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50 Litre Belt-driven Air Compressors

50 litre belt-driven electric air compressors are high-quality products, also ideal for heavy and continuous use. The belt drive reduces motor speed, allowing a much lower rotational speed than direct air compressors, which considerably increases the durability of the cylinder heads.

Single and twio-cylinder heads are characterised by a higher pumping capacity (expressed in litres per minute L/min) and cast iron cylinders, which guarantee maximum reliability. This makes belt-driven electric air compressors top range products.

50 litre belt-driven air compressors are equipped with powerful electric induction motors and not with brushed as direct air compressors: this provides longer service life, making these machines recommended for those who need heavy-duty products with compact dimensions and affordable price.

Our catalogue includes Abac, Fiac, Fini compressors, Nuair, Ferrua, Black & Decker, Stanley, Michelin and GeoTech: these are world-renowned historical brands, synonymous with reliability, quality and durability.
All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over 19 50 Litre Belt-driven Air Compressors at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from € 279.71 up to € 547.88
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