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2-Year warranty on our entire product range (1 year if purchasing as a company with VAT registration, as per current regulations).

A regular sales INVOICE is issued for each product, to be kept for warranty purposes. The invoice is sent as an email attachment to your registered email address on the day we ship the product. Please open the attachment, print it and keep it. You can also download the invoice by logging into your user account.

Our warranty terms specified below are in compliance with the provisions of the CONSUMER CODE (legislative decree no. 206/2005 – articles 128 et seq.).

Services for our customers & assistance request and warranty

By logging into his/her account, the customer will always find all orders historically placed, even the oldest ones. By entering the page of each single purchase order, the customer can find all the unique services we provide for each individual machine purchased on it, including:

  1. Open an assistance ticket
  2. Interactive exploded view for ordering spare parts
  3. Comprehensive and detailed lists of authorised local assistance centres

The latter (when present near the customer's area) are an excellent alternative to our direct assistance service, thus enabling the customer to have a safe future reference point in his/her area for any care and maintenance of the product purchased or for the supply of spare parts.

For any technical assistance requirement, the user can submit a request by following the appropriate procedure in the "Ask for Assistance" section (as already specified in point 1). The customer can also communicate with us by phone (Please see the orange "Help & Contact" section on the bottom right).

The main problems, the less complex ones, are often solved through simple telephone support provided by our trained specialised technician, who explains and solves the most common mistakes linked to the assembly or product start-up.

Assistance service procedure and warranty

For more complex issues, depending on the type of product and the nature of the problem, we will provide the simplest, fastest and most effective solution for the customer:

  • we will select an assistance centre authorised by the producer in the area where the customer lives;
  • repacking of the product (strictly in its original packaging, be it a box, wooden box, pallet, etc.) and collection by a courier appointed by us to deliver it to our in-house workshop (or in some cases to the manufacturer or another authorised service centre).

The current regulations in force to protect the customer that regulate warranty establish that in case the product is affected by manufacturing defect, the product will be replaced with a new one or in alternative, it will be repaired in a workmanlike manner if the replacement proves out to be too burdensome for the seller.

Replacement procedure of the product covered by warranty

Replacement is made in case the product is new and has never been used before (i.e. the malfunction has occurred since receipt). The procedure is as follows:

  • initial checks are carried out through the opening of the assistance ticket or by phone support, as specified above;
  • In the event of a negative outcome of the above, we will proceed to collect the product by sending one of our couriers at our expense;
  • Once received, the product is checked and the problem is detected in order to verify that it is not due to incorrect assembly or wrong start-up of the product;
  • We will send you a replacement product at our expense.

All of this is carried out in the fastest possible way. NOTE: The replacement product is shipped always after the collection of the reported defective product, without exceptions.

Product repair covered by warranty

We carry out the repair in a workmanlike manner if the product has been previously used (also rarely used). It is carried out in compliance with the principle of excessive burden of the replacement operation provided for by the Consumer Code (since the re-selling as second-hand of the replaced product would cause a significant loss of value of the same with the reduction of even half the sale price). Exceptions are only cases of non-repairability or high severity of defects (such that replacement is less burdensome than repair).

  • The product is collected by our courier service at our expense;
  • Once received, we will check the product, the problem noticed and the causes (defective materials, problems related to the assembly or the manufacturer, etc., or connected to the use or other external causes). The parts are replaced or repaired in a workmanlike manner;
  • Re-shipping of the product to the customer at our expense

All of this is carried out in the fastest possible way. NB: in case of repairs not covered by warranty, transport fees, replacing parts and repair are charged to the customer.

Warranty procedure in case of PAYPAL payment

If the customer has made the transaction selecting PayPal as payment method and eventually decides to go through a Paypal claim, as submitted in the PayPal terms and conditions of use, we will unfortunately not be able to neither replace the goods nor provide the Customer with direct assistance, (a service that sets us apart), and any shipping costs for the return will be borne by the customer.

However, 6 months after payment (and within the statutory 2-year period), the warranty payment procedures will return to the normal ones explained in the previous sections.

Premises & Recommendations


  • Product start-up operations at the point of sale or on site
  • Issues deriving from assembly or operating processes that are not compliant with the user manual
  • Periodic prior maintenance operations, as defined in the user manual
  • Problems related to the use of fuel or lubricant that do not comply with the user manual
  • Replacement of consumable parts (line heads, knives, bars, chains, UV-C lamps, gauges, lamps), as well as components that are subject to wear and tear (blades, blade hubs, belts, tyres, wheels, cables, gears, spark plugs, filters, anvils, springs, wooden handle housing, bristles, rubber edges, stop bumps, recoil ropes)
  • Issues related to the use of the machinery under abnormal or excessive conditions compared to what is stated in the user manual
  • Problems caused by non-observance of the maintenance conditions defined in the user manual
  • Repairs in case of accidental hits, mishandling or negligence
  • Any compensation, refund of the costs of renting a replacing equipment or the repair costs made by a non-authorized service centre in case of product breakdown. 

In conclusion, our constant endeavour is to be able to carry out the service in the shortest possible time and in the way that guarantees the highest degree of customer satisfaction, trying to meet the requests, in total respect and within the limits of the laws in force to protect the consumer in terms of guarantee and service.

We are one of the very few companies on the web to provide a real after-sales assistance with experienced operators and 6 trained specialised mechanics, whereas the services offered by the majority of companies in the online market are limited to just selling.

JUST A FINAL RECOMMENDATION: We always recommend careful reading of the instructions manual attached to the products before use. In fact, many of the problems reported to us are often caused by inexperience in the use of the device due to non-compliance with the instructions in the manual (this specific circumstance is not covered by the warranty).