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Medium series tractor rotovator -rotary tiller- AgriEuro UR 132 with mechanical movement

Robustness level
Body material
Enamelled steel
Manual movement by means of screws
Hoes for each support
Cardan shaft
Cast iron gear reducer
Assembly time
Manufacturing Country
Tractor power
25-30 HP
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ID: 2356
EAN: 9900000001292
MPN: 0678

Tractor rotovator - AGRIEURO Model UR 132 ED
with mechanical side shift

  • Medium series
  • Useful working width: 132 cm
    Suitable for tractors from 20 to 50 HP

    Semi-Professional range
----- MADE IN ITALY -----

ATTENTION: Sometimes the Made in China, rotovators are of unmarked origin on web. We suggest you to check the product’s origin before you purchase.


The new rotovators of the UR series is a medium heaviness product, sturdy and semi-professional, studied for the medium and small tractors. It is well structured, light and versatile.

Its peculiarity, if compared to the other models is represented by the mechanical movement sliding on rails upon the rotovator’s frame.

As per its possibility to shift the linkage by means of a screw, the equipment is able to work near to the plantations such as fruit trees, vineyards etc…)

Other features:

- MOVABLE 3 point linkage of 1st and 2nd category
- 6 hoes each flange
- depth adjustable side skids
- lubricated ASA 80 chain transmission
- CE compliant protections
- clutch Cardan shaft


With the rotovator's, for free, a professional Cardan shaft with clutch for tractor linkage (included on price).

This lengthen the rotovator’s life, protecting it from any inconvenience as an obstacle on the soil may be.

When the rotovator meets a foreign object indeed, clutch will activate to avoid recoils and damages to the rotovator.
Focus on the professional clutch device

ATTENTION: this device is not commonly given with the tractor rotovator’s purchase as per its high price


Outer width: 147 cm

Real working width: 132 cm

Weight: 245 kg

Indicated demand: 20-50 HP

Working height: 16 cm

Hoes for flange:6

Total hoes: 42
Steel hoes: nr. 7 blades support with 6 hoes each (42 hoes in total)
Each flange is equipped with 6 hoes (the other rotovators on market are provided with 4 hoes each flange).

Where are the advantages?
They are on the fine crunching of the soil while the power absorption is the same of the ones with a smaller hoes number.
Focus on the side support where the inner, professional rotor’s fixing bearing is located
Focus on the side support from the outside for the sturdiness and solidity sight
Focus on the height adjustable side skids
Mechanical movement on standard equipment

It is professional crank screw driven, with a take off handle that can be applied with an easy action.
On the picture aside, a focus on the telescopic transmission shaft for the gear box moving along it
To move the tractor rotovator’s three point linkage it is sufficient to turn the two lever handles, and then apply the crank handle to adjust it to the new position.
Not any additional tool will be needed.

To fix it, it is sufficient to turn the two handles

Then the crank handle must be taken off and placed on its rest position

Focus on the movable rear hood with levelling action on the hoed ground
Focus on the adjustable hood by means of proper chain

Small tractor rotovator, up to 45/50 hp

Medium series rotovator, suitable for semi-professional working

Finely grounds the soil and simultaneously levels the lawn. Thanks to the rotor’s high revolutions number and to the high hoes quantity (6 each flange), it crunches very thinly.
The rotovator is to be linked to the rear tractor’s three point linkage.
Sturdy oil bath big chain side transmission (ASA 80)
Focus on the cast iron oil bath sturdy gear box.
Universal standard power take-off
( 1 3/8" Z6 )
Lifter linkage pins (with two section’s diameter each, universal for any tractor on market)
Product Features
UR 132
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Tractor power:
25-30 HP
Robustness level:
Manual movement by means of screws
3 point linkage:
Manual movement:
Electric demand:
20 / 50 HP
Possibility to convert it in a stoneburier:
3 points linkage reversibility:
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Cast iron gear reducer:
Cutting data
Number of blades supports:
Hoes for each support:
N° of blades:
Blade type:
Cutting width:
132 cm
Rear adjustable hood:
Free gifts/extra features
Side skids:
Cardan included:
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Width: 147 cm
Net weight:
245 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
68 x 145 x 88 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
265 Kg
Assembly time: