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Icarus Campagnola 2-Stroke Olive Harvester with 2S Kawasaki Engine - 185-270 cm Carbon Telescopic Pole

Icarus Campagnola 2-Stroke Olive Harvester with 2S Kawasaki Engine - 185-270 cm Carbon Telescopic Pole
Body material
Telescopic pole
Maximum Length
270 cm
Nominal power
1.03 HP
Motor position
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor type
Cubic Capacity
26.3 cm³
Carbon prongs
Manufacturing country
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
Lubricant for olive harvesters
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
Lubricant for olive harvesters
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Icarus 2-Stroke Olive Harvester 2S

The Icarus olive harvester with Kawasaki 2T 9:1 engine is suitable for an operator who wants to work in total autonomy, without having to carry batteries or compressors.

The POWER MOTOR power unit is fuelled by a 2-stroke engine which produces a rotary motion through a reducer.

The Icarus head is apt for a professional use, characterised by a horizontal elliptical counter-positioned motion (patented by Campagnola), a great collection capacity with kind and degree of ripeness of olives.

It is equipped with a 185/270 cm light, telescopic and carbon pole.

This power unit together with the collection head is destined for olive and fruit picking.

The Kawasaki engine is an high performing engine which guarantees longevity.

The difference from all other olive harvesters is definitely the freedom of movement and reliability even without cords.

The pole is connected with a clamp collection for a quick exchange.

The Engine

This professional olive harvester mounts a single-cylinder Kawasaki TJ27E air-cooled engine, with 2-stroke piston valve.

This engine offers efficiency and long lasting in time since it belongs to the Kawasaki brand, leader in this market.

A catalytic is mounted in the exhaust system in order to considerably reduce the exhaust emissions.

The Kawasaki 2-stroke engine is powered by fuel-oil mixture at the following ratio: 50:1.

Innovative design thanks to the new engine hood with KAR easy start and Kawasaki scavenging system.

Installed centrifugal clutch and horizontal shaft with lightweight engine: just 2.6 kg.

Recoil start.

Focus on the filter.

  • Engine type: 2-stroke single-cylinder
  • Compression ratio: 9:1
  • Cubic capacity: 26.3 cm³
  • Net power: 0.77 kW (1.03 HP) / 7500 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 1.8 Nm / 5000 rev/min
  • Tank capacity: 0.5 L
  • Dry weight: 2.6 kg

Carbon Telescopic Pole 185/270

These are the most important features when choosing a carbon pole instead of an aluminium one:

  • Higher sturdiness;
  • More rigidity means higher control;
  • It weighs 300 grams less than the aluminium ones;

New telescopic handle (longer than previous models) extra light and completely made of CARBON, equipped with quick coupling.

  • Length of the rotating carbon pole: 185 -270 cm

The length of this pole is the ideal configuration of this olive harvester, because the engine is mounted at the end of the pole.

It is great with shorter olive trees, we advice to grip the pole from the middle to maintain a weight balance of 50%-50% (just like shown in the upper diagram) making it even more handy to use.

The rotating pole for electrical equipment is 100% made of Carbon, thus resulting robust and extremely light.

Controls and Additional Features

The characteristics which make this olive harvester particularly efficient are related to a series of usability elements of this product.

Main features:

  • Powerful and light engine
  • Single ergonomic grip for higher stability
  • Control handle easy to access
  • Hook for an easy transport
Introduction to the Icarus Campagnola 2-Stroke Olive Harvester, Carbon Telescopic Pole
Product Features
Body material:
Typology :
Spark ignition
Operating mode:
Motor position:
At the bottom of extension pole
Rakes width:
26 cm
No. of teeth:
Teeth length:
28 cm
Teeth material:
High resistance technopolymers
Carbon prongs:
Maximum rakes opening:
35 cm
Minimum Length:
185 cm
Maximum Length:
270 cm
Pole material:
Carbon pole:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor type:
Cubic Capacity:
26.3 cm³
Nominal power:
1.03 HP
Tank capacity:
0.5 L
Recoil starter (with rope):
Telescopic pole:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
310 x 16 x 50
Net weight:
5.9 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
27 x 83 x 30
Gross weight (packaging included) :
8.1 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes

FREE:Kit for pneumatic olive harvesters: ear protections, goggles, Gloves, Headscarf and Lubricant


Ear protections to work in total comfort.

Ear protection has to be appropriate: these standard supplied ear muffs are esepcially designed to destroy the noise level of the machine.

Protective goggles

Made of polycarbonate provided with anti-mist and scratch-resistant shield. Ventilation is granted by holes directly placed on the goggle frame to avoid mist and enhance the working comfort.

Cotton gloves

Agrieuro headscarf 100% cotton

1 L professional lubricant for pneumatic equipment for the lubrication of internal transmission gear of the olive harvester.

Free items included

It is shipped in two boxes: engine and head

  • Instructions manual
  • Interchangeable prongs (2 free prongs)
  • Padded support strap

Free kit: ear protection muffs, anti-dust mask, eye protection and working gloves + grease spray


Protective earmuffs to work with maximum comfort
The ear protection as to be the one recommended for all working conditions. Indeed, the earmuffs provided on standard kit are specifically designed to protect the operator against the noise coming from the brush cutter.

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor mask.
Protective mask goggles in polycarbonate with CE certificate,equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch panoramic screen. The ventilation is ensured thanks to the holes made on the frame to avoid obfuscation and to improve comfort of use.

Headscarf suitable for mowing in particularly dusty environments.

Multi-purpose lithium grease spray 400 ml for the lubrication of the internal gears of the olive harvester Universal lithium grease suitable for any type of lubrication both on kinematic devices and on rotating ones.