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Skil 4102 - Lithium Battery 40V - 2.5 Ah

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ID: 113412

EAN: 4894863200716

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Skil 4102 - Lithium Battery 40V - 2.5 Ah
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Skil 4102 - Lithium Battery 40V - 2.5 Ah

The SKIL 40V - 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery represents an advanced energy solution for garden tools, incorporating unique features that set it apart in the cordless tool market.

This battery is part of the PWRCORE 40 system, which includes not only the battery itself, but also a set of advanced chargers and technologies designed to deliver long-lasting performance and superior reliability for all SKIL 40V Max tools.

One of the battery's distinguishing features is the patented KEEPCOOL technology, which, through a dedicated cooling system, increases the operating range by up to 25% and doubles the life of the battery compared to standard solutions. This ensures that the battery can work for longer periods and maintain optimal performance even under stress.

In addition, the battery is equipped with ACTIVCELL technology, a battery-tool interaction system that optimises performance and provides advanced battery protection.

This intelligent mechanism ensures that the power output is always the most appropriate for the job at hand, improving efficiency and preventing damage from overcharging or overheating.

The 2.5 Ah capacity and 40V Max voltage guarantee sufficient energy to complete even the most demanding jobs without the need for frequent recharging. In addition, green LED indicators provide a convenient display of the remaining charge level, allowing users to better manage their work.

PWRCORE 40 batteries and chargers are designed to be fully compatible and interchangeable with all SKIL 40V Max garden tools, offering users maximum flexibility and convenience.

This system ensures that users can easily switch from one tool to another without worrying about compatibility or reduced performance, making garden work more efficient and enjoyable.

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