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Infaco F3015 Electric Pruning Shears - Ø 40 mm Standard Kit for Orchards and Vineyards

Infaco F3015 Electric Pruning Shears - Ø 40 mm Standard Kit for Orchards and Vineyards
Safe shipment: double box + air cushions
Gradual Cut
Battery type
Battery quantity
48 V
2.5 Ah
Battery indicator
Electronic unit separated from the shears
Separated from the shears
Pruner configuration
Manual shears
Max branch cutting diameter
40 mm
Secateurs weight
790 gr
1 Years*
Manufacturing Country
Complimentary: 1 additional blade
Pruning shears maintainance set
Set for pruning shears
Complimentary: 1 additional blade
Pruning shears maintainance set
Set for pruning shears
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MPN: INF.F3015

Infaco F3015 Electric Pruning Shears

The Infaco F3015 battery-powered electric shears is considered a high-quality tool designed for professionals of the field. INFACO has designed, manufactured and marketed over 280,000 pruning shears, among which the F3015 model represents the 8th generation.

The body of the tool is entirely made of aluminium , thus demonstrating the high quality of the materials chosen. In fact, this type of special alloy is also used in the aeronautical sector.

In addition, extensive research and development work was carried out in order to optimize the compactness and weight of the main parts. In fact these shears, with the standard blade kit, it only weighs 790 gr.

Thanks to the latest generation brushless motor, two cutting methods can be used:

  • ASSISTED opening: opening/closing of the blade based on the action of the trigger.
  • PULSE opening: a pressure on the trigger equals to closing at maximum speed; the release of the trigger equals to opening at maximum speed.

Then there is the electronic semi-opening and blade crossing adjustment, so that the operator can easily set 10 positions to obtain both a semi-open position and an ideal blade crossing.

In the original case you can also find the Ultra compact 48V 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery and the new adjustable safety vest with straps. With just 1h 30 of charging you will have an average running time of 9 hours (it can change depending on the type of use) Moreover, the backpack is adjustable, to meet the needs of multiple users.

Highlights of this product:

  • Silent: thanks to its brushless motor;
  • Ergonomic: integral soft grip;
  • Intuitive: LED indicator;
  • Compact: Low weight of 790 g;
  • Double cutting mode: Assisted and Pulse;
  • 10 semi-opening positions;
  • 10 blade crossing positions;
  • 48V battery with Backpack;

*You can benefit from a warranty extension for the first 3 cutting seasons. To enjoy this advantage, you must necessarily carry out the flat-rate review at the end of both the first and second season. If during the first 3 seasons from the purchase of the product one of the two reviews has not been carried out, the warranty extension will be canceled.


The Infaco F3015 shears have obtained the "Origine France Garantie" mark, as 100% of the shears are made in France, in Cahuzac sur Vère, Tarn. The F3015 model is, such as the previous ones, a quality and reliable tool that has been a great success among users around the world.

The product comes with a LED light with which you can check the on/off status and a luminous barograph to check the charge level.

As regards the operating modes, you can choose between:

  1. Assisted mode: opening/closing depends on the speed of manoeuvre on the trigger;
  2. Pulse mode: simply pressing the trigger equals to closing at maximum speed while releasing the trigger equals to maximum speed opening;

Adjustable cutting capacity of 40 mm:

48 V Li-Ion Battery

The battery charger allows to carry out a 90% charge in only 1 hour. The complete charge is instead carried out in 1 hour and 30 minutes (cell balancing included). The F3015 battery guarantees a running time of approx. 9 hours.

In addition, this battery is equipped with winterizing function. This mode, also called "Long Life", allows you to store the battery for a long time, optimizing its life. No need to carry out multiple recharges during downtime season. Just press the winterizing button once the pruning season has finished, let it finish charging for a few hours, then store the tool in its case until the
following season.

Technical features:

  • Average battery voltage: 48V
  • Battery amperage: 2.5 Ah
  • Battery weight: 810 g
  • Running time: 9h
  • 100% charging time: 1h 30
  • 90% charging time: 60 minutes

Handle and Backpack

The vest belt has been designed to optimize air circulation, thus the transpiration effect is considerably reduced. The shoulder straps of the vest, which are quite thin, also reduce the transpiration effect on the back.

Also, the battery position can be adjusted in 4 different ways:

  1. On the vest with straps;
  2. On the belt (without removable straps);
  3. Through the trouser belt clip;
  4. Directly in your pocket thanks to its small size;

While, as regards the shear handle, this is ergonomic and made of a very comfortable material. This feature allows you to use it for many hours without stressing your fingers.

F3015 Model: much more than just a tool

Just like the older model, these electric pruning shears give you the possibility to change the cutting head yourself depending on the type of work.
The tool is so versatile thanks to the Standard, Medium and Maxi kits. Versatility is one of the highlights of the product. It is very easy to transform your shears in just 5 min. for other specific or permanent pruning applications.

The only pruning shears in the world that have 3 interchangeable semi-opening adjustable heads with DSES safety system. F3015 is available in the Standard, Medium or Maxi version.

  • Standard Kit F3015: Suitable for branches up to 40 mm. Ideal for vineyard and arboriculture pruning. This kit, provided on standard, is the best compromise between speed and cutting power;
  • Medium Kit F3015: Suitable for branches up to 45 mm. The Medium kit increases the cutting capacity of the shears and it is specially designed to be used in arboriculture and maintenance of green areas. This kit provides greater cutting capacity while maintaining the right speed for you.
  • Maxi Kit F3015: Suitable for branches up to 55 mm. Perfect for vineyard and orchards. Essential for pruning and any work in green spaces. The Maxi kit guarantees the F3015 shears an unparalleled cutting capacity.

INFACO is a pioneer in anti-cut safety systems since 25 years, in fact it is the only manufacturer of electric pruning shears to offer two solutions. Every year, INFACO allocates important resources to research and development to offer you affordable, increasingly safe and innovative solutions.

  • DSES system: This system consists of a conductive safety glove connected to a DSES special cable. Wearing the safety glove connected to the DSES electronic system increases the safety of the user and decreases the risk of cutting;

The F3015 model can be used on a range of fixed and telescopic poles from 1.20 m to 3.50 m which allow you to make cuts up to a height of 5 meters. The shears are controlled by a microswitch placed on a handle that slides on the carbon tube.


Product Features
Recommended for olive grove:
Pruner configuration:
Manual shears
Secateurs weight:
790 gr
Battery weight:
810 gr
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery powered
Power supply:
Battery powered
Battery type:
48 V
Battery indicator:
2.5 Ah
Battery quantity:
Battery quantity:
Running time:
9 h
Recharge time:
90 min
Manufacturing Country:
Cutting data
Max branch cutting diameter:
40 mm
Nr. of Cutting positions:
Attachable to poles:
Blade openings:
Adjustable with lever
Nr. of Cutting Functions:
Gradual Cut:
Ergonomic backpack:
Shears holder holster:
Lithium battery:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Electronic unit separated from the shears:
Separated from the shears
Free gifts/extra features
Lubricant spray for blades:
Replacement blade:
Sharpening Stone:
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
1 Years*
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
29,5x4x10 cm
Net weight:
2.6 Kg
Small suitcase
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
51,5x35,5x14 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
5.6 Kg
Assembly time:

COMPLIMENTARY: use and maintenance kit for pruning shears

Use and maintenance kit for pruning shears consisting of:

  • No.01 400 ml professional universal Lithium spray for pruning shears lubrication, multi tool Lithium grease specifically intended for any lubrication requirements on both mechanical and rotating components.
  • No. 01 Sharpener for pruning shears, ideal for sharpening blades of pruning scissors, garden shears, grafting knives and loppers. Equipped with two grits, one for roughing and one for finishing.
  • No. 01 Pair of Deltaplus Thermal gloves for extreme protection against cold weather (maximum -30°C)°, ideal for winter season.
  • No. 01 Pair of Cofra Airplume gloves, highly-adherent and elastic gloves designed for ensuring maximum comfort and ease of movement.

Free Items Included

The pruning shears are shipped in their original case along with the instruction manual.

The packaging also includes:

  • Adjustable vest and battery;
  • Battery charger and cable;
  • Battery-shears connection cable;
  • Standard kit replacement blade;
  • Holster;
  • Lubricating spray;
  • Blade sharpener and spray;