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Assembly and Operating Tutorial Videos

We continue to deliver our services even after your purchase! Together with the products, you will receive an e-mail or a message with a link to the assembly tutorial video. If there is no assembly tutorial for the item you have purchased, you can make one yourself and get a discount on your next purchase! We accept homemade videos, just follow a few tips:

  • The video must be taken horizontally, not vertically.

  • The image must be clear and not blurred (have someone to help you with the video, don't take it on your own!)

  • Do not add overlays, we'll take care of those!

  • Avoid comments or explanations during the making of the tutorial. The images must be clear and explanatory.

  • Carefully read the instruction manual before filming the tutorial, to make sure you follow all the necessary steps when you assembly the product first, and when you show its correct use during the operating video

  • Both during assembly and operation, make sure you show all the steps!

  • For example, if you are making a video of a generator, clearly show how to assemble, start and operate the machine.

  • The video must not be too long, but not too short either!

  • Please avoid recording close-ups of people in order to respect their privacy

Let's take an example: John bought a petrol brush cutter. He starts by reading the instructions manual. By carefully following the instructions and having another person film him, he will assemble the entire brush cutter, without skipping any steps. Once the assembly is complete, according to the intended use of the brush cutter and the correct way of using it as described in the manual, John will carry out and film a test run. Brush cutters can be operated with either line or disc! Therefore John will show an example of both line and disc operation. After having recorded two or more operation tutorials, he will upload the files through the link sent to him by AgriEuro and wait for further communication.

Depending on the value of the product, if your video is approved, you will receive one of these discounts:

  • € 15 for products priced up to € 100
  • € 20 for products priced up to € 300
  • € 30 for products priced up to € 500
  • € 45 for products priced up to € 1000
  • € 65 for products priced up to € 2000
  • € 90 for products priced over € 2000

What if the video doesn’t get approved? Don’t worry!

If the video does not comply with the criteria described above, but the content is still useful for showing the potential of the product in operation, we will upload it among the demonstration videos and still give you a discount!

  • € 7 for products priced up to € 100
  • € 10 for products priced up to € 300
  • € 15 for products priced up to € 500
  • € 20 for products priced up to € 1000
  • € 30 for products priced up to € 2000
  • € 45 for products priced over € 2000

Full Reviews – Guaranteed Coupon!

We take great care of our customers' opinions and the best point of view on our products is yours. This is why we have decided to reward users who want to share their purchase from home with a coupon to be used on our site.
How? Easy!
Once you have made a purchase you will receive an email asking you to leave a review for your order. Write your opinion about the service you received and all the products in your order and upload at least 3 photos. You will receive a coupon based on the amount of your previous order!

Here are the discounts you can get:

  • € 0-999 total expenditure in previous order -> € 5 discount
  • € 1000 – € 1999 total expenditure in previous order -> € 10 discount
  • € 2000 and more total expenditure in previous order -> € 15 discount