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Master BV 290 E Indirect Diesel-fired Hot Air Generator

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ID: K501593

EAN: 8053670890336

MPN: 4013.215

Master BV 290 E Indirect Diesel-fired Hot Air Generator
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Flexible hoseFlexible hose
Channeler kitChanneler kit
Tarpaulin cover and storageTarpaulin cover and storage
Power supply
Max. heat output
81 kW
Body material
Enamelled steel
Starting mode
Post-ventilation thermostat
Standard trolley
Manufacturing country
Product Features
BV 290
Power supply:
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Operating mode:
Electric 230 V
Max. heat output:
81 kW
Nominal heat output:
81 kW
Power Btu/h:
275.000 approx.
Power Kcal/h:
70.000 approx.
Air flow:
3300 m3/h
4.6 A
Tank capacity:
105 L
Fuel consumption:
6.8 kg/h
Starting mode:
Recommended for open spaces:
Recommended for ventilated areas:
Recommended for indoor areas:
Manufacturing country:
Thermal-protected motor:
Over-heating thermostat:
Post-ventilation thermostat:
Electronic flame sensor with photocell:
Connection to flexible duct hose:
Stainless steel combustion chamber:
Tank level indicator:
Standard trolley:
Free gifts/extra features
Fuel filter:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
100 Kg
Original packaging on pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
160x75x118 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
124 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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Master mod. BV 290 E

Master indirect diesel-fired hot air generator mod. BV 290 E.

Hot air generators are ideal for heating large spaces that are difficult to heat with traditional systems such as workshops, building sites, greenhouses, garages, livestock farms more.

This model is equipped with the smoke exhaust chimney: the smokes come out separately from the hot air produced through the exhaust pipe. Furthermore, the air outlet can channel the air flow.

This product is designed for professional use.

The manufacturer has recently updated the visual appearance, so the machines could feature two different colour customisations: either a black band (in the main photo), or the classic yellow scheme.

High-quality product Made in Italy.

Main features

  • Thermal motor protection
  • Flame detection
  • Electronic flame control
  • Overt-heating and post-ventilation thermostats
  • Possibility of operation with room thermostat
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Heat exchanger
  • Standard trolley
  • Tank with level indicator
  • Painted steel sheet external frame
  • Made of sturdy and durable materials
  • Cold external panel
  • External diesel pump
  • Easy to transport
  • High air flow
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Channeling option
  • Steel structure with wall cold to the touch

Standard supplied trolley with handles and wheels

Focus on the external diesel pump

Focus on the controls panel

The types of fuels that can be used include:

  • Diesel
  • Transport diesel
  • Agricultural diesel
  • Heating oil
  • Kerosene

How to select the ideal hot air generator according to your needs

Important features that the operator has to consider in order to choose the ideal gas heater which best suits his requirements according to the room that has to be heated up:

  • Dimensions of the area that has to be heated up [V]
  • The ideal temperature [ΔT ] that has to be reached
  • Room thermal insulation [K]

High thermal insulation: k = 1

Medium levels thermal insulation: k = 2

Low levels thermal insulation: k = 3

No thermal insulation: k = 4

Therefore, the heat requirements can be also calculated by using the following formula:

V x ΔT x K [kcal/h]

For example:

V = width 4 m width, 12 m length, 3 m height, room volume = 144 m³

ΔT = outdoor temperature -5ºC, room required temperature +18ºC, room temperature = 23ºC

K = 4 not-insulated room

The formula above mentioned brings to the following result: 144 x 23 x 4 = 13 248 kcal / h, which has to be compared with the data written on the machine serial no. plate, which highlights this heater functionality being able to produce larger volumes of instant heat compared to that one needed.

Converting to kW is easy, just multiply the result by 0.001163, so 13248 x 0.001163 = 15.4 KW

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: Professional protection and storage cover XL

Ideal to protect your product when not in use.

This protection cover is fast and easy to apply; in just a few seconds your machine is protected from dust and humidity.

Easy to fold and store in its box, it takes up minimal space.

FOR FREE: Generator channelling kit

As a gift, you will receive the channelling kit for the Master BV 290 hot air generator with a diameter of 410 mm.

FOR FREE: Flexible hose

Free hot air generator hose Master BV 290.

Hose length: 7.6 m

Hose diameter: 410 mm

Free items included

The hot air generator is shipped in its original packaging.

The packaging includes:

  • Operation and maintenance instructions
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