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Inverter Electrode Welding Machine in direct current DC Blackstone B-WM 160 - 160 A - with MMA Kit

Inverter Electrode Welding Machine in direct current DC Blackstone B-WM 160 - 160 A - with MMA Kit
Special offer
Mini welders
Inverter MMA
MMA usable electrodes
1.6 - 3.2
40°C service
60 %
Welding current range (A)
20 - 160
Liquid crystals display
Very Compact Size
Pack of 160 Soges Electrodes 2.0 mm Included!
Pack of 50 Soges ELctrodes 2.5 mm Included!
GeoTech Welding gloves provided on standard equipment!
Pack of 160 Soges Electrodes 2.0 mm Included!
Pack of 50 Soges ELctrodes 2.5 mm Included!
GeoTech Welding gloves provided on standard equipment!
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BlackStone B-WM 160 welding equipment

The BlackStone B-WM 160 welder guarantees high stability of the welding current in case of variations in the power voltage.
Hot Start and Arc Force: improved performance of arc welding and welding seam.
Anti-Stick: system that eliminates the problem of the electrode sticking.

Exceptional welder for any hobbyist. The exclusive requirement of a standard domestic plug (230V) and handle make it one of the most versatile and user-friendly welders on the market.

The BlackStone B-WM 160 handy welder stands out to be great choice in the world of the welding machines. Given its compact size and low weight, this welder model is renowned as a comfortable welder that can be carried and stored anywhere. Thus, it also allows offering excellent performance and a great value for money.

The Inverter technology allows the Operator to use this welding machine with ease and high safely, thanks to its absorption stability. In addition to the high technical performance, this product is also characterized by a modern and sophisticated design. Extremely helpful voltage regulator and digital display.

The BlackStone welding machine requires electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 - 3.2 mm and guarantees a high duty or service cycle at 60% 140 A (this data is tested at 40° in compliance with current legislation). The technical specification of the duty cycle rated at 60% makes this welder a truly high-performance unit.
Usable electrodes: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, and many others.

Micro Welders

These welding machines are compact in both weight and size. Indeed, they are even renowned as micro welders.

Though its low weight and size, they offer great results in terms of performance. Indeed, they do not offer lower performance compared to any other welding machine of their same level, hence improving their results in same functions. For instance, the whole BlackStone Series features a duty cycle of 40,° equal to 60%, a truly impressive performance.

Technical features

Certified quality

Power supply: 230 Volts

Maximum power absorption: 5.3 KW

Usable electrodes 1.6 - 3.2 Ø mm

Usable electrodes: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron

No-load voltage 60 Volts

Power: 20 - 160 A

Service cycle at 40°: 60% at 160A

According to standard CEI EN 60974-1, the technical tests on the welding machine are carried out at a room temperature of 40°C, and when the power supply is at controlled temperature, after working for a certain time.

Digital display to show the working voltage

Power switch

Shoulder strap for easy transport

Voltage regulator: to set the optimal welding level according to the electrode used. A suitable voltage corresponds to each electrode size.

Introduction to the Inverter Electrode Welding Machine DC Blackstone B-WM 160 - 160 A
Product Features
B-WM 160
Inverter MMA
electric, single-phase
MMA usable electrodes:
1.6 - 3.2
Open circuit voltage:
60 Volt
Installation power 220V:
5.3 KW
Max. required generator power:
7.95 KW
40°C service:
60 %
Duty Cycle 40°C:
Welding current range (A):
20 - 160
Motogenerator +/-30%:
Aluminium welding (optional):
Synergy function:
Manufacturing Country:
Liquid crystals display:
Free gifts/extra features
Welding equipment:
With standard supplied accessories
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
24x16x11 cm
Net weight:
2.9 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
32x20x29 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
4.2 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

COMPLIMENTARY: 160 2.0 SOGES Electrodes + 50 2.5 SOGES Electrodes + Welding Gloves

Included in the price:


- Package of 160 SOGES rutile electrodes 2.0 mm

- Package of 50SOGES rutile electrodes 2.5mm

The best electrodes available on the market for quality and reliability, MADE IN ITALY.
SOGES is renowned as the best ITALIAN manufacturer of welding accessories.

GeoTech welding gloves which guarantee maximum comfort and maximum safety during welding operations.

Free items included

The product is shipped in its original packaging along with the instructions manual.

Wide range of accessories provided on standard equipment:

Power cable with 2 m Schuko socket

Earth clamp with 1.4 m power cable

Electrode holder with 1.6 m cable

Brush/Hammer for debris removal