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Helvi Fox 165 - Inverter wire welding machine MIG/MAG/MOG/BRAZING/MMA

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ID: K607461

EAN: 8056326741174

MPN: 99820050

Helvi Fox 165 - Inverter wire welding machine MIG/MAG/MOG/BRAZING/MMA
Wire feel welder
MMA electrode
Gas-free wire (MOG)
Gas / no gas wire (MIG-MAG)
Welding current range (A)
25 - 150
Open circuit voltage
70 Volt
Suitable MMA electrodes
1.6 - 3.2
40°C duty cycle
25 %
MMA Welding current range (A)
20 - 150
MIG welding current range
25 - 150
Wire welding type
Generator +/- 15%
Synergic welding
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Fox 165
Wire feel welder
MMA electrode:
Gas-free wire (MOG):
Gas / no gas wire (MIG-MAG):
Power supply:
Single-phase electric
Suitable MMA electrodes:
1.6 - 3.2
Open circuit voltage:
70 Volt
220 V max absorbed power:
4.79 KW
Min. required generator power:
6.3 KW
40°C duty cycle:
25 %
40°C duty cycle:
25%@150A(MIG) - 20%@150(MMA)
Welding current range (A):
25 - 150
MMA Welding current range (A):
20 - 150
MIG welding current range:
25 - 150
Suitable cored wire:
0.8 - 1.0
Suitable steel wire:
0.6 - 0.8
Suitable stainless steel wire:
0.8 - 1.0
Wire welding type:
Generator +/- 15%:
Aluminium Welding (optional):
Synergic welding:
Manufacturing country:
Free gifts/extra features
Welding equipment:
Standard supplied accessories
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
48x22x38 Cm
Net weight:
10 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
12 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Helvi Fox 165 - Inverter continuous wire welding machine

The HELVI FOX 165 inverter welder is an example of technology and innovation in the field of welding.

This machine, designed and built with the prestige of Made in Italy, offers a superior welding experience, incorporating the latest inverter technology that automatically compensates for power grid imbalances.

With a low weight and an ingenious design, the FOX 165 stands out for its lightness and versatility, making it perfect for both workshop and construction site applications.

The convenient torch holder compartment and patented cable holder ensure organized and safe work, while the reference ladders allow easy adjustment of welding parameters.

This feature makes the HELVI FOX 165 particularly suitable also for inexperienced welders, guaranteeing excellent results from the first use.

The HELVI FOX 165 welder is capable of operating in a variety of modes including MIG, MIG/PULSE, MIG/NOGAS, MAG and MMA, offering unmatched flexibility to work with a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and alloys.

The amperage and duty cycle are optimized to ensure high performance in all conditions, as indicated by the technical specifications in the image provided.

The equipment comes with a complete set of accessories: a mask, a EURO type torch, a ground clamp, an electrode holder and a gas reducer.

In addition, for the welding of aluminium, an optional kit can be purchased, further increasing the versatility of this machine.

The HELVI FOX 165 is also suitable for use with generators, proving to be a robust option for situations where the power supply is not consistently reliable.

Its intelligent design, combined with thermostatic protection and microprocessor control, ensures that each weld is precise and clean, minimizing the need for subsequent interventions.

This welding machine is not only an investment in quality and performance, but also in peace of mind, knowing that it has a reliable product that can face the most demanding challenges of any welding project.

Technical Features


  • Open circuit voltage(U0): 70 V
  • Min-max Amperage:: 25 ÷ 150 A
  • Working cycle at 40°: 150A @ 25%, 95A @ 60%, 75A @ 100%
  • Cored wire: 0.9 mm Ø
  • Steel wire: 0.6 mm Ø
  • Brazing wire: 0.8 mm Ø
  • Wire spool 1-5 kg


  • Open circuit voltage(U0): 70 V
  • Min-max Amperage:: 20 ÷ 150 A
  • Working cycle at 40°: 150A @ 20%, 85A @ 60%, 65A @ 100%
  • Electrode type: 1.6 ÷ 3.25 mm Ø (6013–7018 - CrNi)

Technical data:

  • Input voltage (1 pH): 230V- 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
  • Power: 2.5 Hp
  • Insulation Class H
  • Protection rating: IP22S
  • Machine dimensions: 220x480x385 mm
  • Packaging dimension: 260x590x435 mm
  • Package net weight: 12/ 10.5 Kg

According to standard CEI EN 60974-1, the technical tests on the welding machine are carried out at a room temperature of 40°C, and when the power supply is at controlled temperature, after working for a certain time. Of course, at lower temperatures or when the machine is cold, the welding cycle increases.

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: heavy-duty welding helmet

Heavy-duty welding helmet, new and innovative product. It is one of the most efficient welding helmets in this category. GeoTech CHARM-380S auto darkening welding helmet features unparalleled value for money. There are no other helmets with such technical features at this price on the whole market.

Light and comfortable, equipped with adjustment system to be comfortably worn via a knob on the back. Suitable for MMA, TIG and MIG-MAG welding. Its shape allows you to operate with your hands free, ensuring maximum safety and ease of use.

SAFETY The auto darkening welding helmet is suitable for most welding operations. This helmet automatically darkens in 1/25,000 seconds the very moment you start welding. No matter what shade the filter is set to, the UV/IR protection is always present.

SHADE ADJUSTMENT You can select the 9-13 shade according to the welding process. The helmet can also be used to protect yourself during grinding (DIN 4). Grinding mode prevents filter from auto darkening.

Viewing area: 92x42 mm
Filter cartridge size: 110x90 mm
Arc sensor: 2
UV/R protection: up to DIN 16 at all times
Clearer filter: DIN 4 (grinding)
Darker filter: Variable external shadow, DIN 9-13
Darkening (from light to dark): 1/25,000 S
Delay (dark to light): 0.1-1-0
Power supply: Solar cell and 2 CR2032 lithium batteries
TIG AMP: DC>10, AC>10

Free Items Included

The product on pallet is shipped in its original packaging

Included with the product, the customer will receive:

  • ground clamp
  • instruction manual
  • 1rullo
  • welding torch
  • gas hose
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