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You can make purchases easily and safely on our online shop. All shipments are done with regular INVOICES showing your details. Invoices must be kept for warranty purposes.


If you want to purchase more than one product, you can use the Cart as a tool for your price quotation. We suggest you to click on the “ADD TO CART” button for any product you want to add in order to know your total purchase price. You can add or remove products from the cart anytime you wish and the total price will update automatically every time.


1) Click on the desired product page
2) Click on “ADD TO CART” button on the upper right. You will be directed to the Cart page. 
3) You will find an accessory list below the product you just added. If you are interested in one or more of them, you can click on “ADD TO CART” for any desired accessory.
4) If you want to purchase more products, please repeat the procedure by starting from point 1
5) Once you added all the desired products in the cart, click on “end purchase”
6) Complete the easy purchasing procedure by entering your personal data.


You will receive a few e-mails. They will contain updates on the different stages of your order:
a) Data confirmation and correct order receipt
b) Payment receipt
c) PDF invoice sent by e-mail prior to goods dispatch
d) Warehouse transfer of the order for collection and packing operations
e) Shipment notice with tracking link to follow the status of your shipping
f) Information about service centers, access to the restricted area and other services.

For any question about our products or procedures, please write us at; it will be a pleasure for us to answer you. Please consider that delays are possible, especially on the weekend.