maintenance operations required by the user manual;
  • Problems resulting from failure to follow the maintenance operations defined in the user manual;
  • Problems related to the use of fuel or lubricant not in accordance with the manual;
  • Replacement of consumables (wire heads, knives, guides, chains, tines, contactors, bulbs) and wear parts (blades, blade hubs, belts, tires, wheels, cables, spark plugs, filters, springs, broom bristles, rubber edges, fasteners, starter ropes);
  • Problems pertaining owner actions performed not in accordance with the user manual or disregarding the purpose of the product;
  • Repairs resulting from accident, mishandling or negligence;
  • Any compensation, reimbursement of costs for renting replacement equipment or repair by a reputable repairer, not strictly authorized.

Lead time for the implementation of the Warranty and definition of “reasonable timeframe”

The Consumer Code stipulates the fulfillment of the Warranty activities within a “reasonable timeframe,” defined by most market players as 4 / 5 weeks (thus 28 to 35 days).

AgriEuro sets a more stringent goal by also observing the Consumer Code’s indication “based on the nature of the product and the customer’s use of it.”
Based on our PRODUCT LEVEL scale, which defines nature and intensity of use for which the product is designed and intended, we define the following target times for Legal Warranty:

  • Limited 21 days
  • Hobbyist 18 days
  • Semi-Pro 16 days
  • Professional 12 days
  • Industrial 10 days

However, in the absence of external factors (e.g., a manufacturer with long lead times in supplying spare parts) that slow down and prevent us from operating to our standards, most of the time we take is less than the above amount.

Definition of Shipping Time

In the event that the warranty procedure was performed with pickup and drop-off of the product to the customer’s home, round-trip transportation time would have to be added to the lead time.

So, timeframe in the case of warranty + pickup transportation + drop-off transportation (at our expense)

LEVEL Pick-up transport Days of warranty Drop-off transport Total estimated lead time
– Limited 5 / 14 days * 21 days 5 / 14 days * 31 / 49 days
– Hobbyist 5 / 14 days * 18 days 5 / 14 days * 28 / 46 days
– Semi-Pro 5 / 14 days * 16 days 5 / 14 days * 26 / 44 days
– Professional 5 / 14 days * 12 days 5 / 14 days * 22 / 40 days
– Industrial 5 / 14 days * 10 days 5 / 14 days * 20 / 38 days

* PLEASE NOTE: The listed Pick-up and Drop-off Transport Times may vary depending on country of destination, customs clearance, and product size.


Pick-up and Transportation Methods for products under Warranty

In the case the warranty procedure is applicable, and the product is returned for repair or replacement, the pickup will be carried out exclusively according to the terms stipulated in the conditions of purchase, the same as those already provided and accepted when the product was first delivered.
The assigned courier (usually the same one that made the first delivery) will arrange for the pickup of the product under warranty according to the standard operating methods employed by all couriers:

  • At street level
  • Near the access to the property
  • In the presence of regularly accessible property entrance by courier vehicles (Adequate dimensions of the road or accesses in relation to the vehicle used, under safe conditions adn in compliance with the Road traffic code)

Major national couriers use vehicles of the following classifications:

  1. Van lenght from 5 to 7 mt –> shipments up to a 50 kg
  2. Trucks from 7 to 10 mt –> shipments from 50 to 100 kg
  3. Trucks from 10 to 18 metri –> shipments over 100 kg

As required by regulations, heavy and cumbersome products are shipped by us placed on pallets. Products weighing 50 kg and above can only be delivered/picked up to destinations that can be reached and safely accessed by vehicles of suitable size (see. second and third classification), equipped with hydraulic tail lift; loading/unloading is done independently by the driver via pallet truck, at street level.

In the case of destinations with access routes that differ from the minimum safety requirements for access of these vehicles, delivery and/or pickup will only be possible up to the nearest point they can reach.
Bumpy, uneven or rough roads not accessible to such vehicles and/or outside the normal road network, do not meet requirements for coverage in the courier service, Therefore, the customer must bring the product back to an accessible location.

Our services do not provide for deliveries and pickups with types of vehicles and/or loading methods other than the standards herein outlined, nor does the customer have the right to ask for different methods than the same ones provided in the purchase of the product.

What requirements must a good have to comply with the contract of sale?

To comply with the Sales Terms and Conditions, the goods must meet the description, specifications, quantity, quality stipulated in the contract, must be suitable for any particular use desired by the consumer and accepted by the seller, and must be supplied together with accessories and instructions.

Furthermore, the goods must be suitable for the purposes for which goods of the same type are normally used, meet the quality (including in terms of safety) and description of a sample made available by the seller.

Liability in case of lack of conformity to the contract of sale, including defects

The seller is liable for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the goods, therefore, the consumer must always and in any case issue a complaint to the seller, who has to enforce the Sales Contract. The producer will be liable in the first instance for any non-conformity of the goods delivered to the consumer only to the extent that they can also be said to be a “seller,” that is, if they exercise retail sales.

Conformity defect and consumer remedies

In the presence of a conformity defect, during the period of the Legal Warranty, the consumer is first granted the right to repair or replacement of the goods (so-called primary remedies) to obtain “restoration of conformity” free of charge.
In case of replacement of a defective product with a new product, the Legal Warranty resets its expiration date starting from the date of delivery of the replacement product;

Alternatively, if this is not possible because the two primary remedies are impracticable, the consumer may seek a proportional reduction in price or termination of the contract (so-called secondary remedies).

There is a hierarchy among the measures provided for consumer protection; in fact, price reduction and contract termination can be used only in the cases provided by law (Art. 135-bis of the Consumer Code).

Who must prove the presence or absence of a defect upon delivery and how much time does he or she have, from the time of delivery itself, to do so?

The “burden of proof” is distributed between seller and consumer, depending on when the defects arise. Two different situations can, in fact, occur.

Unless proven otherwise, defects in conformity that appear within one year after delivery of the good are presumed to have existed on that date unless such assumption is inconsistent with the nature of the good or the nature of the defect in conformity. Therefore, in this case it will be up to the seller to prove that the goods were fully compliant, i.e., that the defect complained of by the consumer occurred after delivery.

If, on the other hand, the defects appear one year or more after delivery, the consumer will be required to provide evidence that the defect was already present at the time of delivery.

Warranty on Product sales in non-EU countries

The warranty conditions stated so far do not apply to purchases made by customers residing in countries outside the European Union and the goods have been shipped outside EU as well (e.g. Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, Albania, Montenegro, etc.). Reasons include customs costs that make moving product between nations too expensive.

In the event that the product delivered to one of these countries has a Conformity Defect, we will proceed with sending the parts affected by Conformity Defect (shipping costs borne by AgriEuro), and the customer, if required, will turn to an on-site specialized workshop of their choice at their own expense for their assembly.