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M.A.I.BO. GUAPO electric olive harvester - 185-270 aluminium pole

Body material
Vertical, double
Speed (revolutions per minute)
1300 bpm
Maximum Length
270 cm
Motor type
12 V
Rated output (W)
450 w
Motor position
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor speed levels
Manufacturing Country
€ 577,40
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ID: K501446

EAN: 9993089409318

MPN: ATRA.5200

GUAPO M.A.I.BO. electric olive harvester

The electro-mechanic M.A.I.B.O. GUAPO olive harvester is very easy and comfortable to use. The motor's housing, at the pole's bottom, guarantee a perfect distribution of the weight, which is only 2.9 Kg.

This is the ideal electro-mechanical olive harvester for pruned olive trees (already prepared for the mechanical harvesting). Quick, with alternate motion collecting head, excellent weight balancing.

The olive-harvester is equipped with flexible prongs that keep safe the plant.

Low power absorption motor.

The double alternate motion of the head,  allows to collect as much olives as possible.

Prongs are two size: 20 and 10 cm for a better penetration into the crown of the tree.

This olive harvester's main features:


  • Techno polymer flexible prongs
  • 12 V and 450 W powerful brushes motor
  • 15 m flexible polyurethane power cable
  • 185-270 telescopic pole

Lithium battery (or car battery) power supplied. No converter needed.

The head

Motor is located on the pole's bottom, while on the head (top end) only prongs supports and transmission are located. This gives this olive harvester a perfect balance.

22 prongs 2 size length: 20 and 10 cm. The two length prongs better penetrate the fronds for a better harvesting.

Soft prongs keep safe brushes and leaves while working.

Transmission allows the prongs support to swing with very rapid movements (both right and left from the starting position) at 1300 rpm.



Motor housing at the pole's end

The motor's housing, at the end of the extension pole give a high balance of the machinery, that means low effort when using it.

99% of the olive harvesters on trade have the motor on their head: this is low cost solution, but makes it unbalanced, and this means more effort when using it.

By gripping the olive harvester at the bottom of the extension pole, the high weight of the head will make it very heavy for a full-day use.

When you choose an olive harvester you must consider its weight balance.

Comfort in using is not depending on the total weight but on the weight balance: motor at the pole's bottom makes it very comfortable to use.

450 Watt and 12 V very powerful motor. 2.8 Kg and 7/8 Ah absorption.

*Any other olive harvester on trade has 100-300 watt motor

Up to revolutions per minute

Eyelet for wire on the handle. This keeps safe the extension wire and the motor's connections both while working and when vertically laying on the ground.


Extra light aluminium, new telescopic pole (longer that the previous models) provided with quick lock.

Telescopic pole length: cm 185-270

*when pole is the maximum extension, it reaches 3 m length, head included.

Very comfortable at the maximum extension, it is also excellent with shorter trees, where it is recommended to keep balance 50%-50% as above shown, by gripping halfway the pole.


Detail of the extension pole system:

  • close position lever
  • open position lever
  • pole lengthening


Product Features
GUAPO 185-270
Power supply:
Lead-acid battery 12V
Body material:
Typology :
12 V battery-powered
12 V battery-powered
Motor position:
At the bottom of extension pole
Vertical, double
Speed (revolutions per minute):
1300 bpm
Rakes width:
20 cm
"Wave" rakes:
No. of teeth:
Teeth length:
20 cm
Teeth material:
High resistance technopolymers
Minimum Length:
185 cm
Maximum Length:
270 cm
Pole material:
Removable harvesting head for hand use:
Induction motor (brushless):
Maximum power even with low battery:
Saving energy system:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor location:
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor type:
Motor type :
Motor speed levels:
Rated output (W):
450 w
Power supply:
12V battery operated
12 V
Battery recommended:
80 Ah
Power engine:
12 V
Manufacturing Country:
Extension pole :
185 / 270 cm - telescopica
Extension power cable:
15 m
Motor control unit with controller:
Yes - inside the motor body
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
25x30x220 cm
Net weight:
3.0 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
48x33x210 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
5 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

Standard equipment

The olive harvester shipment is made of two packages, one for the pole, one for prongs and motor.

15 m durable HIGH PROFESSIONAL connecting wire with battery clamps and terminals





The electric battery is not included