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Robomow RK 1000 Robot Lawn Mower - with Lithium-ion Battery

Robomow RK 1000 Robot Lawn Mower - with Lithium-ion Battery
Safe shipment: box secured to wooden pallet
Surface recommended
1000 m²
Maximum inclination
45 %
Near edge cutting mode
Managing using App
Bluetooth control
Motor type
18 V
2.8 Ah
Battery type
Liquid crystals display
3 Years*
Manual cable layer for free
Garage for robot lawn mower - A cover to protect your robot
Manual cable layer for free
Garage for robot lawn mower - A cover to protect your robot
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Robomow RK 1000 Robot Lawn Mower

With the Robomow RK 1000 mowing your garden won't be difficult anymore! RK 1000 is ideal for lawns up to 1000 m² and it is equipped with a floating cutting deck which is not affected by ground dips. Furthermore, the operator can adjust the cutting height from 20 mm up to 100 mm height.

These robots offer the possibility not to collect grass while mowing using the mulching cutting system. This makes the grass clippings a source of fertilizer and organic matter for the soil and plants, decomposing and reducing the soil moisture loss.

Robomow RK 1000 is fully automatic. Once the working perimeter is properly delimited, just operate it to get an excellent result already after the first steps. Then you can change the working settings by means the comfortable 4.3” Color Touchscreen Display or through the Robomow App 2.0 app with Bluetooth connection.

Thanks to the high traction of the wheels with patented design, it manages to overcome slopes up to 45 % without slipping.

Other strengths of Robomow RK 1000:

  • Quiet and reliable: thanks to the brushless motors (just over 60 dB);
  • Safe: thanks to the 360° sensors;
  • Easy to set up: both by means touchscreen and the apps for smartphones and tablets through a Bluetooth connection;

Drive, Control and Communicate with your Robot!

The Robomow robot lawn mower can be managed by means the APP Robomow 2.0, usable on Android and Apple devices, which allows to control and operate the lawn mower via Bluetooth connection.

Finally, it is possible to manage, communicate and control its lawn mower directly through the smartphone!

The available operations with the new APP 2.0:

  • Cutting start
  • Return to the station
  • Set the cutting deck

Cut directly from your phone:

  • Check the robot "manually”
  • Ideal through the alleys
  • Perfect in small spaces


  • Charge Status
  • Departure time
  • Safety notices

Operation and Assembly

The product will come directly to your home and you can operate it by yourself: even the less experienced user, who has never seen this kind of products, will start to work with the Robomow RK 1000 robot lawn mower following the instructions in the manual included.

As soon as the recharging station will be assembled, once delimited the scope of the working area with the perimeter wire and pegs, simply decide the size of the area to be mowed and the robot will be ready to work.

The perimeter wire and the pegs ARE included with the lawn mower!

This robot offers an impressive list of features:

  • Edges: Unique cutting system which cut “beyond the wheels”. Designed for a perfect finishing.
  • SmartMow: Better maneuverability and uninterrupted mobility, precise cut. Increase efficiency for the cutting area coverage up to 10% faster!
  • Anti-theft/deactivation device: Keeps the robot lawn mower safe. The personal Pin code ensures that no one can use your Robomow without your consent.
  • Modular design: Don’t miss a cut! for a quick and user-friendly reparation. The most parts can be directly replaced by the owner to minimize downtime in the season.
  • Children's block: This particular function prevents the lawn mower from operating inadvertently as a result of accidental pressing of a button. It will be possible to operate the lawn mower only by pressing two buttons in the correct order. The activation of this block is recommended in situations where children under 6 years old can come into contact with the Robot.


Main technical features:

  • Cutting engine: DC Brushless
  • Traction Motor: DC Brushless
  • Power consumption: 2.8 kWh / month
  • Battery capacity: 2.8 Ah
  • Cutting time: 50-60 minutes
  • Charging time: 60-120 minutes
  • Noise level: 64 dB
  • Sub-areas: 4
  • Separate areas: 2
  • Anti-theft: PIN and alarm system
  • Weight: 10.3 Kg

Other important features:

  • Lifting sensor: The robot lawn mower and the rotation of its blades will stop in 2 seconds if the lawn mower is lifted manually from the ground;
  • Tilting sensor: The robot lawn mower and the rotation of its blades will stop in 2 seconds if the lawn mower is tilted towards a vertical position;
  • Obstruction sensor: the robot lawn mower detects obstacles on its way during operation. When the lawn mower crashes into an obstacle, it stops moving to the direction it was going. Then, it reverses from the obstacle and stops for two seconds.
  • Quick stop control: pulling up the red STOP control at any time during operation, the lawn mower and the blade rotation will stop in two seconds;
  • Removable deactivation device: Pulling out the deactivation device will totally prevent the lawn mower from operating. This allows to carry out any maintenance operation.

Mowing Systems


  • Edges: Unique cutting system which cut “beyond the wheels”. Designed for a perfect finishing.
  • Mulching: Steel blades for mulching cutting system. This system cuts the grass in small pieces without having to collect them. Grass decomposes naturally, water and nutritional substances returns to soil for a woderful, healty lawn! This type of mowing supports the fertilization process and saves time since you don't have to collect the grass clippings.
  • 21 cm cutting width

Height adjustable handy knob that enables to move the floating cutting deck from 20 mm to 100 mm.

Moreover, the Robomow RK range is equipped with two high-traction wheels with patented design which allow the robot not to slide even on hard slopes. For the maintenance of these wheels, simply insert the accessories (right and left) into their respective housings.

Product Features
RK 1000
Body material:
Mulching system:
Surface recommended:
1000 m²
After-sales service:
Maximum inclination:
45 %
Rain sensor:
Number of programmable areas:
Managing using App:
Managed by Alexa:
Wi-Fi remote control:
Bluetooth control:
GSM module:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
No. of motors:
Motor type:
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
18 V
2.8 Ah
Running time:
60 min
Recharge time:
60 min
Noise level:
64 dB(A)/7m
Motor/blade transmission:
Cutting data
Housing material:
N° of blades:
Blade movement:
Cutting adjustment :
Maximum cutting height:
100 mm
Minimum cutting height:
20 mm
Nr. of Cutting positions:
adjustable (by means of a screw)
Cutting width:
21 cm
Robot mowing mode:
With boundary
Near edge cutting mode:
Lithium battery:
Wheels type:
All-terrain pattern
Liquid crystals display:
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (Safe shipment):
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
3 Years*
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
64,5x45,5x27 cm
Net weight:
10.3 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
96,5x54x32 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
22.9 Kg
Assembly time:

FOR FREE: Universal Station Sover for Robot Lawn Mower made of Polycarbonate

Top smoked sheet made of polycarbonate, for a good protection against UV rays

  • Easy to assemble, excellent for transport and installation on site
  • Low-impact design
  • Affordable price
  • The packaging includes: polycarbonate sheet, side supports, screws and fasteners, steel brackets for anchoring to the ground, pegs.
  • Size: 75x60x46 cm


The advertisement only includes the station cover. Robot lawn mower and charging station in the picture are for illustrative purposes only.

FOR FREE: GeoTech EDG130 Manual Wire Laying Machine

The GeoTech EDG130 manual wire laying machine allows to dig a groove into the ground to bury the perimeter wire.

Simply place the blade on the ground, pressing it with the 2 handles, and slide the blade.

Extremely light and handy to use, it doesn't require any maintainance. It can be disassembled into 2 parts for storage, so it takes up little space: 50 x 12 cm.

Main features:

Weight: 2,6 kg
Length: 130 cm
Blade diameter: 24 cm
Groove depth: about 5 cm

Standard Equipment

The packaging, in addition to the Instruction manual, includes:

  • Charging station with power supply cord.
  • 300 pegs;
  • 225 m perimetral wire;
  • Spacing ruler;
  • Connectors and maintenance set;
  • Kit with 8 spare blades;
  • 2 accessories for cleaning the wheels;