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Recently, we have been detecting the presence of communications, advertisements, posts and content On-line that use our brand but actually represent AgriEuro in no way.
These are defrauders who illegally use our image, name and sometimes our logo, deceiving users who place their trust in our brand.

These contents illegitimately exploit our identity through non-AgriEuro sites, fake accounts on marketplaces, fake advertisements on listing sites and specially created pages on social media.

In the last few months we have also detected cases where individual private users propose the direct sale of
agricultural and gardening machinery on the marketplaces of the most popular social platforms presenting themselves as AgriEuro collaborators only later. However, please note that our company policy does never foresee selling products through private entities under any circumstances and on any channel. Furthermore, many of these advertisements concern the resale of second-hand agricultural equipment, a service that AgriEuro does not provide under any circumstances. Therefore, any such case must be considered unrelated to us as not coming from our official sales channels thus, therefore, an attempt at fraud.

Here are some recent examples of fake ads on Facebook Marketplace:

In order to individuate defrauders and be wary of any form of imitation, we remind you that:

  • The official AgriEuro Internet domains are exclusively the following:
    www.agrieuro.com, www.agrieuro.fr, www.agrieuro.de, www.agrieuro.es, www.agrieuro.co.uk, www.agrieuro.info, www.agrieuro.jobs.

  • The official AgriEuro sales channels are exclusively the following listed below:

    • the following AgriEuro-owned e-commerce websites:
      www.agrieuro.com, www.agrieuro.fr, www.agrieuro.de, www.agrieuro.es, www.agrieuro.co.uk;

    Any other platform, profile, advertisement and account offering machineries for sale on behalf of AgriEuro not corresponding to the official channels mentioned above shall be deemed unrelated to AgriEuro and thus an attempted fraud.

  • AgriEuro does not offer the sale of products by and on behalf of individual private users under any circumstances, on any platform and for any reason.

  • AgriEuro does not sell on classifieds websites (e.g. Subito.it, Bakeca.it, Kijiji.it).
    Any publication on a classifieds site using the AgriEuro name and logo shall be deemed misleading.
    N.B. However, we would like to point the platform hosting such fake advertisements bears no liability for them, as it cannot be aware of the advertiser's real intentions and whether they actually have the product offered or not.

  • AgriEuro does not sell, under any circumstances, second-hand agricultural equipment.
    On the other hand, we would like to point out that false advertisements online often concern used products.