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Hydraulic Three-point Hitch for tractor 58 / 83 cm, 35 mm rod, quick linkage

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ID: 12043

EAN: 9993089179648

Hydraulic Three-point Hitch for tractor 58 / 83 cm, 35 mm rod, quick linkage
Manufacturing country
Piston stroke
25 cm
Product Features
2° category - fast hook
Operating mode:
Link ball holes diameter:
25 mm
Min. length (hole centre distance):
580 mm
Piston stroke:
25 cm
Max. length (hole centre distance):
830 mm
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Hydraulic cylinder outer diameter:
70 mm
Piston diameter:
35 mm
Manufacturing country:
Quick-release coupling:
Locking valve:
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Three-point Hitch for tractor with quick linkage

Hydraulic three-point hitch for tractors
with hole diameter: 25 mm

Distance between the two kneecap holes with fully closed piston: 580 mm

This is therefore a top link with category 2 couplings

Generally to be used on tractors with a top link pin diameter of 25 mm

This is the fixed side of the piston, which must be applied from the tractor side.

Piston outer diameter: 70 mm
This is the side where the piston is pulled out (to be applied from the side of the tractor equipment).

Quick coupling with professional lever (for standard balls outer diameter 50 mm)

Piston rod diameter: 35 mm

Stroke: 250 mm

Distance between the two piston holes with the piston fully open: 830 mm
Detail of the blocking valve with which this hydraulic piston is equipped.

When the piston has been lengthened to the desired length, as soon as you leave the hydraulic controls of the tractor with which you operate it, this valve blocks it, giving it a particularly high resistance to stress and traction.

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