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Seven Italy Depth Wheel Kit for Rippers

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Seven Italy Depth Wheel Kit for Rippers
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Seven Italy Depth Wheel Kit for Rippers

Seven Italy depth wheels kit is a fundamental element for those who desire optimise the efficiency of the agricultural operations. Suitable for installation on a 'Multy' frame or any other frame with a 70x70 mm tubular dimension, this kit easily adapts to a wide range of requirements.

Its main purpose is to regulate the depth at which the anchors work the soil, ensuring the necessary uniformity for an effective soil tillage. This anchoring evenness results in a more homogeneous soil and maximised productivity of agricultural operations.

The Seven Italy depth wheels kit is provided together with all the necessary tools for its assembly. It includes two depth wheels that need to be mounted on both sides of the frame. These wheels, designed to withstand difficult ground conditions, allow the desired depth of the anchors to be adjusted and maintained.

Furthermore, the kit includes two supports for the depth wheels, which ensure a reliable and stable grip of the wheels on the frame. These supports are designed to withstand stress caused by agricultural operations and to ensure a long life of the kit.

Finally, the kit is supplied with a complete clamping system composed by sturdy bolts. These bolts allow the depth wheel kit to be firmly attached to the frame, ensuring a secure and stable mounting.

In a nutshell, the Seven Italy depth wheel kit offers a complete and versatile system for adjusting the depth of anchors in the soil, making farming operations more efficient and productive. Thanks to its durability and reliability, it is an ideal choice for all farmers who are trying to optimise their work.

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