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Hydraulic linkage kit (only one piece can be purchased)

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1) Ø 15 mm yellow hose, 15 mt length


  • with net
  • double rubber layer

2) Male quick joint for the faucet joint (3/4" standard threading measure)

3) Female standard quick joint (for the male faucet joint)

4) Female quick joint with ACQUASTOP (to be applied at the hose's end).

* Acquastop system: if the pressure washer or another tool is disconnected the water flow imemdiately stops; when the pressure washer is connected again the water flows. This avoid you to close the faucet any time you need to change the accessory or any time you unfasten the female pressure washer's joint.
5) Plastic adjustable lance with male quick joint.

It can be connected to the hose when the pressure washer is not used for a universal employ, for example for watering. Jet is adjustable (direct or conical).

Useful to wash a surface before the pressure washer's use.

Connections and hoses linkage diagram