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Assembly and Operation Tutorial Videos

Assembly and Operation Tutorial Videos

You can rely on our services even after your purchase! You will receive a message containing a link shortly after the delivery. By opening this link you can watch the tutorial video that will help you during assembly and operation. If no videos are available, and you do not receive the link, you can record one yourself and get a special discount on your next purchase by sending us your video! We accept home-made videos, but please follow these suggestions:

  • The video must be done horizontally and not vertically.
  • The video should be clear and not blurry.
  • Avoid adding overlays. We’ll take care of those!
  • Avoid comments and explanations during the making of the video. The images must be clear and explanatory.
  • Carefully read the Instructions Manual before recording the video, in order to be sure you will have followed all the correct steps for the product assembly and operation
  • Both during the assembly and the operation, make sure you show all the steps. For example, if you are recording a video of a generator, show us how to start it, how to make connections and all functioning modes.
  • The video must not be too long, but not too short!
  • Please avoid recording close-ups of people in order to protect their privacy

Let’s describe the full video creation by making an example: John purchases a petrol brush cutter. He starts by reading the Instructions Manual. He assembles the brush cutter by carefully following the Instructions and making sure he doesn’t miss any steps, while another person -his wife for example- shoots a video of the full process. Then, he tests the product and its functioning modes according to the intended use and the instructions for correct operation, while someone is recording all of it. Brush cutters work both with lines and discs so the video must show these two functions. After recording two or more videos, John uploads them by following our link. Our communications will follow.

Based on the product value, if we accept your video, you will get one of the following discounts:

  • 15€ for products with a sales price up to 100€
  • 30€ for products with a sales price up to 500€
  • 45€ for products with a sales price up to 1000€
  • 65€ for products with a sales price up to 2000€
  • 90€ for products with a sales price over 2000€

For a detailed feeback you will receive a discunt coupon!

We always pay a lot of attention to our customers’ opinion and the best point of few about our products is indeed yours. This is why we have decided to reward the customers that want to share their purchase experience with a discount coupon that can be used on our website.
How to do? Very easy!
Once the purchase is made, you will receive an e mail asking you to leave a feedback for your order. Write your opinion regarding the service we offered, about all products of your order and upload at least 3 pictures. You will receive a discount coupon depending on the amount spent for your previous order!

  • 0-999 € spent for previous order — > € 5.00 discount
  • 1.000 €  – 1.999 spent for previous order — > € 10.00 discount
  • 2.000 €  and more spent for previous order — > € 15.00 discount


Available only when specifically shown

Everyone knows that paper instructions manuals are frequently lost. How many times have you needed the manual to disassemble a part for replacement or maintenance or better knowledge the product functioning but you forgot where the Manual was? For this reason, you will find our digital copy of the Instructions Manual very useful! You just have to access your Customer Area to have the Instructions Manual at hand whenever you want with no time limits. You can print it or view it on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Information on videos:

Below some recommendations regarding videos you want to send us

  • Do never include in the framing third persons, your family included
  • Do never include things or environments through which it is possible to trace specific people or places (i.e. license plates, driving directions, etc.)
  • Do not include audio comments that may represent the distribution of personal data, referred to you or third persons

As for your image, it will be clearly published, with your consent given once the video was forwarded.

AgriEuro reserves the full right, during the moderation and editing of your video, to make all the modifications necessary to make your work compliant with the Privacy rules, the corporate standards and the demonstration and educational purposes for which it is published.

Your video is provided free of charge and you will never have the right to claim anything for its use and publishing, except for possible discount coupons in case of its forwarding.

As regards the distribution through AgriEuro’ s social medias, please be informed that your possible future withdrawal of the consent to processing and publishing, always possible by simply sending an e-mail to, will be promptly accepted by AgriEuro but this can not avoid the likely sharing of the video on Internet in the meanwhile by other persons. On these shares we cannot intervene to cause the removal (Please read Policy Facebook and Privacy Policy Youtube)