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MCCulloch ROB S800 Robot laen Mower with Perimeter - 18V Lithium-ion Battery

MCCulloch ROB S800 Robot laen Mower with Perimeter - 18V Lithium-ion Battery
Surface recommended
800 m²
Maximum inclination
35 %
Managing using App
Bluetooth control
Motor type
18 V
2.1 Ah
Battery type
Liquid crystals display
Manual cable layer for free
Kit of 18 blades for robot lawn mowers
FREE ITEMS: Additional Perimeter Kit ADDITIONAL Kit besides the standard-supplied equipment
Manual cable layer for free
Kit of 18 blades for robot lawn mowers
FREE ITEMS: Additional Perimeter Kit ADDITIONAL Kit besides the standard-supplied equipment
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ROB S800 Robot Lawn Mower

The ROB S800 robot lawn mower will make easier to mow the lawn of your garden! It is the top of McCulloch's ROB range and it is fully automatic: once operated, it will mow your lawn recharging by itself. Comfortable, handy and powerful! The most compact robot of its category.

Equipped with all the best safety systems: anti-tilt system, anti-theft, alarm, PIN code for starting the machine and timer. This robot stands out from its category for a greater artificial intelligence and a complete assembling autonomy that will free you from any additional costs for assembling the machine.

The lawn mower is already pre-set in order to obtain the best result, but it is also possible to manage the robot by means the ROB APP, which allows to control and operate the lawn mower with every type of smartphone (IOS and Android). Furthermore, it is also possible to control the status of the mowing through the control panel.

This robot shreds the grass into small pieces which feed the lawn and make it stronger and healthier. This is possible thanks to its special 3 floating blades for the mulching cutting system.

The ROB S800 model is recommended for surfaces up to 800 m² and can work even in areas with slopes of 35%.

The perimeter wire and the pegs for assembling are supplied!


The product will come directly to your home and you can start it by yourself: even the less experienced user, who has never seen this kind of products, will start to work with the ROB S800 robot lawn mower following the instructions in the manual included or watching the video tutorial online directly on the smartphone or tablet.

As soon as the recharging station will be assembled, once delimited the scope of the working area, the robot will be ready to work.

This robot is ideal for any type of user. From now on:

  • You will be aware of the product you have in your home, getting to know its functionality, whereas the sale of the robot is usually based on the user's lack of knowledge of the system.
  • You will be able to use your robot lawn mower independently, without the constant support from technical staff, avoiding high maintenance costs year by year.
  • You will therefore save money, compared to other traditional robots, also and above all thanks to the minimum assembly and maintenance costs.
  • Anti-theft alarm with PIN code
  • Anti-collision Sensor
  • Lifting and Tilting
  • LCD display with guided programming menu
  • Washable
  • 1 Remote Starting
  • Control through App via Bluetooth


Obedient: it works whenever you want and does not run away from home. Easily programmable for working hours and days thanks to an extremely intuitive interface. It also never comes out of the defined working perimeter.

Thrifty and environmentally friendly. It does not pollute thanks to the electric charging system and the battery. The charging costs are very little: about 5€ per year for a lawn of about 500 m².

Eco-friendly: it helps soil nourishment and reduces the need for water. Thanks to the mulching cutting system, the cut grass will be shredded into tiny parts that will be barely noticeable. Moreover, grass clippings will break down into nutrients and water fertilizing the soil.

Safe: it doesn't listen to anyone except the owner and stops if lifted. The user will need to enter a PIN code to start the robot lawn mower that prevents the use of the equipment by strangers or people that are not allowed to use it Moreover, if lifted, the blade of the machine immediately stops.

Polite: quiet and respectful of flowers and flower beds. He can safely work at night given the low noise emitted. Rob S800 is so smart that once the perimeter is delimited, it won't cut flowers and flower beds.

Independent: it works without any help and recharges by itself. Rob S800 is so smart that, when the battery is about to run out, it will come back to its charging station.

Powerful and Long-lasting: it can work on slopes and in adverse weather conditions. The ROB S800 is able to tackle climbs with an inclination of up to 35% thanks to the notched rubber wheels and the front single wheel. Designed and built to withstand the weather.

  • Bumper, Lifting Sensor, Tilting Sensor.
  • Stop handle
  • Control panel with digital display
  • Cutting motor: Brushless
  • Lithium-ion battery: 18V 2,1 Ah
  • Average mowing time: 65 min
  • Average charging time: 75 min
  • Noise level: Measured - 58 dB Guaranteed - 60 dB

Mowing System with Floating Blades

3 mulching blades to leave the grass clippings directly on the ground.

This type of mowing supports the fertilization process and saves time since you don't have to collect the grass clippings. It is possible to adjust the cutting height from 20 mm to 50 mm with the proper knob placed in the upper part of the robot.

16 cm cutting width.

The McCulloch ROB S800 robot lawn mower is equipped with a new cutting system with 3 pivoting blades. This special mobility of the blades guarantees an exceptional durability and more generally a greater protection of the entire machine, as they manage to better absorb any shocks with foreign bodies.

Many robot lawn mowers on the market have a one-size blade with fixed knives which do not have the ability to re-enter.

We believe that this can make some components more exposed in case of small shocks with foreign bodies.


Product Features
ROB S800
Body material:
Mulching system:
Surface recommended:
800 m²
After-sales service:
Maximum inclination:
35 %
Rain sensor:
Number of programmable areas:
Managing using App:
Managed by Alexa:
Wi-Fi remote control:
Bluetooth control:
GSM module:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
No. of motors:
Motor type:
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
18 V
2.1 Ah
Running time:
65 min
Recharge time:
75 min
Noise level:
58 dB(A)/7m
Motor/blade transmission:
Cutting data
Housing material:
N° of blades:
Blade movement:
Cutting adjustment :
Maximum cutting height:
50 mm
Minimum cutting height:
20 mm
Nr. of Cutting positions:
Cutting width:
16 cm
Robot mowing mode:
With boundary
Lithium battery:
Wheels type:
ABS pattern
Liquid crystals display:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
55x38x23 cm
Net weight:
7.9 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
69x50x33 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
16 Kg
Assembly time:

Free items: Additional Boundary Kit

Free items: complete assembly kit for the assembly of your new robot lawn mower!

  • 150 m extra perimeter wire
  • Pack of no.10 314 gel filled cable connector crimps for the charging station
  • 210 pegs

This kit can be used both as replacing component and as a further kit in addition to the standard-supplied equipment.

Free items included: Kit of 18 blades for robot lawn mowers

Kit consisting of 18 blades for your robot lawn mower.

This kit allows replacing the blades for at least 6 times.

FOR FREE: GeoTech EDG130 Manual Wire Laying Machine

The GeoTech EDG130 manual wire laying machine allows to dig a groove into the ground to bury the perimeter wire.

Simply place the blade on the ground, pressing it with the 2 handles, and slide the blade.

Extremely light and handy to use, it doesn't require any maintainance. It can be disassembled into 2 parts for storage, so it takes up little space: 50 x 12 cm.

Main features:

Weight: 2,6 kg
Length: 130 cm
Blade diameter: 24 cm
Groove depth: about 5 cm

Standard Equipment

In the packaging, in addition to the Instruction manual, there will be:

  • Charging Station;
  • 300 pegs;
  • 200 m perimeter wire reel;
  • 3 spare blades
  • Electric wire with connectors;
  • Coverter;