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Rotatable bushing with faucet for extension poles

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ID: 11008
EAN: 9993081518766
MPN: A74

It fits all our extension poles instead of the standard handle we supply with our products.

It only fits only pneumatic olive harvesters.
It is forbidden to use it with secateurs or chain saw as it won't respect the safety rules.

It is enough to unscrew the the handle provided with standard kit and screw this bushing with faucet.

Once the air faucet is open, You will will be able to use rakes use without pushing control as in the handle.

You can keep the pole anywhere, even in the middle. This allows to change the harvesting height by simply sliding the hands along the pole.

To stop the olive harvester, close the faucet.

Equipped with 360° swivelling brass joint.

In our opinion, anyway, the standard handle provided with standard kit is excellent for the olive harvesting.

We sell this accessory because we received many requests.

If you purcahse this accessory, please keep in mind to disassemble it from the pole once the olive harvesting job is ended, and assembly the lever control handle provided with standard kit to be able to use all the other tools (secateurs, chain saw, hedge trimmers, etc...)