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Heavy-duty Portable Air Compressors

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Heavy-duty Small and Portable Oilless Air Compressors

Heavy-duty portable air compressors can be used when it is necessary to produce compressed air for blowing, small cleaning tasks, or inflating, and in all those situations when it is not possible to transport the classic air compressors models. These models, unlike small and portable hobby air compressors, are specially designed for heavy-duty use, making them the best choice for professional craftsmen and the most demanding hobbyists.

It should be noted that there are versions with low-speed 1450 rpm motors, instead of the classic 2800 rpm. This feature reduces the heat generated by the pumping unit and significantly increases the lifespan of the air compressor. Tank-less or with small-sized tanks models are also available in order to store enough compressed air to perform works at home, such as computers or electrical appliances home repairs or airbrushing work.

All heavy-duty small-sized and portable air compressors are oilless, i.e. manufactured with production processes that do not to use lubricating oil. This reduces the maintenance needs of the air compressor and makes it suitable for use even in medical environments as the compressed air outlet is free of oil particles.

Despite being very compact, the motors of the small and portable air compressors deliver good power, from 1.5 to 2 Hp, thus making thrm valid for professional, artisanal and industrial uses.

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