Free shipping*

Delivery is always FREE OF CHARGE for the entire AgriEuro product range (except for the purchase of spare parts and accessories) to most European Countries with very few exceptions that require an extra charge for transport. Delivery is NOT free for spare parts and accessories: a € 16.90 fixed charge will be applied for this kind of goods regardless of their size, weight and quantity.


Delivery throughout Europe

Below a general scheme resuming the AgriEuro delivery Countries with transport cost:

 Delivery Country  Transport cost of AgriEuro product range Transport cost of spare parts and accessories 
All European Countries (except for the below listed), San Marino, Vatican City free of charge € 16.90
Bulgaria, Ireland, Rumania € 20.00 € 30.00
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland € 55.00 € 75.00

We currently do not ship to Cyprus or Malta. Delivery is possible just to the above listed Countries. 

5% discount

Delivery is free even for multiple purchases and, as an additional advantage, a 5% discount will be applied starting from the second product based on the price sequence. The discount cannot be applied to spare parts.

Courier shipment

We only ship through Couriers as this is the best shipment method.


We look after your product to make sure you receive the best service. All products are shipped in their original packaging (if provided by the supplier). If the original packaging does not look safe enough to us, the product may be placed in a second box with additional protections (air cushions) to prevent shock damage.

Pallet shipments

All items that weigh over 25 kg are placed on top of a wooden pallet. This will protect the product when handled and transported. This also facilitates return and withdrawal procedures as re-packaging operations are easier. Thus the product will return as safely as when it was originally shipped.

Hydraulic tail-lift delivery

For products that weigh over 80 kg, hydraulic tail-lift delivery is included in the price.
Warning: the hydraulic tail-lift option is only possible with big size trucks. Thus, this service is provided only for locations that can be accessed by medium-large trucks.

Lead time of delivery

The package leaves the warehouse by 1 working day from the payment receipt unless otherwise instructed on the product page.
The estimated delivery time is clearly shown on the product page: within 5/7 business days after shipment, Courier delays excluded.

Tracked shipments

When the parcel is shipped, the tracking number is sent to the Customer at his/her e-mail address so they can check the shipment status. Please check your email inbox after the payment was issued.

Courier delivery delays

Please keep in mind that courier delivery delays may occur. Lead times are met in 90% of shipments. The purchasing Customer must be aware of this. Delivery times shown on this website are only statistic values and they are not contractually binding. We suggest you always make the purchase a few days before the date when you actually need to use the product in order to avoid unpleasant consequences of possible delays.



The delivery takes place on the street level in proximity to the access to the customer’s property. This is only ensured in conditions of normal accessibility according to the standard vehicles used by the courier (large-sized vans or lorries).
Products exceeding 60 Kg weight are delivered by means of large-sized trucks (approx. 2.50 m width) that can circulate on regular roads featuring 5-6 m minimum width.
In case of problems of accessibility to the customer’s delivery address, the courier’s vehicle will reach the nearest accessible area that is closest to the final delivery address.
The customer, aware of the difficulty encountered by the courier’s vehicles to reach his location, will arrange the collection of the goods and transport the parcel up to his location autonomously.