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Skil Auto pwrjump 4120 AA - Rapid charger

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ID: 113414

EAN: 4894863200761

MPN: 060020

Skil Auto pwrjump 4120 AA - Rapid charger
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Skil Auto pwrjump 4120 AA - Rapid charger

The SKIL Auto PWRJUMP charger for 40V Max batteries is a state-of-the-art solution for optimising charging times and increasing efficiency when working with garden tools.

This charger is designed specifically for PWRCORE 40 batteries, a system that represents the pinnacle of battery technology in the industry, ensuring total compatibility with all SKIL 40V Max tools.

The main feature of the PWRJUMP Auto Charger is its ability to perform a fast charge: it can take a 2.5 Ah battery from 0% to 25% in just 15 minutes.

This means users can significantly reduce waiting time and get back to work much faster. A full battery recharge takes only 60 minutes, ensuring that the tools are ready for use quickly.

LED indicators on the charger provide immediate feedback on the battery's charging status, allowing users to easily monitor the charging process and better manage their work time. This feature is particularly useful in dynamic work environments where time management is essential.

In technical terms, the charger supports an input voltage between 220 and 240 V and provides an output voltage of 21 V, ideal for PWRCORE 40 batteries. The design also includes a handy speed-controlled switch, which adds an extra level of control for the user.

Compatible with all PWRCORE 40 batteries, the SKIL Auto PWRJUMP charger is a must-have accessory for those looking to maximise productivity and minimise downtime, ensuring that batteries are always charged and ready for use when needed.

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