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Heavy grass and pruning residuals flail mower for tractor AgriEuro PF 200 with fixed linkage

Robustness level
Weight for symbol
523 kg
Tractor power
60 to 70 HP
Cutting width
200 cm
Standard cutting tools
Toothed hammer flails
Double comb shaped row
Rear brush rake
Double skin frame
Rear door flap
Hammer weight:
1.85 Kg
Cardan shaft
Manufacturing country
€ 4.465,92
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ID: 3542

EAN: 9993089405075

MPN: 3542

Introduction to the product

... the most innovative wood and grass flail mower on market, we do our best to obtain the best ...

The heavy grass and pruning residuals flail mower is ideal for the different materials (grass, pruning residuals, straw, underbrush, etc…) working. It is provided with double boxed frame with rear cover that can be opened for inspection, 4 transmission belts, C roller swivelling bearings with double lips double retaining rings, side adjustable skids and Comer gear box.


  • Real working width: 200 cm
  • Real width occupied (with side skids assembled): 214 cm
  • Weight: 523 kg


  • Toothed hammer flails
  • Double hood (double skin)
  • Double counter-blades row
  • Rear brush rake (collecting shafts)
  • Rear flap door
  • Rear roller
  • Side skids
  • Cardan shaft

Cutting tools: toothed hammer flails

Nr. of toothed hammer flails on standard equipment: 16

Toothed hammer flails on standard equipment

They are the heaviest hammer flails on market (the most common are up to 1.6 kg).

The toothed hammer flails are sturdier and heavier than the common flat flails. They allow even the wood and small stones crunching, not only grass and straw. This is possible also thanks to their three strong "teeth" able to easily break and pass over them. They are firmly fixed to the frame by means of a 20 mm diameter and 150 mm length tempered steel bolt. The bolt dimensions make impossible it can be broken if hit (the 90% of flail mowers on market have the hammer flails fixed by means of 16mm diameter bolts).

Rotor, reinforced hammer flails supports, side bearings

High thickness rotor. It can resist to many years job and accidental hits.

It is electronically balanced.

Super reinforced hammer flails support brackets: they have a 10 cm welded anchorage to the rotor. It is impossible to unweld them even when strongly hit.

Moreover, rotor is assembled on the steel side support and are provided with highly professional swivelling C roller bearings with double retaining double lips rings.
The roller bearings represent the most professional and reliable technology on the flail mowers field.

High thickness steel double skin frame with double counter-blades row

High thickness double skin frame (double shell). The two shells are one laying over the other one and this makes the equipment sturdiest than the ones with a standard frame. This fail mover is indestructible even in hostile conditions. Resistant even to medium-sized stones, shrubs and the underbrush

Nr. 02 counter-blades rows on the under-shell. This is the biggest innovation on a flail mower. The 3 tips trajectory of the hammer flail perfectly fits the counter-blades when passing over them. This means that all the material involved in this rotational system is “PULVERIZED”. Hammer-flail passes through the double counter blades row more than 30 times per second! Fragmentation capacity is 3 or 4 times more than the traditional flail mowers provided with flat hammer flails and not provided with the double intersection counter blades rows.

Awesome visible results, mostly with grass, branches and pruning residuals mulching. On a common flail mower the hammer flail, when strikes a branch while running, sections it no more than in two pieces, sometimes leaving it intact behind. On this machinery, it is leaded from the hammer flails inside the counter-blades rows that thinly crumble it.

Series of rear brush rakes - collecting shafts

Rear collecting shaft series (rakes). Ideal for pruning residuals or any cultivation residuals. This is a very important tool there is not any other flail mower on market able to efficiently crunch pruning residuals without leaving medium-big sized fragments after their transit. This happens because flail mower cutting height is generally regulated at 3-4 cm from the ground level: without any “rake” action, all branches laying on the ground would be left behind as the hammer won’t be able to catch them. Another particular to be noticed is that the tractor’s wheels running over them may burrow them. Collecting shafts make a truly raking function by taking off and lifting these residuals from the ground. In this way any branch or residual will flee from this system. Each flail hammer will run really close to each single collecting shaft. It will catch the object from the shaft and will bring towards the counterblades to thinly crunch it. At the end of the job, it will be very difficult to find any intact pruning residual after this flail mower transit!

ASSEMBLY: shaft need to be regulated at a height that can allow them to work close to the ground on a free position. Indeed, they must be free to vertically swing by adapting themselves to the ground gradients thanks to their inclination towards the rear direction.
In case shaft meets an obstacle, it can be lifted and won’t be folded.

3 points fixed linkage

[x]Provided with 3 point fixed linkage Joints particular, very close to the machinery frame, and not protuberant. This allows the flail mower to work very close to the tractor, avoiding the stone is thrown towards the operator and mostly eliminating any possibility the machinery could be lifted as its weight will charge the tractor in a minor way. This allows the heavier machinery connection if compared to the tractor’s mass and dimensions.

Side belt transmission and reduction gearbox group

Big size oil bath reduction gearbox group, original made by COMER. The outer body is moulded, while the inner gear made of tempered steel.

Side 4 big section belts transmission (the most part of the flail mowers on market have a 3 belt transmission)

Belt protection side shield, with optimized dimension: only 10 cm depth4 big section belts. This kind of side shield save room on the product’s total width making it smallest product on market compared with their working width. Considering the room taken from the slides the total flail mowers width is only 14 cm more than the cutting width!!

Greaser side transmission particular, easy to access from a dedicated opening

Belts tension adjusting plate particular

Rear door flap

This flail mower is supplied with a 4 strong hinges door flap. To open it is easy, it is enough to remove two bolts. Provided with lifting handle. Extremely useful for inner maintenance, cleaning, tools replacement, etc...

Stabilizer accessories - rear roller and side skids

Rear height adjustable roller exceptional diameter: 190 mm. Without any doubt, the biggest in its category.

Big bearing with cast iron plate for the roller fixing particular

Roller side supporting plate particular, with holes for the height adjustment

Roller scratching bar particular, adjustable by means of screws

Side skids

Special side shield styling and other particulars

Special side shield styling , particular, specifically designed to avoid that any trunk or obstacles may damage the flail mower or tractor if hit.

Remarkable how the skid is designed as an integral part of the shield and not protruding (not even a bolt) that may represent a stumbling block.

Frontal protection flap series made of bent steel

Support foot.

Product Features
PF 200
Tractor power:
60 to 70 HP
Robustness level:
Fixed connection
3 point linkage:
Manual movement:
Hydraulic movement:
3 points linkage reversibility:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Integrated freewheel device:
Cutting data
Cutting width:
200 cm
Wood diameter:
up to 80 mm
No. of blades:
Standard cutting tools:
Toothed hammer flails
Hammer weight::
1.85 Kg
Toothed hammer flails:
Flail bolt diameter:
20 mm
Hammer width::
15.5 cm
Cutting width:
200 cm
Collection bag:
Double skin frame:
Double comb shaped row
Side transmission belts:
Rear door flap:
Rear brush rake:
Rear roller:
Free gifts/extra features
Side skids:
Cardan included:
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
523 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
215X120X98 cm
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:

Standard Equipment

  • side skids
  • Cardan shaft