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Macom VAC 3090 food vacuum sealer with bag roll holder and cutter

Body material
PVC + steel plates
Max. bag width
30 cm
Automatic cycle
For free: 50 15x30 bags for vacuum
For free: 50 bags 20x30 for vacuum
For free: 50 vacuum bags - 25x35
For free: 50 15x30 bags for vacuum
For free: 50 bags 20x30 for vacuum
For free: 50 vacuum bags - 25x35
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ID: K501652

EAN: 8033011321132

MPN: VAC 3090

VAC 3090 Compact vacuum sealing machine

The compact food vacuum sealer Macommodel VAC 3090 has a stainless steel cover. Its sealing bar is double and is 30 cm long.

This model is provided with an inner bag roll holder and cutter that's really practical for the vacuum rolls use.

Extremely easy to use thanks to the few and easy controls, it enables:

  • A fully automatic vacuum process
  • Bags sealing without vacuum
  • Partial vacuum by means the vacuum process interruption (indicated for the most crumbly foods)
  • The jar vacuum

This machine is extremely compact, light and easy to store.

The side feet enable vertical storage.


  • Weight: 2,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 43 x 22 x 10 cm
  • Bar length: 30 cm
  • Air suction: 9,20 dm3/min
  • Maximum vacuum level: 829 mbar

BEWARE: This food vacuum sealer, like any other external suction vacuum sealer, is not suitable for vacuum packing products with high quantity of liquid or flour. In this occurrence, we suggest to address your choice to a chamber vacuum sealer.

The sealing bar

This machine can make vacuum with rolls and bags up to 30 cm width. The sealing bar is 30 cm long. There is a removable silicone gasket on the sealing bar.

The vacuum tray is provided with a double gasket to assure the best results.

In the inner part there is also a very useful bag roll holder and cutter, ideal for those who need to pack different size bags. With them, it is easy to make different size bags by simply unroll and cut at the right length.

On the right side, reachable also with the lid closed, there is a joint for the jar vacuum.

Controls and functioning

Easy and intuitive controls:

  • SEAL: Sealing without vacuum
  • CANISTER: Jar vacuum button
  • CANCEL: to cancel the function started
  • PRESSURE: it sets the vacuum program based on the kind of food
  • VACUUM SEAL: Starts vacuum and sealing operations
  • LED LIGHT: function is active
  • End cycle unblock buttons

This product functioning is very easy.

  1. Introduce the food to be vacuum packed. Be your you left 10 cm space between food and the bag’s end
  2. Be sure the part to be sealed is perfectly clean
  3. Close the bar and press until the two side buttons snap
  4. Press the VACUUM SEAL button
  5. When the LED alert light is off unblock the cap using the side buttons

It is possible to obtain a partial vacuum by simply interrupt the vacuum process and manually seal.

Two modes are possible: gentle and normal.

This machinery can be stored also in vertical position thanks to the side feet.

Product Features
VAC 3090
Body material:
PVC + steel plates
Deck Material:
Vacuum type:
external suction
Vacuum cycle:
Sealing bar width:
30 cm
Usable bags width:
30-25-20-15 cm
Max. bag width:
30 cm
Manual function:
Automatic function:
Jars aspiration possibility :
Time adjustable welding:
Marinade mode:
Dry/wet food mode:
Soft/hard product mode:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Power supply:
220V power supply
Double sealing bar:
Integrated scale:
External liquids filter:
Vacuum gauge:
Liquid crystals display:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
(L x W x H) 44 x 22 x 10 cm
Net weight:
2.5 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:

Free items: pack of 150 food safe vacuum bags

Free items: exeptional and convenient food vacuum sealer kit. This kit includes 150 vacuum bags of different sizes.

- N. 50 Food safe vacuum bags 25x35 cm

- N. 50 Food safe vacuum bags 20x30 cm

- N. 50 Food safe vacuum bags 15x30 cm


The best quality food safe vacuum bags available!

They are suitable for all types of food vacuum sealers available on the market. They can be cut and welded in order to get different sizes. Thus, washable and reusable food safe vacuum bags.

Heavy-duty food safe vacuum bags thanks to the three-layer structure (all of them are food-grade layers).

The outermost EMBOSSED layer, which allows an efficient air suction.

On Standard equipment

  • 1 roll 28,5 cm x 3 mt
  • 1 Instructions manual
  • Original packaging