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Volpi Giulivo IMPERIAL Electric Battery-powered Olive Harvester with telescopic pole 250-380 cm

Body material
Maximum Length
380 cm
Motor type
12 V
Motor speed levels
Manufacturing Country
Free item: Touring 15 Telwin battery-charger
Free item: Touring 15 Telwin battery-charger
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Volpi Giulivo Imperial Battery-operated olive Harvester

The Giulivo Imperial is a new olive harvester for any type of olive. It is equipped with 4+4 teeth made of carbon fibers of 30 cm length.

Patented motion:

  • Two prong supports made of light alloy.

The machine motor is supplied with an energy saving system and it is known to be a high-performance electrically-operated motor producing up to 900W power supply and with only 50W power consumption, which makes your olive harvester one of the few on market suitable to work for the full working day with a battery of only 50A.

This model is very easy to use and weighs only 2.8 kg because of the telescopic pole. The overall length of the telescopic pole can range from 195 to 310 cm.

The overall length of the olive harvester can range from 250 to 380 cm.

Below some of the main advantages of this product:

  • Hermetically sealed light alloy machine design.
  • Aluminium mechanical elements.
  • High performance electrically-operated motor featuring reduced overall size and power consumption.
  • New-design motor.
  • Head elements: 4+4 teeth made of carbon fibers (easy to replace).
  • Two speeds.
  • Ergonomic handle grip equipped with switch.
  • Output production: 90/120 Kg/h

The Volpi Giulivo Imperial olive harvester is equipped with power cable of 20 mt length and electronic power charger, which are easy to transport by means of a comfortable bag.


Energy-saving electric motor

The electric-operated motor of this olive harvester is known fot its new design of low power consumption (50W) and high performance being able to produce up to 900W power supply. These features make this olive harvester among the only machines on the market which are able to work for a full working day even if it consists of a 50 A battery.

The high performances of the electric motor, which is able to produce up to 900W power output, are ensured thanks to its new design together with the gear reducer.

The machine is powered by a 12V / 24V battery, which is controlled by a power charger.

The olive harvester is electronically controlled, which allows to get the highest performances from the machine without considering the battery autonomy: all the power of the machine is always operating.

Thus, this olive harvester is equipped with 2-speed adjuster, which can be selected on the power charger, which allows to even reduce the battery consumption more.

Head and prong motion

Volpi Giulivo Imperial Olive Harvester is equipped with 4+4 prongs made of carbon, easy to replace that are placed on the machine head.

The two supports consist of 8 teeth made of carbon fibers that are easy to replace, while both the control unit and the trasmission are hermetically sealed to protect the machine from any possible external agents. This important feature ensures continuous work to the machine with low maintenance requirements. Focus on the long prongs of over 30 cm length, which allows to deeply penetrate in the crown.

Great head tilt for the olives easy harvesting.

  • Ideal tilt angle: 10°+10°
  • Output production: 90/120 kg/ora

Ergal mechanical elements (aluminium aloy), which are renowned for high mechanical resistance (the highest-quality material among all the standard aluminium alloys).

Focus on the olive harvester head.

Telescopic pole

The olive harvester pole is adjustable in each position from 250 cm up to 380 cm length (referring to the machine total length).

Indeed, thanks to the quick fit, it is possible to rapidly lengthen the olive harvester desired length.

Additional features

The electric motor is known to be hermetically sealed in the machine head, is being cooled by means of the two cooling ribs placed on each side.

Focus on the motor power switch.

Focus on the handle and on the professional screw coupling.

12 m power cable with embedded speed control knob and battery clamps.

Connection cable of 20 mt length with terminals for the battery fitting.

Product Features
Giulivo Imperal 250/380
For olive harvester only
Power supply:
Lead-acid battery 12V
Body material:
Typology :
12 V battery-powered
12 V battery-powered
Motor position:
At the top of harvesting head
"Wave" rakes:
No. of teeth:
Teeth length:
30 cm
Teeth material:
Teeth material cabon:
Minimum Length:
250 cm
Maximum Length:
380 cm
Pole material:
Removable harvesting head for hand use:
Induction motor (brushless):
Maximum power even with low battery:
Saving energy system:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor location:
On top of the harvesting head
Motor type:
Motor type :
Motor speed levels:
Power supply:
12V battery operated
12 V
Battery recommended:
50 Ah
Power engine:
12 V
Manufacturing Country:
Extension pole :
170 / 290 cm
Extension power cable:
20 m
Motor control unit with controller:
Yes - inside the motor body
Free gifts/extra features
Noise cancelling ear muffs:
Maintenance tool kit:
Tool case:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
35x15x250 cm
Net weight:
2.8 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
64x34x100 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
4 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

FREE ITEM: Touring battery charger


  • Touring 15 Telwin battery charger with perfect size to charge 12V batteries used for the olive harvesters.

Extra features

The olive harvester is shipped in its .

Extension power cable 20 mt.

Power charger with integrated speed adjuster and battery clips.

Small bag for the cable and power charger transport.